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Trump Thinks He Bought America | The Daily Show 

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Neal Brennan floats a theory about why Donald Trump has been so uncooperative with the congressional impeachment probe. #TheDailyShow #NealBrennan
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17 Tet 2019




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Josny13 Ditë më parë
Hahaha, I know right? He should have just said: "Ma nigga ovuh here."
N. A. Hartnell
N. A. Hartnell 14 ditë më parë
"Look at my African American!"
Siryvonne Bell
Siryvonne Bell 17 ditë më parë
This is monumental!!!!
Míša Vondrous
Míša Vondrous 19 ditë më parë
But. Hold up. We all know that the royals/ illuminati owns America. Sooo...
Míša Vondrous
Míša Vondrous 19 ditë më parë
"Er-hem. I'm African...but, go on" 😂😂😂😂
Queen Faziii Ezron
Queen Faziii Ezron 20 ditë më parë
Fr he thinks he owns America!!! My My and My...this explains a lot...
Monica Sainz
Monica Sainz 20 ditë më parë
Everything he touches burns faster than a Trump Steak!
marian smith
marian smith 21 ditë më parë
Makes Sense....funny!
sunnylilme 22 ditë më parë
My. God. This is SPOT ON. This is ALL you need to know about this admin.
J H Jay
J H Jay 23 ditë më parë
My, mine haha America has F**KED IT🤣😂🤣😂
Ken Rice
Ken Rice 25 ditë më parë
Democrat asskisser Trump owns you .Listen to the bullshit CNN and MSNBC purveyors of pure hate bullshit liars.Trump is the one laughing his ass off.Trump2020
Ahmed Elhilali
Ahmed Elhilali 25 ditë më parë
Yao" my African American" omg
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander 26 ditë më parë
It's hard to respect something when you are protected from it by extreme partisanship and widespread stupidity. What is there to respect if you face no consequences for your words or actions? It's like having a parent who constantly says that you're in trouble while buying you ponies and ice cream.
Vanessa Knox
Vanessa Knox 26 ditë më parë
Bush sold the country and now you're saying Trump think he bought it back?
Jamil Wallace
Jamil Wallace 26 ditë më parë
He always looks high AF 😂😂😂😂
Molly Spurgeon
Molly Spurgeon 27 ditë më parë
Chris and Jennifer lol
Bhavani Abe
Bhavani Abe 27 ditë më parë
Didn't that guy work on Chappelle show? Looks like he stayed with comedy Central....reminds me of chapelles stand up mentioning the upside down.... wierd.
Bhavani Abe
Bhavani Abe 27 ditë më parë
He is wearing glasses reminds me of Perry....quick...put the glasses on... invisible. Priceless.
Tango Bango
Tango Bango 28 ditë më parë
Where’s Roy Wood Jr.?
Purple Flame Tarot
Purple Flame Tarot 28 ditë më parë
I said from the time he walked out and molested that flag, he had a look like an evil villain saying: 'Mine! ALL mine!' He thinks he WON it when he won (not) the election, and the peasants came with it. It's almost over though 😉
Valayar Checkpost
Valayar Checkpost 29 ditë më parë
Where do you get these lowlifes from?
rudy barton
rudy barton 29 ditë më parë
Now the whole world knows how stupids are the americans....period
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 29 ditë më parë
Oh no! I had to check the date this dropped. Oct 18, Bill Maher did his eerily similar Prickstarter New Rules bit. Yikes! Guess you beat him Neal. 😂
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby Muaj më parë
Trevor Noah for president.
Anita Gee
Anita Gee Muaj më parë
OMG that totally explains it!!!
Ugyen Thinley
Ugyen Thinley Muaj më parë
Wow Trevor, your guest nailed it! Trump is a real dictator of USA
Ryvale Remixes & Gaming
Bill Maher had the same idea. Get millionaires actors, musicians etc. That hate Trump to donate to Trump in order for his resignation. Boom! You both said it perfectly. Trump understands one thing. Money.
mz Kaye
mz Kaye Muaj më parë
This is hilarious...but its so accurate 🤣
Lo Mtlt
Lo Mtlt Muaj më parë
He is sooo right about it!
Robert Madden
Robert Madden Muaj më parë
He thinks he bought America cuz he paid members of the Electoral College
Devin Tinney
Devin Tinney Muaj më parë
Technically, Trump doesn’t think he bought America. He thinks he won America, and now he is America. I understand the assertion, but it’s an established fact that this douche bag doesn’t pay for anything unless made to. More to the point, since his financial meltdown, he can’t afford the U. S. much less any other major infrastructure project. He just likes to slap his brand on stuff & collect a surcharge. Here’s hoping the country doesn’t go the way of Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, & Trump SoHo. I predict when his tax returns are released they will reveal that he is as over leveraged & compromised financially as he is morally & ethically.
Silvia Reyes
Silvia Reyes Muaj më parë
😂🤣😂🎤🚨📀 the DJ analogy was hilarious
dion dyzi
dion dyzi Muaj më parë
He was making sense... like every other Trump property America is loosing its value home n abroad ... omg!!!!!! He literally is doing to this country the only thing he knows how to do... destroy it!
Charla  Gotier
Charla Gotier Muaj më parë
Thomas Jefferson on a date with a child who was also is wife’s half sister....
