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The Oldsmobile Silhouette Was a Really Weird Luxury Minivan 

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The original Oldsmobile Silhouette was weird, quirky, and bizarre. It was also the original luxury minivan, and today I'm reviewing the Silhouette to show you what it was like. I am also going to show you the quirks and features of the Silhouette, and I will show you how the Oldsmobile Silhouette drives.
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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 15 ditë më parë
If I were to list my favorite reviews, it would include the Vector W8 and this - the 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette. It would be the only list, ever, that includes both the Vector W8 and the 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette.
Noah F-Bomb
Noah F-Bomb 8 orë më parë
I wish there were cars like this in Forza Horizon 4.......
Mr Papagiorgio
Mr Papagiorgio Ditë më parë
Doug DeMuro you would like that soccer mom mini van lol but you down every nice vehicle smh you’re a strange guy lol
Justin Jordan
Justin Jordan 5 ditë më parë
Doug I would love a review of the DeTomaso Pantera
daniel bohorquez
daniel bohorquez 5 ditë më parë
the las roof compartment is for CDs the s10 deluxe 4x4 93 blazer has the exact same thing, my father had one and it is til this day one of the best cars he ever had
The Flags that Flew
The Flags that Flew 7 ditë më parë
Doug DeMuro make a video about jeep renegade please.
Ashish Pradhan
Ashish Pradhan 22 minuta më parë
They could have added pop up lights.... But no... They had to make it boring....
Alex Yarnell
Alex Yarnell 5 orë më parë
Had a Chevy Venture with that same motor. Two, yes two head on accidents, driving it through water so high it stalled and wouldn't turn over for days AND running it at Bradenton Motorsports dragway here in FL, (17.89 at 89mph btw) that van was a BEAST... Would smoke the tires through first and run down a 4.6 F150...
P0licywonk 6 orë më parë
It's the Cadillac of minivans
Mark Norman
Mark Norman 6 orë më parë
Rare? I saw these piles of hot steaming poop all over the place.
JackF 6 orë më parë
"I borrowed this vehicle from a viewer here in San Diego who has a number of 1980's and 1990's General Motors vehicles." Sounds like someone's planning on starting a demolition derby.
Agustin Martinez
Agustin Martinez 8 orë më parë
Reminds me of the micro machine city toy
Cesar Olvera
Cesar Olvera 8 orë më parë
We always want one of those on the 90's but just had an oldsmobile cutlass 😪
Lord Publius
Lord Publius 8 orë më parë
My family rented one of these in 1991 for a trip to Alabama. My then 9-year old self thought it was rather advanced. My now 38 year-old self sees this poor vehicle as something that didn't deserve to have the Oldsmobile name.
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal 8 orë më parë
I don't know what you're talking about. This is the Cadillac of minivans.
Fish 9 orë më parë
That same noise was in another van... I think it was a Pontiac van but newer than this one.
moreylongo 9 orë më parë
That door closing noise came straight out of my childhood.
MJ H 9 orë më parë
They actually kept that door closing warning noise until sometime in the early 2000s. A friends family had a later model silhouette and it sounded exactly the same.
Eric Laplante
Eric Laplante 10 orë më parë
Come to southern minnesota. Every trailer park or small town has at least 5 of them still on the road.
S C 10 orë më parë
Very futuristic design and modern technology but why cheaply built 🤷🏻‍♂️
Tiersinski Kendrick
Tiersinski Kendrick 10 orë më parë
I would have loved to watch this review but he. is. just.annoying.. his voice his mannerisms his vernacular ugh.😒😞 hopefully Hoovies garage will do a review.
W C 10 orë më parë
The 90's was a terrible decade for vehicle design in lots of manufacturers.
jacob .s
jacob .s 11 orë më parë
It looks like a car you would draw in pre-k
Goran Djordjevic
Goran Djordjevic 11 orë më parë
Renault Espace is older
CSLFiero 11 orë më parë
12:45 Doug: no other car has these Suzuki sx4 Doug. Why doesn't ALvid give me 1.6 million a year?
CSLFiero 12 orë më parë
Doug: No one is doing a built in child seat and I don't know why Dead babies up in heaven:
Leonard MacAulay
Leonard MacAulay 14 orë më parë
Good ole GM putting the child seat in the most vulnerable position .
databuild 14 orë më parë
That no parking sign tho, didn’t park here
Nate Hill
Nate Hill 14 orë më parë
That overhead compartment with the strap was to hold CDs... strap is pretty stretched out now though
Ilya Szondi
Ilya Szondi 16 orë më parë
The door close noise reminds me of prog music. I like it.
