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Will Smith - Playing Young in “Gemini Man” and Getting Fearless on Social Media | The Daily Show 

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Will Smith discusses evolving as he ages, playing a younger version of the same character in “Gemini Man” and using social media as a creative outlet. #TheDailyShow #WillSmith #GeminiMan
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16 Tet 2019




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gorgeousRON15 9 orë më parë
I love Trevor! His intelligence is so sexy
Inez Qtaish
Inez Qtaish 9 orë më parë
Inez Qtaish say" will li
Alynsha 9 orë më parë
There should be a wine called will smith ! The Guy gets hotter every year!
X 10 orë më parë
He is waking up
Kenneth Faulk
Kenneth Faulk 20 orë më parë
Trevor has no issue flaunting his intelligence. But in doses.
Yazmin Otero
Yazmin Otero 22 orë më parë
2 of my favorite humans together!! I 💙💙Love it!!
Josny13 Ditë më parë
Sorry to say, but it's about damn time Will snapped out of it. The reasoning behind refusing certain film roles was flimsy as shit. Fans just want to see more Will Smith. Anyone who says "Will Smith was a better Will Smith in some movies." are obviously only fans of the characters he plays as. He lost a whole bunch of fans because of this. Being forgotten is what he should be worried about. Not "going out there" and doing shit. Think about yourself more. Sure you've built up an image, but if it's not one you like, you shouldn't be afraid of losing popularity for building an image you love yourself. Like how mature musicians aren't happy about a song that brought more people, but are happy about all the people that showed up to listen to their song.
abyssinia free talk
abyssinia free talk Ditë më parë
Sine In China
Sine In China Ditë më parë
Black really don't crack❤️🙌🔥😭50 years where.?
Shapree Mallory
Shapree Mallory Ditë më parë
Its called midlife crisis...and THAT'S why my ex left me to have a baby with a bitch who wishes she never met him! What a fucking world.🙄😣🤦🏾‍♀️
M T Ditë më parë
the presex looked like Carlton.
hyucklee Ditë më parë
people need to stop acting like jaden, trey and willow are his only kids. we ALL his kids. he's ALL of our father
Hepi Ghost
Hepi Ghost Ditë më parë
2 smart people just having fun.
IIl OGENIUS lII Ditë më parë
50 ? seriously?
Tengsterino Tengsterino
Tengsterino Tengsterino 2 ditë më parë
Creative constipation men. And we enjoyed it.
Sonnie Bright
Sonnie Bright 2 ditë më parë
Look at WILL! all gone UP...impressed"-"
Lara Moniz
Lara Moniz 3 ditë më parë
Trevor is amazing
Rita Murphy
Rita Murphy 3 ditë më parë
Wow I actually love seeing these two together. What a great interview!
Mental Ease
Mental Ease 3 ditë më parë
Dear TDS, Please consider making 45 minutes interviews.. especially with mega stars.
Wens 3 ditë më parë
The comeback though @09.03
Peet Masea
Peet Masea 3 ditë më parë
two of my favorite celebs in the world
Sam King
Sam King 3 ditë më parë
Why does Will look like 20 years younger than he really is. I think dude could play a 35-40 year old for another 10-15 years
Luikart Skarda The Bug Bouncer Super Hero
👌💀👌A closet gay dude interviews another closet
minedful 3 ditë më parë
Take a shot every time someone says Will Smith
jackson cubilete
jackson cubilete 4 ditë më parë
BeholderGuard 4 ditë më parë
537 racists watched this so far - lmao :P
Lydia Jane
Lydia Jane 4 ditë më parë
They’re cute
Avigail Alfaro
Avigail Alfaro 4 ditë më parë
Two of favorite famous people!!
Phil Kol
Phil Kol 5 ditë më parë
ok ok i can clearly see some botox and shit
Anders Sonesson
Anders Sonesson 5 ditë më parë
Please put this guy on the UNESCO World Heritage list!
Zoleka Magagula
Zoleka Magagula 5 ditë më parë
They look like they could be brothers
Abdallah Abakar
Abdallah Abakar 5 ditë më parë
Good job Trevor Bro
ESE 6 ditë më parë
I love Will Smith but Gemini Man was an awful awful TERRIBLE MOVIE.
Zak 6 ditë më parë
Why you never get old? Watched you when I was kid, feeling like I’m gonna retire and still watch you. Unfair!!
SmokeStack 6 ditë më parë
That's quite an ego he's got there.
Kerwin Borney
Kerwin Borney 6 ditë më parë
Vivian 6 ditë më parë
Trevor is beautiful and so is Will 💙❤️
Nosiphiwo Ntweni
Nosiphiwo Ntweni 6 ditë më parë
Are they brothers who were never told the truth about their paternity? Their parents must tell the truth. 😂😂😂I love both of them.
Rajendra Deonarine
Rajendra Deonarine 6 ditë më parë
but Trevor, it's never good when shit hits the fans
Fou tje
Fou tje 6 ditë më parë
amar isn't white ,is he ? confussed 😂
Zuhair Hasan
Zuhair Hasan 7 ditë më parë
Yo will I got da same watch
Shireen Victor
Shireen Victor 7 ditë më parë
Two of the most handsome, smart and amazing people on screen 💕
Simba Choga
Simba Choga 7 ditë më parë
great video. two legends with great sense of humour
Lemur Brown
Lemur Brown 7 ditë më parë
Will Smith is a terrible actor.
Etophilz Isback
Etophilz Isback 7 ditë më parë
All the comments here are so satisfying ❤❤❤
GuardaGuada 7 ditë më parë
God Will Smith is my favorite man in hollywood
Half Sleepy
Half Sleepy 7 ditë më parë
I feel like my IQ has increased
Nisha Rajah
Nisha Rajah 8 ditë më parë
His energy and power is kind of intimidating..
Dalila Chorfi
Dalila Chorfi 8 ditë më parë
I love Trevor, he's the coolest
darknet 8 ditë më parë
i think this is the less happiest ive ever seen him
Javier M
Javier M 8 ditë më parë
This is a drinking game
Jirroh Leon
Jirroh Leon 8 ditë më parë
Two stupid men , I can't watch this rubbish !!
OrionSound 8 ditë më parë
Fire the lighting crew! As soon as Wil stood up there should have been lights up! Trevor had to ask 3 times to "get some lights"
Erjon Vargu
Erjon Vargu 8 ditë më parë
I love to watch Travor interviewing Neil degrasse Tyson and Will Smith at the same time . Travor would love also . we all can see the chimestry
Haringa Haringa82
Haringa Haringa82 8 ditë më parë
The line in between asking and waiting t'll asked person explain all the way is what true host is about!
vuyokazi sodinga
vuyokazi sodinga 8 ditë më parë
Yo his analogies though- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Sex and poop
vuyokazi sodinga
vuyokazi sodinga 8 ditë më parë
I just love Will Smith gawd
Tammy diaries
Tammy diaries 8 ditë më parë
This is not only funny but inspiring! One of the best interviews of all time this definitely is. ~Thank you WillSmith and TrevorNoah 💛
Brett S.
Brett S. 8 ditë më parë
Go, Will Smith! Fuck 'em
Faqja Tjeter
Cute Girl Next Door
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