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The Most Underrated Game Ever 

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dino time gets weird
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9 Shk 2020




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Komente 42 422   
Brone Ditë më parë
Jaiden You've to clean up your thumbnails.
krusty Ditë më parë
"deep hipshake there..." am i the only one who ships it
Ian Dig
Ian Dig Ditë më parë
Zactivity Ditë më parë
You should play Tomodachi Life on a 3DS Emulator
introvert Ditë më parë
Ohhh i remder this game and i loved it!!! And the best part is that i still have the coppy
GRAVe Hurricane
GRAVe Hurricane Ditë më parë
I have fossil fighters
Tkmads Ditë më parë
Oh MAN puns
asuw wusa
asuw wusa Ditë më parë
Is it just me or her voice is kinda different?
Landon Zimmer
Landon Zimmer Ditë më parë
When you played this game and still have it in your old ds games
G6778 !
G6778 ! Ditë më parë
my ears are bleeding
gui godoi
gui godoi Ditë më parë
How i send my fanarts to jaiden?
Toybonnie logan Back_up
Toybonnie logan Back_up Ditë më parë
Excuse me! I just watched a family friendly jaiden video and now I got 4:13
Ximena Ditë më parë
Gaylord ... RoomieOfficial
Sophi Doom
Sophi Doom Ditë më parë
YES I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH! I would always ask people about it and no one had ever heard about it!! This is still to this day one of my favorite series ever... I'm so happy its getting the attention it deserves. ❤️ (edit) the third game was pretty bad tho.
spencer england
spencer england Ditë më parë
Oh please play fossil fighters champions it's so much fun!
CryoJester Ditë më parë
SonicNinja345 Gang
SonicNinja345 Gang Ditë më parë
Jaden should do a walkthrough on Pokémon sword n shield
Penelope Hanhurst
Penelope Hanhurst Ditë më parë
BOI LIKE A MONTH AGO I WAS ASKING MY BROTHER “what’s the name of that fossil game that we played as a child”
Anton Geter
Anton Geter Ditë më parë
but dinosaurs
Anton Geter
Anton Geter Ditë më parë
Solène Roussel
Solène Roussel Ditë më parë
Sugarberry. Girl
Sugarberry. Girl Ditë më parë
2:35 *Jaiden screaming bloody murder* me: “...........I enjoy this.”
Alex York
Alex York Ditë më parë
You should play the next game too it is also good!
Cloudberry The Rainwing-Icewing
Hi Jaiden! I have some fanart for you, if you’re willing to check it out!🙂
Gavin Bish
Gavin Bish Ditë më parë
PLEASE REPLY about how many games did you have on you're ds
Alex York
Alex York Ditë më parë
Also nobody know the puzzle to that part of the game
Rilynn Crouse
Rilynn Crouse Ditë më parë
Jaiden:*ScReAmS* Me:” JaIdEn ArE yOu TrYiNg To BuSt EvErYoNe’S eAr DrUmS”
Ginge Not Ging
Ginge Not Ging Ditë më parë
I remember playing this as a kid and I would just run all around the place
Tonkotsu Boy16
Tonkotsu Boy16 Ditë më parë
this is nice
louis and irene
louis and irene Ditë më parë
She said crap because ITS broken but it was always like that
Alex York
Alex York Ditë më parë
I love this childhood game so much
Taharo Kaleds
Taharo Kaleds Ditë më parë
Oh it's like ragnarok, air is like lightning that's why it beats water right?
The fox in the sky
The fox in the sky Ditë më parë
2:35 You have no idea how many memories you bring back with that joke
Alex York
Alex York Ditë më parë
Go commit Not feeling so good
Thanks Jaiden i downloaded a fossil fighter rom.
mokow Ditë më parë
Jaiden: I dont really know how to describe them, But if i could think about anything i would think of this: (several seconds also) *Complete silence* Me watching the video while doing Homework: *Huh?*
Jasmer Diaz
Jasmer Diaz Ditë më parë
Aight Imma scream to clean the dust off REEEE
BryInventing Ditë më parë
Cheiftain's hips don't lie
Williams Pitta
Williams Pitta Ditë më parë
7:32 Duna stays strapped
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu Ditë më parë
Instead of "go go power rangers" it's "go go fossil fighters"
Dzaki Hamsy
Dzaki Hamsy Ditë më parë
FierroChase Nas
FierroChase Nas Ditë më parë
You just unlocked a whole lot of forgotten memories. I remember my cousin having this and showing it to me. He gave it to me and I lost it a few years ago. It was a good game lmao.
Dzaki Hamsy
Dzaki Hamsy Ditë më parë
2:21 il
JageshemashFTW Ditë më parë
I love how you depict battling as just throwing your dinosaur around like a flail.
Uni Poo
Uni Poo Ditë më parë
I love your vids! It's sad what people do to your character on the internet 😡
Jocelyn Lyons
Jocelyn Lyons Ditë më parë
Jaiden shaking hips me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fun Reller TV
Fun Reller TV Ditë më parë
Yo that scared the heck out of me when you screamed into the mic so hard.
Zachary Seguin
Zachary Seguin Ditë më parë
My sister has fossil fighters
Jann 1236
Jann 1236 Ditë më parë
I remember I had this game on my ds! This game was really fun for me
Absurd Asour
Absurd Asour Ditë më parë
There’s a second fossil fighters
Lazasun Ditë më parë
HOLY SHOOT I REMEMBER THIS GAME FROM A LONG TIME AGO WHEN I WENT TO NEW YORK! My cousin was the one who owned it. He said I could take it when we were leaving back to Canada but I didn't. Wish I did though.
Lifill Sunset
Lifill Sunset Ditë më parë
I got this game recommended to me after 10 years and i-???? I play a crud ton of Dinosaurs game back in the day. Dinosaur King, Battle of the Dinosaur 😳
The Stop motion crew
The Stop motion crew Ditë më parë
The digadigamid
gloria ecalnir
gloria ecalnir Ditë më parë
I had put that on my speaker and i had into 9 and you scream? I waked my parents
G5gv Gftvt
G5gv Gftvt Ditë më parë
I played this game too! I played for 3 years as a kid I died trying to finish the game have it in my room like a cursed artifact lol!
Faith theRaith
Faith theRaith Ditë më parë
I had a budgie to but my mum got really annoyed of him so she gave him to one of our friends. And his name was Joojoo
The Stop motion crew
The Stop motion crew Ditë më parë
How did anyone dislike this
cosmic sprigs
cosmic sprigs Ditë më parë
I fuckinh loved fossil fighters
Rachel Rawluk
Rachel Rawluk Ditë më parë
Can you do fossil fighters part 2?
Hoho Sims
Hoho Sims Ditë më parë
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