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UPDATE on my Son... 

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Update on my son Simeon!
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Beckham Rotzler
Beckham Rotzler 7 minuta më parë
Is Simeon eating crackers for a week👼
Javier Serrano
Javier Serrano Orë më parë
lets forget the fact the ssundee plays games, he is actually a really good dad
Blueberry 999
Blueberry 999 2 orë më parë
SSundee: say daddy Simeon: I'm gonna foot your foot SSundee: I am so proud of you
Killyaself 8 orë më parë
Lov your vids btw
Yaksh Garg
Yaksh Garg 9 orë më parë
Holli days are for Indian people from Asia Hindi people
William Moore
William Moore 9 orë më parë
How many sons do you have
Brady Texeira
Brady Texeira 13 orë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a> thats so cute.
Tan Chin Kuang
Tan Chin Kuang 13 orë më parë
simon look like foot and ssundee is caszy
Jason Gray
Jason Gray 16 orë më parë
do another update
Archie Cornthwaite
Archie Cornthwaite 17 orë më parë
omg i used to whats this guy in 2016 and i remembered this channel and watched his new vid my guy just turned full religious
Hacker 107
Hacker 107 19 orë më parë
Tatiana Kandiah
Tatiana Kandiah Ditë më parë
Madalyn: say mama Simeon: mommy mommy mommy Sundee: listen I can explain
we like fortnite sweat
we like fortnite sweat Ditë më parë
So cute
Clipzrk 101
Clipzrk 101 Ditë më parë
Ssundee I’m Jewish you said you won’t be uploading because of rest days do you keep Shabbos if you know what that is
huhmeems Ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="284">4:44</a> is the best part hands down
Shelley Varela
Shelley Varela Ditë më parë
He is so cute
KO Sparks
KO Sparks Ditë më parë
WellThats Fantasticerino
WellThats Fantasticerino Ditë më parë
How can people not like this?
Jaidyn Ditë më parë
When is his birthday
D Sims
D Sims Ditë më parë
Damm boi he THICC
The Raichu’s
The Raichu’s Ditë më parë
Why don’t we get one on coltan lol
Zee6893 Ditë më parë
He's so cute
Otaku Overlord
Otaku Overlord Ditë më parë
Ssundee has 2 kids??
TheNRCarpenter 2 ditë më parë
ahhh he is so cute like this if you agree.
FN official channel 12
FN official channel 12 2 ditë më parë
Five days before my bday
DabLitGaming TF2
DabLitGaming TF2 2 ditë më parë
A D O R A B L E 1 0 0 %
Samantha Tan
Samantha Tan 2 ditë më parë
When I was 18 months old I was 15 pounds cuz I kept vommiting
Void_connor db
Void_connor db 2 ditë më parë
Ssundee: "Say daddy" Simeon: "Foot" Ssundee: (cries) I raised u so well
Tsf Df
Tsf Df Orë më parë
U copied
Brayven Jie yin
Brayven Jie yin 2 ditë më parë
Do more videos like dis pls
Just you weeb Will
Just you weeb Will 2 ditë më parë
The new owner of ssundee channel.
zuhair 279
zuhair 279 2 ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="457">7:37</a>
StayFrosty 2 ditë më parë
When the worst year is over show simeon
Pingus man
Pingus man 2 ditë më parë
Omg I remember so much back in the old days I’m an og fan
sghunter88 2 ditë më parë
Congratulations ssudee I am a big fan of you how can I be apart of the ssun squad how is nico doing
munir babili
munir babili 2 ditë më parë
He is cute
Treyaroni_DRF 2 ditë më parë
Did you just laugh at Holy Week WTF
Gamekiller 22
Gamekiller 22 3 ditë më parë
He is soooooo cute
Akila Munroe
Akila Munroe 3 ditë më parë
Hi he is cute
warren ray
warren ray 3 ditë më parë
make another one
warren ray
warren ray 3 ditë më parë
I love simian
A̶r̶a̶f̶a̶t̶ ̶H̶o̶s̶s̶a̶i̶n̶ T̶u̶r̶z̶o̶
Madylin:say mama Simeon:Hit that like button Ian:Good job
DetectiveDougal 3 ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a> your welcome
I’m a bot Ur a bot
I’m a bot Ur a bot 3 ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:01</a> around there he’s like what are u doing
sewy pickle
sewy pickle 3 ditë më parë
Simeon is a beast like his dad
Idiotic Nardos
Idiotic Nardos 3 ditë më parë
When he started crying cuz he was teething I got so sad
Bean the Queen
Bean the Queen Ditë më parë
Don't be, it's normal
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes 3 ditë më parë
Do another update!!!
