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H3 Podcast
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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.
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Brandon Ditë më parë
Lisa McGowan
Lisa McGowan Ditë më parë
domino's ??
rawi yt
rawi yt Ditë më parë
ohnoo he left his upperlip at home 👀
Cara Brown
Cara Brown Ditë më parë
I CRIED THE WHOLE FCKN VIDEO. Ethan is so precious
Alex Sahagun
Alex Sahagun Ditë më parë
guys... I don't think the pewdiepie thing was real...
Izxxc Ditë më parë
48:24 Is a weapon against anyone who has shit to say about your relationship with someone else
Lauren Maxwell
Lauren Maxwell Ditë më parë
I'm sure post is chilling in his bunker watching this virus shit happen
Johnon Ditë më parë
Why do they dress like 7 year olds?
Watching Youtube
Watching Youtube Ditë më parë
Ethan is the biggest hack. Guys. He’s doing an IMPRESSION of Howard Stern, and Stern sucks...
dor Ditë më parë
so that's how normies discuss politics... interesting....
Flower Boy
Flower Boy Ditë më parë
Now whenever a professor snaps in a lecture I’m just gonna raise my hand and say “you beat your wife don’t you”
Rektangel Ditë më parë
I dont understand what is this about help
Sakyāsana Ditë më parë
I'm embarrassed that I used to watch your channels. You're hypocrites and fake. Now that you're scared of something you're condemning people for buying food in public? You hate the rich and let us know that repeatedly, but you are financially well off. I never hear anything about helping the poor, needy, or less fortunate. Continue peddling your merchandise while insulting other ALvidrs for doing the same thing. Hypocrisy defined
AssortedVideos Ditë më parë
Stop leeching of drama
Nic Dee
Nic Dee Ditë më parë
She looks like a fish here. It’s the wide set eyes and pouty lips 🐟
Madelyn Weathers
Madelyn Weathers Ditë më parë
Trisha is sort of right about Antartica being north, because technically the northern magnetic pole is at our south pole
Justin Corley
Justin Corley Ditë më parë
Post happy face emoji
SkullVin Ditë më parë
56:31 What an asshole, he treats William Osman as a nobody, invites him to exploit his tragedy and to take his gift, and doesn't even care about it
J Siegrist
J Siegrist Ditë më parë
Are you aware what Trisha’s legal team did to Hot Tea? Two copyright in two days.....she doesn’t play fair and she goes for destruction....not all is fair in this game. You guys thought you have it all under control...we are soooooo big....what can she do? Ask David Dobrik and every person why they don’t say a word? Why would you play with fire when your life was so incredibly good? Now she’s diving into your family......soooo stupid
Nic Dee
Nic Dee Ditë më parë
Not her best look
Mister Tambourine
Mister Tambourine Ditë më parë
Lol Ethan got mad. Can anyone explain what they were talking about after about the 20 minute marking? Who was Ethan calling vile?
Keith Davenport
Keith Davenport Ditë më parë
As a porn star or sex worker you cannot own property if you don’t pay taxes...Remember when this same group of ppl wanted to call the IRS on cam girls??? WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID DUDE. We aren’t all hopeless junkies And as far disabled ppl being “taking advantage of” (this should make sense to you incels out there) disabled consenting adults want sexual affection too. Sex work is more than fucking for money or showing your boobs on camera sometimes. Lastly, Child exploitation, child pornography and child sex tracking ARE NOT PORN OR SEX WORK. don’t compare the two....the guy who wrote that comment is the REASON women are afraid of men
donny thompson
donny thompson Ditë më parë
Hahahahah why does this have soooo many dislikes
teddycuthbert Ditë më parë
Red Sonja
Red Sonja Ditë më parë
Lol, when ethan exaggerates himself to mock people he reminds me of the indian guy on Parks and rec!
Brandon Ditë më parë
Brandon Ditë më parë
Brandon Ditë më parë
Brandon Ditë më parë
2:10:00 soc
Brandon Ditë më parë
Brandon Ditë më parë
Andrew Dalzell
Andrew Dalzell Ditë më parë
I hate you h3h3. lllloooolllllll. "even my fans hate me"
listenliinda Ditë më parë
Idk how you guys held in your laugh when she said trans girls Trisha is wild i love her
Barf Salamandruid
Barf Salamandruid Ditë më parë
Ethan playing with the sequins on Hilas shirt was straight ASMR for me, made me start to fall asleep...I'm not even exaggerating in the slightest. I think it was partly because it was a genuine exchange though, like he was genuinely interested in them and staring at them (I do the same, sparkly stuff is mesmerizing), and he loves Hila so of course he wasn't just doing it to be a nuisance or comedic.
