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Jay Perez
Jay Perez 9 minuta më parë
ain’t no shoes ever gone be no wheels- 50 cent
Calico Jack
Calico Jack 10 minuta më parë
This got to be a clone
Zae 10 minuta më parë
I was expecting them to play gta v
Musa Mato
Musa Mato 16 minuta më parë
This nigga posted a snippet that’s fire on his IG page and he refusing to drop that fire
Jacob Dickey
Jacob Dickey 16 minuta më parë
FaZe Cain
FaZe Cain 18 minuta më parë
On the dicks is my favorite series
Chard B
Chard B 19 minuta më parë
who lit this? it looks like 2 raccoons talking.
Colton Woodward
Colton Woodward 20 minuta më parë
Gia, Racks, and Marty B are a great combo of hosts. They really compliment each other’s energy. Hopefully plenty more seasons to come
Zachary Ramsey
Zachary Ramsey 20 minuta më parë
Dude fell off in less than a year. I hope you saved some money homie......
Sebastien Xu
Sebastien Xu 22 minuta më parë
I swear I always get google pixel 4 ads
J. Burke
J. Burke 25 minuta më parë
You ever see that K&P sketch with the Old Hat? Brothas, brothas, brothas! I think Mr. Sanders forgot his snack mix, lol. Respect, though.
Travis Zenk
Travis Zenk 25 minuta më parë
Racks needs more airtime. Could he pull off a one hr weekly show? Give him the chance
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson 27 minuta më parë
Anybody else notice NLE tried to spin the ball on his finger and couldn’t
Beast Burchett
Beast Burchett 27 minuta më parë
It can’t be F-F-Frank
Chris Cream
Chris Cream 28 minuta më parë
"she said i dont need to lets fuck"
Juan Lozano
Juan Lozano 34 minuta më parë
Get playboi carti on here
Kashmir ENT™
Kashmir ENT™ 36 minuta më parë
shouldve hopped on samp lmfaoo
Fowler Terry
Fowler Terry 39 minuta më parë
Lento so cost a lot depends where you get them from💯💯
Jordon Clarke
Jordon Clarke 39 minuta më parë
was anyone else sounds weird ? lol
TAWKSICK408 40 minuta më parë
Fear Venage
Fear Venage 40 minuta më parë
And my guy said his a fast learner 😂
Ontop Ram
Ontop Ram 41 minutë më parë
damn roddy they did you dirty 😭
Morgan J
Morgan J 44 minuta më parë
Damn $5200 for the off white Jordans,they scamming ! 🤦🏾‍♀️
KingsolotheDJ 47 minuta më parë
@mallethegr8t1 its pronounce MALLE - THE - GREAT ONE. He messed that jawn up big time. c'mon Ak
The Gamers
The Gamers 47 minuta më parë
Who else doesn’t know who he is
Mateo Ramov
Mateo Ramov 51 minutë më parë
you a bitch
david russell
david russell 54 minuta më parë
uhm look like a small ass wiz kalifa
Matthew Yalongo
Matthew Yalongo 54 minuta më parë
I couldn't tell if Eminem was kidding or not. But since he has a n insane net worth of 200 mill...he prolly was fuckin around
constantly_winning 56 minuta më parë
Who else forgot about namir being a rapper lol
Angel Moreno
Angel Moreno Orë më parë
adidaskid Orë më parë
Knowing Nahmir y'all should've squared off in GTA 5
adidaskid Orë më parë
Racks on his grind
TheeKilluminati Orë më parë
Nigga really played with his toes in the pool 😭💀
Sateki Tupou
Sateki Tupou Orë më parë
11:02 right when diddy starts speaking joe is like muthafka we juss spent an hr talking we going over the time limit muthafKa and ik u killed big
Sateki Tupou
Sateki Tupou Orë më parë
What's that end song that shii slap
KWENSI Orë më parë
racks is actually from the culture so its cool watchin bro glo
Alexander TAG
Alexander TAG Orë më parë
Ak is dressing like 3 different niggaz
Eric meng
Eric meng Orë më parë
Skip is a the cheapest person ever in sneaker game
КОКИЧА Orë më parë
Akademiks let nle win the 2nd game
J. Lew
J. Lew Orë më parë
Why is j on that list he been out..