FinerWeb 3 ditë më parë
He has your eyes
Jackaboi 3 ditë më parë
I can see the resemblance
Riot Doge
Riot Doge 3 ditë më parë
Wow he is at least 20 times younger than me and he is 1/5 of my weight
Lucas Barbetta
Lucas Barbetta 4 ditë më parë
Ryon Hatcher
Ryon Hatcher 4 ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> If you just wanna see the Montage!
Zachary Shilts
Zachary Shilts 4 ditë më parë
I celebrate Passover
natasha Senokosoff
natasha Senokosoff 4 ditë më parë
Big fan
WKS 4 ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="311">5:11</a> is so adorable
gery the jelly
gery the jelly 4 ditë më parë
Soooooo cuteeee
Luxem :P
Luxem :P 4 ditë më parë
it’s so nice to see Ian out of his normal self he is very nice and wholesome this is the type of stuff I want on the normal videos but still it’s nice to see him as a father figure
Quilan Poppen
Quilan Poppen 4 ditë më parë
U have such a cute son, can u do annother update in 7 months?
M i n i RETRO
M i n i RETRO 4 ditë më parë
He's so cute and chubby
Olivia Logozzo
Olivia Logozzo 4 ditë më parë
I have the same birthday
james owens nash
james owens nash 4 ditë më parë
omg so cute lol and anyone who thumbs downed is cruel
FlamingDelayz 4 ditë më parë
Play jailbreak
Laith Mustafa
Laith Mustafa 4 ditë më parë
madylin: come on say mama Simeon: FOOT Ian: i can explain
Hudson Anstead
Hudson Anstead 4 ditë më parë
he is hugeeeeeeee
Dylan Osseforth
Dylan Osseforth 4 ditë më parë
He is just like you🥰🥰🥰
Gaming Adda
Gaming Adda 4 ditë më parë
Love from india
daijahlee world
daijahlee world 4 ditë më parë
Retail Shop
Retail Shop 4 ditë më parë
Is there a derp simian
Meche Briceño
Meche Briceño 4 ditë më parë
God bless him
earlrocket31 4 ditë më parë
He got better shoes than me the baby
Breanna 4 ditë më parë
I'm Christian
Juan Seclen
Juan Seclen 5 ditë më parë
Hey guys what happened to Ssnudee's first child?
Abdul Shahid
Abdul Shahid 5 ditë më parë
Awww 🥰 his getting all the girls
josh E
josh E 5 ditë më parë
He’s such a good dad
Duckess 5 ditë më parë
mans got drip no cap 😤
Polar Trexn
Polar Trexn 5 ditë më parë
That’s is one chub baby Edit: he’s so cute
Ace Face
Ace Face 5 ditë më parë
so cutey
Fortnite B
Fortnite B 5 ditë më parë
So cute i play fortnite
Zachary Summerville
Zachary Summerville 5 ditë më parë
Tashfeen Baig
Tashfeen Baig 5 ditë më parë
Awww he is so cute
Meliodasplayz Yt
Meliodasplayz Yt 5 ditë më parë
Ssundee I hope your son has a great life and is healthy love you and your videos.
Faqja Tjeter
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