Y B Muaj më parë
Neal Brennan is a funny Erza Klein.
Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher Muaj më parë
The 416 dislikes are from tRump yes men!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jakob Peter Raahauge
Jakob Peter Raahauge Muaj më parë
Clive Nshiime
Clive Nshiime Muaj më parë
Hello there, random Ugandan here, if you could please spare some time to check out my short film on my channel, I would be so grateful. Thanks for reading this far and I wish you all many blessings.
Kwisatz Muaj më parë
And Yea, His Holy Lardship Don Trump, has been afflicted with 'Idiotic Narcissism' (I.N.) since childhood. This weirdness shows as excessive self-love and hedonistic activities with little to no empathy for Melania. Such idiots sound adult-like, yet closer inspection reveals: regular childish tantrum demands, FAKING social interest, gibberish yapping & wrecking shit for others to tidy-up. Even republican 'believers' (evangelicals) have I.N. burnout hangovers!
Christy Sweet
Christy Sweet Muaj më parë
So did he know Mahrer did this, also- #Prick Starter? rgdls., he has Trump pegged.
Vslim Goody
Vslim Goody Muaj më parë
It’s funny because it’s true😂😩😩😩
Graham Addison
Graham Addison Muaj më parë
Anti-Trump is out of date. Get with the new protocol homie.
tomfreed Muaj më parë
It is about time someone somewhere wacks this son of a bitch Trump in the head and kicks his fucking fat ass in jail where he belongs. What a disgusting human being with a filthy trash mouth and a stupid, ignorant brain. I piss and shit on this fucker if i can!!!!!!!!
Damian Low
Damian Low Muaj më parë
there is truth in jest.
victorhostos Muaj më parë
cannibalbananas Muaj më parë
The president thinks he can get away with it cuz no one does anything to stop him. There's a lot of lip service, but no actual repercussions.
Vincent van Dijk
Vincent van Dijk Muaj më parë
Please find a "Neil" comedian that does not need autocue to read from.
Rowan Winters
Rowan Winters Muaj më parë
Thank you. I was about to say the same thing. He was just reading that thing like a book. It wasn't engaging, he looked like he'd never been in front of a camera in his life.
Vivek Anand J
Vivek Anand J Muaj më parë
Bill Maher already started the kick starter! 😂
LadyE100 Muaj më parë
It all makes since now.
sush139 Muaj më parë
Oh right! Trump did try to buy Greenland just a few weeks ago! ....THAT really happened.
sush139 Muaj më parë
@Rowan Winters Either because human mind has a way of coping with bad memories or because so much worse has happened since then that Trump-trying-to-buy-Greenland just disappeared in the ether.
Rowan Winters
Rowan Winters Muaj më parë
...holy hell, why does that seem like it was years ago?
Nelson King
Nelson King Muaj më parë
Liberals like to ignore and dismiss the 62 million people across 30 states that put Trump in the white house. We will show up again next year to give him yet another term.
Nelson King
Nelson King Muaj më parë
@Rowan Winters Umm who's president again?
Rowan Winters
Rowan Winters Muaj më parë
Er, who won the popular vote again?
nraketh Muaj më parë
That's painfully accurate.
videomissionary Muaj më parë
"eventually?" .... America, we have some bad news for you...
Marx Dent
Marx Dent Muaj më parë
So blunt you can smoke it... Oww! That my surprise I didn't see it sooner... it scary but whose allowing him to think he bought it?
Sao Pooh
Sao Pooh Muaj më parë
Owning the US? Good explanation, but it may go even deeper: Many of the mega rich probably don't consider themselves loyal to any particular country by reason of birthright citizenship, because they can move themselves, as well as their assets, so freely throughout the world. If for any reason Trump really gets cornered, he can take up residence in a country that has no extradition treaty with the US, like SA or some place called, uummm... uumm... Russia.
Forest Dickey
Forest Dickey Muaj më parë
Did I hear a black reporter from cbs call Bernie Sanders an old White guy? What part of that isn't prejudice?
Dee de guerra
Dee de guerra Muaj më parë
Oh wow, that explains everything, scary shit.
Robert Buttry
Robert Buttry Muaj më parë
Neal is not being funny because he is making a lot of sense.. He should’ve been a lawyer
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Muaj më parë
We have a president who pulls us out of national debt we are president that raises the economy and we have a president that doesn’t take any crap..... in the meantime we have a bunch of adults throwing temper tantrum‘s...... which is obviously very low educated people..... he has done more for us than Obama could ever dream of..... please grow up America!!!!!
Monique Geritz
Monique Geritz Muaj më parë
If Trump wanted the army hete, he wouldnt have send troops to Saudie Arabia, to do God knows what. He pulled them back, to get ppl of the impeachment hearings and bc of his towers in Turkey. That letter he send Etdogan, what a joke of a country we must seem to them now, Thats why he keeps doing it and sanctions he did put on them, is nothing to them, a bigger problem would be for us, since we get many of our products from Turkey, not the other way around. This dude is way over his head, with is birdfood brain. Nothing but a big sludge thats going through those braincells of his alzheimers brain he inherited from his father, which has been shown these last few yrs hes in the oval office....
一三Gnefitisis Muaj më parë
Normally a fan, but this interview was non-sensical. Come on. Pop shots? Where is the journalism.
Faqja Tjeter
Bawal Judgmental | November 21, 2019