Nonchalant Don !
Nonchalant Don ! Orë më parë
Big shoutout to Cardi (no shade) but we all know NiP got snubbed last year not winning best rap album of the year for Victory Lap. I swear NiP better win at least 1 of these joints. Racks in the middle was a massive record before and after NiP’s passing. R.I.P.🙏🏾 🗣TMC
Lenny_DG7 Orë më parë
Cant thay take the trainer off? Bruh!!
Authentic Television
Authentic Television Orë më parë
Bye Nadeska
Edwin Caraballo
Edwin Caraballo Orë më parë
I miss Nedeska, she has an mini interview with Kevin Gates, and her energy is amazing
Mike Brant
Mike Brant Orë më parë
can someone get joe a hat that fits
Reekz Beatz
Reekz Beatz Orë më parë
My lil homie (RIP) put me on Thug, RHQ, and Migos all the same day back in 2012 so is hard to really call who was poppin first...🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Whole lotta juice
Whole lotta juice Orë më parë
Akademiks a pedophile😂
Queen Alexanderia
Queen Alexanderia Orë më parë
What's the song that starts playing at 6:20 ? I need that
manderp Orë më parë
Nigga said “somebody get him a trainer” 😂😂
Phoenix117 Orë më parë
"i just ate all the fucking weed" - i can roll better. I never rolled and i bet you i can roll better
John Wick
John Wick 2 orë më parë
You know that guy gotta bw soar lol
Savage Tv95
Savage Tv95 2 orë më parë
This the same nigga that was crying cuz he was broke ?
Dre' Flowers
Dre' Flowers 2 orë më parë
Shump pulled up smacked
FreeMind Scoop
FreeMind Scoop 2 orë më parë
I would be pissed if Nipsey get an award this year , he had the best Album of 2018 and y'all ain't give it to em, he gone now an award now means nothing
Leslie Pulido-Leyva
Leslie Pulido-Leyva 2 orë më parë
y’all please invite j-hope
Matt Souza
Matt Souza 2 orë më parë
Dad is fuckin dope he seems like a very respectful real dude every week i can't wait for fsr it's james!!!!
Geoff Barklley
Geoff Barklley 2 orë më parë
Mensa u can tell soft as fuck..weak ass punk “ our people diein “ stfu
Wick Kid205
Wick Kid205 2 orë më parë
Dam dat price 🗣☠️
Jay V
Jay V 2 orë më parë
Bro he’s like 18 and hasn’t been through shit he blew up through Xbox live, hasn’t dropped a track since almighty got jumped
Drew A
Drew A 2 orë më parë
Odell is NOT from Baton Rouge, he’s from New Orleans 😐.
LuiV3rt 2 orë më parë
The video good but idk why I was so like dayum roddy ricch a short mf that whole video 😭😭😭
WAGE 2 orë më parë
No the Grammys didn't get it right because Rapsody was not nominated 1 time!!! That's crazy. They owe Nip 1 from last year cause he definitely earned it. Album is fire!!!
Denise Mitchell
Denise Mitchell 2 orë më parë
Looks like opiates not Coke..but it looks bad Rehab needed
Edisson Restrepo
Edisson Restrepo 2 orë më parë
He looks like a baby wiz lol
Sonny D
Sonny D 2 orë më parë
That young thug and Migos type music is horrible. It's all autotuned -so it technically isn't even their real voices, and it's mumbled. Why do people like it?
UncleBlazed 2 orë më parë
i bet you he threw away that weak ass chain that ben baller made for him😭mf wacked him for 30k for that weak ass middle of the mall uglyyy ass chain
OTR Drefoe
OTR Drefoe 2 orë më parë
Papi B
Papi B 2 orë më parë
Hold up nle play fifa???