Bill Varga
Bill Varga 18 orë më parë
My wife have had 2 , a 94 and a 96 . Our 96 had 270,000 on it when the frame failed up by the passenger side by under the radiator. I foolishly continued to drive it until the steering column separated from the rack and pinion . Praising GOD for his mercy it happened in a turn at 2 miles in hour to the left . We live in Ohio , the salt kills the unibody frames. Note to owners , if your sliding door stops working because you bumped it . disconnect the positive terminal waite 10 minutes and reconnect. We still have our 96 it has only 135,000 however the frame is going. They have been a great for us! \
Classified Info
Classified Info 18 orë më parë
I knew a few people who had these hideous Vans when I was growing up. My family only bought Chrysler minivans growing up and ai thought they were so much nicer.
MrPanzerDragoon 18 orë më parë
YEs! More old and ugly cars Doug!! Lol
G Lepp
G Lepp Ditë më parë
GM made so many cars that totally disappeared from the roads almost as soon as production of them stopped. It is amazing this van did not dissolve like cotton candy in the rain like the rest of their failures.
Daniel Gross
Daniel Gross Ditë më parë
The body panels were plastic, and adhesived to a space frame... similar to the Pontiac Fiero. The Dustbuster had HORRENDOUSLY BAD NHTSA crash ratings. It folded and deformed like a beer can.....
It's so ugly it gives me the creeps..
SMIFFY Ditë më parë
I don't think it looks that bad. Then again I appreciate the styling of the Fiat Multipla.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Ditë më parë
That’s a lumina van
Bobby Ledford
Bobby Ledford Ditë më parë
Tesla: the cyber truck design has never been done before!!! Oldsmobile silhouette: Am I a joke to you?
Bace Ditë më parë
I remember the Olds Silhouette well for the reason that you could not buy one in Canada.
TheKnightda8 Ditë më parë
I learned to drive on a 1993 Pontiac transport.
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Ditë më parë
Legend said Oldsmobile Silhouette designed was built with Doug in mind.
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf Ditë më parë
If the front doors had frameless windows... they would still be making this car!
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf Ditë më parë
We used to have tons of these around, especially the Chevy and Pontiac versions. Eventually replaced by the Venture and Montana, then Chevy Uplander. My Uplander has 200 hp 3.9 V6. Pretty good car for 12 years old. Well equipped but doesn't have that power sliding door! Our first Chevy Venture had the built in kiddy seat. Super convenient!
Robert Lutz
Robert Lutz Ditë më parë
لْمٌ ۚ ثُمَّ إِلَيَّ مَرْجِعُكُمْ فَأُنَبِّئُكُمْ بِمَا كُنْتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ
Julia Marinova
Julia Marinova Ditë më parë
Volvo XC90 also has a build in child seat as an option
jooger69 Ditë më parë
There are no integrated child seats anymore because they are death traps.
jooger69 Ditë më parë
Well it's the Cadillac of Minivans.
EL CHARRO TAPIA!! Ditë më parë
Looks like ice shaver to me 🤣😂!
Country Boy 85
Country Boy 85 Ditë më parë
Dust Buster vans were AWFUL when new. Reliability was GM typical, tbi engine with 3 spd auto on an era of multi port efi and overdrive transaxle. Astro was much better minivan
Chris Mifsud
Chris Mifsud Ditë më parë
I love how they designed the dashboard in a way that when the passenger airbag would become law they wont have to redesign the dash mould.
Snicket Ditë më parë
Rare? These things are everywhere . They even of a section of the salvage yard by my house solely dedicated to them.
JD RS Ditë më parë
Wow, I guess the owner really loves his Oldsmobile Lumina van. Everything seems to work, and it’s in garage tip top shape.
mmykolas Ditë më parë
Dat exaust smoke at 21:03
Stephen B
Stephen B Ditë më parë
Damn bro, running out of cars?
Gargenville 2 ditë më parë
It's interesting how after this US minivans went back to, well, van-shaped but in Europe the whole MPV segment exploded in popularity and cars like the Renault Espace are this exact shape to this day, giant front quarter windows and all.
Yung A
Yung A 2 ditë më parë
Please review more old cars !
Journey awaits
Journey awaits 2 ditë më parë
This is still a masterpiece in exterior design compared to the Toyota Previa (ew)
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 2 ditë më parë
Most doors have a point there I mean generally it's a 90° corner instead of a what like 80° maybe 75°
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 2 ditë më parë
Is that rare I remember having a friend that had 1 I think 2 probably like 10, 12 years ago
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 2 ditë më parë
I think think his had a fob because I don't remember the door doing all that
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson 2 ditë më parë
I had one. I was glad when I got rid of it!
ArizonaDanJones 2 ditë më parë
Nice shirt 👌
Jackpot Winner Ken
Jackpot Winner Ken 2 ditë më parë
Doug's wife: Hunny how do I look Doug: Stylish and luxurious back in 1990's Also Doug: Quite unattractive to modern standards.
N F95
N F95 2 ditë më parë
3:08 !!! It was right there! How did you miss it Doug?! It’s the Perfect Silhouette of the Silhouette!
Steve Cedrone
Steve Cedrone 2 ditë më parë
The 2.8L engines in these went on forever, although they leaked oil. One of the few things GM did right in-terms of reliability.
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