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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!
What are we going to do now...
13 ditë më parë
this is the end.
2 muaj më parë
Thank You Kobe. RIP
3 muaj më parë
It’s time to say goodbye...
4 muaj më parë
Abraham fernandez
Abraham fernandez 12 minuta më parë
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz 12 minuta më parë
Cash VS Brawadis
Maniac Molls
Maniac Molls 12 minuta më parë
Not gonna lie, I was a little uncomfortable watching this, not because of all of the homeless people (that broke my heart) but because of how most of them were begging for them and like grabbing them which made me burst into tears. Just think about how the world is now.
BlessedShady 13 minuta më parë
Nah bro I’m disappointed bro
GhostWrld 13 minuta më parë
dude u play err day and lost no wayyy
Wesley Crosby
Wesley Crosby 13 minuta më parë
I love how rice called cash out on his fouls and playing physical but then fouls and handchecks him.. the irony..
Mercy Humphrey
Mercy Humphrey 13 minuta më parë
Who else just went to the comments or skipped to see who won
Limez 13 minuta më parë
But you gotta go cheesy to sometimes
KiiNO LAROSHii 14 minuta më parë
Fake AF
CallMe Butters
CallMe Butters 14 minuta më parë
Rice gum carried the entire game.
Limez 15 minuta më parë
Rice played cheesy. If he didn’t foul so much you would of won
Amir Kabre
Amir Kabre 16 minuta më parë
I knew he was going win
Vanessa Vargas
Vanessa Vargas 17 minuta më parë
Good game but I’m disappointed
Rosalina Hanno
Rosalina Hanno 18 minuta më parë
Anthony is a good cook what u talking ABOUT Lmaoo
Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez 18 minuta më parë
Nice picture guys
Paxton Scott
Paxton Scott 18 minuta më parë
@lsk and @zach u gotta beat rice
xavier lobatos
xavier lobatos 19 minuta më parë
If you were competitive you would’ve won by a lot
Johnny nacho
Johnny nacho 20 minuta më parë
No disrespect to Brawadis. I'm a big fan and have been supporting him since he first started but truth hurts. He's 5'9. Can't play defense. Probably didn't even do any sports whatsoever in High School. Plays in a league with 40 year old men. Takes basketball seriously and plays everyday which I highly respect, but doesn't even improve which is extremely sad. Plays a guy like Ricegum who doesn't even take Basketball seriously and loses in his home court where he plays everyday lmaooo. Proceeds to call guys out. I want to see you play Aj Lapray, Dvontay Friga, HoopandLife, Devin Williams, Filayyy, all of 2hype, etc. The list goes on LOL. Brawadis is too small. Height matters. For the ones that said Brawadis should have won and Rice fouled obviosuly have never played or watched basketball in their lives. It's a high IQ foul. Notice how Brawadis did the same exact thing to Rice? Yeah, you can say all rice did was back him down. Guess what? That's part of the game. Its called mismatch! Who wouldn't take advantage of that?! Rug and Brawadis always play 1 v 1 and notice how close the scores are? Rug almost beats Brawadis every time! You are not beating Cash 1 v 1 if skinny Ricegum backed your ass down. Cash got way bigger and Brawadis stayed the same size last time BrawadSquad beat 2hype. 2hype taking it this time without LosPollos. Again, no hate to Brandon. This is just constructive criticism. Still supporting you, buying your merch, and watching you because I fuck with his content! Brawadis also lost to Fousey which is sad because Fousey even admitted that he sucks at basketball LOL. Also, for all you Brawadis Fans that shit on Rice and praise the fuck out of Brawadis, I get it. I really do. However, how do you expect him to improve if you never give him constructive criticism? I genuinely fuck with this dude and want to see him improve. If you pay close attention to Brawadis play, he really has no handles and his moves are predictable as fuck. Nonetheless, Brawadis is a good shooter ngl.
Ythannn .n
Ythannn .n 21 minutë më parë
Rice should Face tjass or marcelas howard next
Krischael Lindor
Krischael Lindor 21 minutë më parë
Brando’s stop being soft
xavier lobatos
xavier lobatos 21 minutë më parë
Both y’all weak this ain’t soccer bruh
Infinite Vibe
Infinite Vibe 21 minutë më parë
I like how bravado’s always says never talk like your gonna win but yet loses after talking and talking and than he says it over right here trust me like shut up bro
Natethegoat 33
Natethegoat 33 22 minuta më parë
Tbh Brandon is still better
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 22 minuta më parë
we need to make this a real tournament.. its fun to watch! rice vs lsk or t jass
melyna smith
melyna smith 22 minuta më parë
Low key scared to watch, it was so intense
xavier lobatos
xavier lobatos 23 minuta më parë
Rice gum should be ban from playing basketball weak ass intentional fouls get his ass outta here
Carlee Ramirez
Carlee Ramirez 23 minuta më parë
Lol Brandon looks like he's about to twerk
White Chocolate Chip
White Chocolate Chip 24 minuta më parë
What those shorts called that Brawadis got on
Robert Solis
Robert Solis 24 minuta më parë
Damian Valencia
Damian Valencia 24 minuta më parë
Rice lowkey doesn’t know how to play
DAYZ Leo 24 minuta më parë
respect to both of them, they played their hardest til the end🔥
Nelsy Cortez
Nelsy Cortez 24 minuta më parë
Brandon is right i don't like yellow gummy bear
Rayquan Thomas
Rayquan Thomas 25 minuta më parë
Rice need to stop fouling the only reason he won the game is because he was fouling hella hard and grabbing on to Brandon when he was going to the rack only real fans know how good Brandon is by seeing him playing in all of his games
Mystic_barli yt
Mystic_barli yt 26 minuta më parë
I can beat rice all day broo trust
Marlo 29 minuta më parë
who else thinks Brandon should start a basketball channel
William Tran
William Tran 29 minuta më parë
bro said i need that percent u guys know me with the contracts
Santiago Valladares
Santiago Valladares 29 minuta më parë
Never want to hear Brandon say he's got game. Dude took a fat L
Jesse Del Toro
Jesse Del Toro 30 minuta më parë
I’ll drop rice easy
JJ Beast247
JJ Beast247 30 minuta më parë
I wish I was a big ALvidr cause I would take all of then
QuantumGamer 101
QuantumGamer 101 31 minutë më parë
Rice should 1v1 bone collectore
Naf 32 minuta më parë
I saw this man at LA fitness for hours everyday before quarantine and he loses to a fortnite streamer
xavier lobatos
xavier lobatos 33 minuta më parë
Weak asf needing a timeout
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 33 minuta më parë
Rice can't play he fouled the whole game
Rizzy 34 minuta më parë
You can hear Noah breathing mad loud behind the camera
Veronica V
Veronica V 34 minuta më parë
Come on Brandon! I was rooting for ya! Lol good game man.