TianYi Chen
TianYi Chen 2 orë më parë
learn from NIGO what does the ''vintage'' means. thanks
Enrique G
Enrique G 2 orë më parë
Homie copped the most fire shoes out except for the last ones
SAINT VISION 2 orë më parë
All I got to say dam everyone need to stop bring up nip in a negative way let him rest in peace an yes nipsey is one of the greatest of all time.... An bring up drake this an drake that... what about lil Wayne he made drake
Fabian 2 orë më parë
Does it hurt when you see stacks doing good hahahahaha it sure looks like it dam I feel you Dogg if I seen that dude come from the street lines to my building and I had to interview him i might feel a way as well
Quis. 2 orë më parë
I can't bruh :20sec in, fam I honestly think my nigga AK gt dressed in the dark. Ain't no way 🤦🏾‍♂️
Fabian 2 orë më parë
Yo racks you should do a show with Emily
LMNCA Cartier
LMNCA Cartier 2 orë më parë
Reach out to me. I’m tryna be a photographer for Complex.
Vincent Van Go
Vincent Van Go 2 orë më parë
Ak look like a stuff turkey before Thanksgiving 💯💣💥🤣
Trace Slice
Trace Slice 2 orë më parë
This is sad. He is mentally challenged.
DenzelAy xBeats
DenzelAy xBeats 2 orë më parë
Everything’s for Sale by Boogie is the best rap album this year by far. 🤷🏾‍♂️
MJ 3000
MJ 3000 2 orë më parë
Is he stupid or is it me....all these different outfits and shoes...he is really lost no direction and that is what he is teaching his kids...these little girls not women he has kids by are just as lost!
Icekilla3hunna 2 orë më parë
Fuck that I love the south I will stay away from N Y
Syahid Bozz
Syahid Bozz 2 orë më parë
IronRocket-Battlefront 2
IronRocket-Battlefront 2 3 orë më parë
im so early
Damian Marshall
Damian Marshall 3 orë më parë
Geoff Barkley
Geoff Barkley 3 orë më parë
Budden mad DJ A dosnt have is back but JB sat there and said nothing when that weak ass rapper from Chicago came on and was punkin DJ A on the show🤔 i feel joe tho if u think shit is trash ur an automatic hater
Issac Nicolas
Issac Nicolas 3 orë më parë
Jonah prob likes to kiss on him on mouth
Icekilla3hunna 3 orë më parë
Wayno got a sweat stain
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 3 orë më parë
3:39 forgot to say no homo
Damian Marshall
Damian Marshall 3 orë më parë
Damian Marshall
Damian Marshall 3 orë më parë
Ness TheBess
Ness TheBess 3 orë më parë
Salute y'all for showing Rod Wave some love hes out here working, listen to Dark Clouds everybody!!!
Devonte TheDreamer
Devonte TheDreamer 3 orë më parë
AK really carries complex on his BACK!!!
Drew Tee
Drew Tee 3 orë më parë
People are saying coke but I reckon he’s going through opioid withdrawals
Julio Dominguez
Julio Dominguez 3 orë më parë
I want a show where racks and Trinidad james go shopping together!
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! 3 orë më parë
Went from watching a vid of a 280m "mansion" to this. I am very underwhelmed. Even tho this is fkn awesome. Lol
Tay Holloway
Tay Holloway 3 orë më parë
A Wayno Give Ak Some Swag!!
quell 3 orë më parë
this nigga nahmir living lavish af 😂
KJ Turner
KJ Turner 3 orë më parë
Aye why is noone talkin about how hot the store owner is?
Matthew Capiro
Matthew Capiro 3 orë më parë
The MIGOS started that wave! Drake was the first one to use their flow and after that Atlanta rap blew up and everybody else from other States started to use the same flow
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun 3 orë më parë
Not a true sneaker head or collector. Got some money out of the blue and bought a shit load of sneakers. This clown once said Biggie was overrated . Have anyone heard Lil Yachty music? Sounds like, A, B C D E F G.
Travis Buter
Travis Buter 3 orë më parë
Tony an racks keep it lit an keep doing ya thing over @ life at complex keep the vlogs coming💯💯💯👍👍👍