Kristina Kojovic
Kristina Kojovic Ditë më parë
I feel like we are all skyping together, except we are not and I'm alone 😂
Barf Salamandruid
Barf Salamandruid Ditë më parë
How did i get unsubbed??? This has happened to me with several other youtubers....SBG, ChrisRayGun, and Blaire White...
T0mat0S0up Ditë më parë
1:16:15 Heila: I'm gonna bring this up later at home.
iBriAlvi Ditë më parë
Dan is literally me
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Ditë më parë
To be honest the only losers from idubbz gf having a onlyfans is the clowns buying that when there is free porn out there
The Buddha
The Buddha Ditë më parë
I love how Joey is actually a nice guy that screwed up in the past. I’d hang out with him
Sarah Delgado
Sarah Delgado Ditë më parë
how do you jump to a correlation between sex work and exploiting children and disabled people
Chris Davenport
Chris Davenport Ditë më parë
Papa is a real stand up guy
Be Mee
Be Mee Ditë më parë
The sarcasm is strong in that one
Benis Aijo
Benis Aijo Ditë më parë
Can you speak latvian
shabba Ditë më parë
When Dan grabbed the chip bag my mind glitched
Astroforecast Ditë më parë
Ethan has gotten so annoying? He has an ego the size of the ones he used to make fun of.
Marissa Howard
Marissa Howard Ditë më parë
imagine if this still was the case 3 shane videos a week holy shit
Be Mee
Be Mee Ditë më parë
The world needs Oliver tree right now
Haley Bee
Haley Bee Ditë më parë
hell no, social repose
Benis Aijo
Benis Aijo Ditë më parë
Pag viņš piedzima latvijā
rayo califas
rayo califas Ditë më parë
Ok wait, so that guy get a hard on to pointing a gun at someone???? WTFFF
who is anyone
who is anyone Ditë më parë
Ethan was looking so good, I hope he can get back on a workout plan and get back to being healthy
††Hyouka†† Ditë më parë
In the end she can't remove the hates.
Trevor Erickson
Trevor Erickson Ditë më parë
Why the hell do people hate this podcast? It talked about very interesting and philosophical ideas and talked about how fame could damage a person. Honestly if you guys are gonna hate on him for trying to give a logical apology and explanation than your not helping.
PAV2 Ditë më parë
ahhh fake drama I see
Ant Lewis
Ant Lewis Ditë më parë
do you think he's done drugs before?
i do games
i do games Ditë më parë
bruce11lee Ditë më parë
yes, yes he is.
Žilvinas Žilinskas
Žilvinas Žilinskas Ditë më parë
too bad ethan fucked up his car in the first week I'm really sad for him :(
Alex Sahagun
Alex Sahagun Ditë më parë
watching Ethan talk about Jaxi, mmm child- anyways O-O
Shaggyplays _minecraft
Shaggyplays _minecraft Ditë më parë
H3H3: if you disagree with me ur an incel case closed
Arne Ditë më parë
This ^
CDM Ditë më parë
Guys it’s important you keep ordering from local restaurants
Brittany Ferguson
Brittany Ferguson Ditë më parë
I’m very disappointed you all are becoming the people u vowed not to become. You made the video instagram vs. reality and then those views were the most you had all year! 5x the views then other videos that year. Now, you have asked Trisha to come on the podcast= money💰and views👀. Remember when you all vowed against this trash and trolling for attention, being a liar like Trisha and seeing her for the disgusting human being she is. Now there are about three podcasts with Trisha and it’s totally normal to hate her, then ask her to come on your podcasts. Remember before when you were above all these clout chasers and spoke truth and didn’t care so much about the money. Watch Creepyartshow video H3H3 fakes drama with Trisha paytas for views, maybe take a step back and rethink what ur doing
Staircase of Kneecaps
Staircase of Kneecaps Ditë më parë
...Child Leah was visited by Knack?
Abril Ochoa
Abril Ochoa Ditë më parë
I'm a woman, and I enjoy h3, but I can definetly see why there's so little women, Ethan is CONSTANTLY talking over Hila, and it gets so fucking frustrating.
Kari F.
Kari F. Ditë më parë
Wonder what they think of no neck Ed now that the shows been aired 🤔🤔🤔
Nonsense Ditë më parë
He's so boring, literally the only thing he talks about is money
Cristhian Vargas
Cristhian Vargas Ditë më parë
This guy was ready for the coronavirus hahahaha
Astroforecast Ditë më parë
Fredy_The_Yeti Ditë më parë
Had no idea what Andrew Cuomo's political affiliation is, but his wife talks down to people in a way only a Democrat can.