cumulousss 35 minuta më parë
the part when he says "I'm sorry" Frazier makes the L even worse, gg lol
Cash Money Mawk
Cash Money Mawk 36 minuta më parë
🍚 made Abby. Prove me wrong.
can't be stop what sup
can't be stop what sup 36 minuta më parë
Literally was complaining the whole time after the L
Kelvin Medina
Kelvin Medina 38 minuta më parë
He went pa pa pa pa pa pa 😂😂
Bray Smith
Bray Smith 39 minuta më parë
P Reyes
P Reyes 41 minutë më parë
The ending was awkward but it’s dope that Brandon doesn’t care to show his emotions he plays with his heart
Jaime Moreno
Jaime Moreno 41 minutë më parë
This vid actually lit asf one of the best that you ever posted you should make this into a series’s Fr Fr
Jay Huerta
Jay Huerta 42 minuta më parë
Why dont ricegum go against LSK
Synctify 2k
Synctify 2k 43 minuta më parë
Bro rice is so soft he really wrapping up brawadis when he is bigger than him.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 43 minuta më parë
yes come to az!!!!!
Weird People
Weird People 44 minuta më parë
best asian player?
Alondra Hernandez
Alondra Hernandez 44 minuta më parë
Brandon really had us in the first half 😤😂
Martin Miga
Martin Miga 44 minuta më parë
Rice doesn't hoop
BaSkateball Yngstr
BaSkateball Yngstr 46 minuta më parë
Brandon gotta play flight next
Jackson Beam
Jackson Beam 48 minuta më parë
Brawadis how you talk all that shii abt how your the best ALvid player but then you lose to Rice
Michelle Valladares
Michelle Valladares 48 minuta më parë
And rice cheated
Danek Alejo
Danek Alejo 49 minuta më parë
I will play rice a 2 on 2 he could fly out here to me and I could do a 2 v 2 me and Brandon v rice and whoever he chooses from faze
kxng trav
kxng trav 49 minuta më parë
12:01 i died when he said FRAZIER WHERES MY WATER
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 49 minuta më parë
Bro I can't believe you lost😡
Michelle Valladares
Michelle Valladares 49 minuta më parë
Rice gum is trash
Mobile Playz
Mobile Playz 49 minuta më parë
My first dog died a couple years ago and I was devastated when I found out after I got home from school and I was crying for months
Arianna Vasquez
Arianna Vasquez 49 minuta më parë
Why yall giving Jessica hate
MiRR0 50 minuta më parë
lauren 51 minutë më parë
“what are u doing to my son” 😭😭😂😂
Hector Sanchez Vlogs
Hector Sanchez Vlogs 51 minutë më parë
I see you got Noah as an editor now 👀👀
Avianne Ganga
Avianne Ganga 54 minuta më parë
Neil P
Neil P 54 minuta më parë
Who came after Brawadis vs.Ricegum 🏀 🍚 ✏️
J-Face 55 minuta më parë
it was so cringey when Brawadis was like “trust me.. RIGHT NOW it’s over” and then lost lmao
Jackson Shepard
Jackson Shepard 11 minuta më parë
J-Face ong😂 his stupid ass
Bradeyland 55 minuta më parë
I am binge watching Faze Rug, Brawadis, and Mama Rug and Papa Rug pranks in quarantine
boy halo
boy halo 56 minuta më parë
Stay home with me
Enrique ceja vlogs
Enrique ceja vlogs 56 minuta më parë
jaheim talbert
jaheim talbert 57 minuta më parë
Apex legends
It sucks to suck
150,000 Subs with no Videos Challenge
Brawadis the GOAT!
Mickey Lee
Mickey Lee 57 minuta më parë
Would you rather have 5 mil subs or play in the nba
YdMa clan
YdMa clan 57 minuta më parë
I just noticed my b day is the same as brandon
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super 58 minuta më parë
Ricegum ain’t undefeated my man lost to faze adapt let’s not forget 🤣🤣
Kushblowing420 58 minuta më parë
Howdhy 59 minuta më parë
Why tf do you mention your ex girl for everything it’s seriously getting annoying man 😐
Never_use Purple use gold
When u talk Tu early
Marco Villa
Marco Villa Orë më parë
Brandon got destroyed 🤣🤣🤣