Ellie Kay
Ellie Kay Ditë më parë
bro idk if I can even finish this podcast. Literally everything that comes out of her mouth is SO DUMB JFC SHE LITERALLY MAKES NO SENSE EVER ABOUT ANYTHING
Eli Sanders
Eli Sanders Ditë më parë
Mattie Rose Dean
Mattie Rose Dean Ditë më parë
that made me anxious holy crap
Total Spoof
Total Spoof Ditë më parë
What I would do with Justin beiber and Jake pauls number,nothing throw that shit in the trash who cares.
Unknown Man
Unknown Man Ditë më parë
He is a simp, End of Story. No need to try to manipulate anyone by talking for two hours.
Laserdozer Ditë më parë
goddamn ethan let the man talk dude what the hell
maddragon Furs
maddragon Furs Ditë më parë
Even if it’s fake, laughing about a video of a guy overdosing is a bit much for me
i want die
i want die Ditë më parë
Dracula Blah Blah
Dracula Blah Blah Ditë më parë
Genesis 4:20
aydan parent
aydan parent Ditë më parë
Btw I agree with Ethan 100% if you have anything to say to him comment under this comment and I will reply with common sense.
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson Ditë më parë
The whole simp thing is the stupidest thing ever. He is not a simp. They have been dating for 3 years. He has been getting laid and still is whether she had an on lyf and or not and she isnt even posting nudes. He is just supporting his gf decision to make an only fans account, which is bringing them even more money.
Sara Galea
Sara Galea Ditë më parë
90% male audience. You do most of the talking, while Hila agrees and laughs at your jokes. Wow what a mystery .
JasonM Ditë më parë
Imagine Theodore a few years later watching this
seniorjohnl Ditë më parë
More like Idubbz committed the grave sin of hypocrisy. No one would care except for the fact the dude built his career around calling out other people for doing what his gf is doing now.
Your FBI agent
Your FBI agent Ditë më parë
wookieschmutz Ditë më parë
why does youtube keep suggesting this greasy vomit of a channel to me. there is no way that anybody over thirteen actually watches this shit.
aydan parent
aydan parent Ditë më parë
Imagine having an opinion...
KndnssGdnssAndBlvngNGod Ditë më parë
1:24:11 Ethan Klein appearance shames Ariana Grande for her age appearance.
Will Liv
Will Liv Ditë më parë
Literally the human version of miss piggy
Will Liv
Will Liv Ditë më parë
You can hate on her but she's honestly funny af lol
FluffyKit _UwU
FluffyKit _UwU Ditë më parë
I love Posty sm🥺🥰
Hayden Ring
Hayden Ring Ditë më parë
Zipper head the term comes from the fact that people during the Vietnam war Vietnamese solders and people were ran over by tanks killing than and leaving a zipper like pattern on there bodies.
Unironic Irony
Unironic Irony Ditë më parë
jokingskull Ditë më parë
I don't care about the idubbbz drama one way or the other, but listing to Ethan trying to describe it was fucking painful. He's gone full Boomer
Stone Angel
Stone Angel Ditë më parë
Ethan - a guy who likes communism defending billionaires .. Dan - a guy who likes capitalism hating on billionaires .. - These guys don't know what they're talking about. Btw, since when is Ethan an sjw thought police ''don't use that word Dan ''It's very dangerous Dan'' I'm only voting for 'the party' Dan ?!
NA Ditë më parë
the internet sure is obsessed over these terms they either create or misuse entirely..or both. like cuck was popular for a while, then incel and now simp. It's like..by definition ian isn't a "simp" but it's the internets buzz word this season so ahoy matey
Jemimacakes Ditë më parë
Yeah, I fully agree with the cast on the Ian stuff. I do want to point out, though, that a lot of people that have problems with titry streamers don't really have an issue with the streamers but more so the double standards of twith as a platform that allows them to get away with anything while men and women not following the titty streamer formula are subject to extreme scrutiny.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Ditë më parë
Can everyone just take a moment to respect hila's pure drip,I mean look at that chain,Its actually flashes🥶🥶
Jk lol
Jk lol Ditë më parë
Why r u taking this so serious shits funny idubbbz always laughing at people doesnt feel good 2 be the butt of the joke sometimes n u crying bout this just shows u a simppppp
Leila Sparks
Leila Sparks Ditë më parë
When she said elvis copies the Beatles I cackled
JackTheAmazing1 Ditë më parë
Ted B is Ted Barrus, one of the many guys Shoe has a vendetta against
end Ditë më parë
Wow This is pure shit
Mark Anthony A. Gatpo
Mark Anthony A. Gatpo Ditë më parë
No Life
No Life Ditë më parë
Listening to you guys feel make me feel calmer
mitunasCode Ditë më parë
This podcast has way too many likes