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THE HUNT Official Trailer (2019) Emma Roberts, Hilary Swank Movie HD 

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THE HUNT Official Trailer (2019) Emma Roberts, Hilary Swank Movie HD
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Kali Gordon
Kali Gordon 6 orë më parë
Saw this while I was at work it’s actually comedy most of the time which is surprising
Eddie Jennings
Eddie Jennings Ditë më parë
At least Hollywood is being honest about how they really feel about us.
Shark 4 ditë më parë
Another rip off of John Woo's `Hard Target`.
Alex Vasilache
Alex Vasilache 5 ditë më parë
This film is totally garbage ... i would rate it 1/10 .
harry bailey
harry bailey 7 ditë më parë
I enjoyed it coz they finally portrayed liberals as they really are. Annoying and terrible people
Phillip Monroe Junior
Phillip Monroe Junior 7 ditë më parë
This movie was solid . Fucking entertaining if your like light but weird funny action
The real Sansybo
The real Sansybo 11 ditë më parë
Is this based off of the most dangerous game?
Roselin Campos
Roselin Campos 14 ditë më parë
Movie sucks ,don’t recommend
Ivan Yonnie
Ivan Yonnie 14 ditë më parë
There was a comedy tv show about this... I can't remember the name.. but some of the actors that are in here are in the t.v. show.. can anyone help me remember this tv show.. I wanna watch the tv show.. I only saw a couple of episodes and it was pretty hilarious...
Dorien Jacobsz
Dorien Jacobsz 14 ditë më parë
Cathy O'Brien wrote a book The Tranceformation of America it describes how the elite hunt children for sport but don't just kill them it's much worse than that go read it. They tell you this in plain sight. This is real it's not just a movie. Open your eyes to the truth.
Jack Moor
Jack Moor 16 ditë më parë
I am still gonna watch this because it looks good but considering the main reason I clicked on this trailer was because of Emma Roberts and I’m pretty certain I saw her death at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> I’m kinda disappointed the click baited her like this
HeinrichErnst1 16 ditë më parë
Psychiatrist: "...if there would be from time to time the need for a proof that the american society is totally nuts - this piece of "entertainment" would do well... next please! Oh, hello Mr. Tarantino, what can you show us today..."
HeinrichErnst1 16 ditë më parë
Psychiatrist: "...if there would be from time to time the need for a proof that the american society is totally nuts - this piece of "entertainment" would do well... next please! Oh, hello Mr. Tarantino, what can you show us today..."
PalmurcioWorld 17 ditë më parë
Seriously, why the insisted on covering Hillary Swank's face during the whole movie til the end if they were going to show it first thing on the trailer?
That Revy
That Revy 17 ditë më parë
I’m just here to inform that Emma Roberts character died in the movie for about 9 minuets same with Justin Hartley.
jonty jonny
jonty jonny 19 ditë më parë
Who is the gagged girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a>?
Tyler 19 ditë më parë
Movie is terrible lol. Do not go and see it.
burak1988 21 ditë më parë
Hilary 💙
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 24 ditë më parë
Yo they killed Emma Robert in the first 10 minutes of the movie what a waste.
threepercenter03 24 ditë më parë
Slasher and demonic possession movies come out almost every month...but this movie bothers sheeple?
woop 27 ditë më parë
Wait I don’t get it why are republicans mad at this this makes them look like the good guys & liberals evil
W H Fitzgerald
W H Fitzgerald 27 ditë më parë
So basically, its Westworld but theyre all human 😉
Damian Starks
Damian Starks 28 ditë më parë
This takes me back to van damn in hard target.
Paxus 29 ditë më parë
YOU IDIOTS ARE SHOWING TOOOOO MUUUUCH OF TEH MOVIE IN YOUR TRAILERS!!!!!!! I barely even have to watch it after this and another trailer I saw!!! I know how it starts, I saw all the differant angles the story takes and in this trailer, I even saw how the 'end villain' will die!!!
Brian Russo
Brian Russo Muaj më parë
Funny, if this had been a movie about hunting democrats it wouldn't have ever seen the light of day. Hollyweird hypocrisy at it's finest.
rosie vargas
rosie vargas Muaj më parë
This why millions go Missing in our national Parks watch "411 the missing"
Titan52berg Muaj më parë
Need for this film: 0
TOM PREE Muaj më parë
Gary Boyce
Gary Boyce Muaj më parë
Looks pretty good- Whats so bad? Its not like Deliverance-the original hunt.
Antonio Vasquez
Antonio Vasquez Muaj më parë
Another boring Hollywood movie
Victor Freeman
Victor Freeman Muaj më parë
Another phony unrealistic heroine badass movie.
Daniel Quainoo Quainoo
Daniel Quainoo Quainoo Muaj më parë
Sooooo... technically the hunger games?
i Supportu
i Supportu 16 ditë më parë
Really seems like it
Keshwi Sahani
Keshwi Sahani Muaj më parë
The way the rich people control the world, the concept doesn't seem so far fetched.
Ireland EVR
Ireland EVR Muaj më parë
So basically a super violent version of "The Hunger Games" that takes place in modern present time in the U.S. Hmmm I'm in...
Ankhjargal Jargalsaikhan
Just watched the whole movie in 3 mins trailer. Thank you
Marshall Boyd
Marshall Boyd Muaj më parë
Boycott this film. It's a film that promotes HATE! 🦉
Vantegan Muaj më parë
The Cringe
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Muaj më parë
It's pronounced R'kansas
alan johnson
alan johnson Muaj më parë
one movie I am going to [in spite that they faked Emma having large chest [she does not]]
Michael Standing
Michael Standing Muaj më parë
Violence in America one day it will come back to bite.
Maloree Muaj më parë
Why did I never hear about this movie?..
Mark Twain
Mark Twain Muaj më parë
This whole movie is about the elite hunting Trump's deplorables.
Mark Twain
Mark Twain 8 ditë më parë
@bfg6829 YES, he is an elite. But why would he hunt his voters? He depends on us deplorables for votes.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 19 ditë më parë
@bfg6829, Nope he works for Me!
bfg6829 19 ditë më parë
You know that Trump belongs to the elite, right?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Muaj më parë
Yes and the Conservatives Win Again!!
Erin Smith
Erin Smith Muaj më parë
The most dangerous game.
Infantry Gunner
Infantry Gunner Muaj më parë
I can't wait to do this to Democrats
Helluminati Muaj më parë
Hostel: In to the Woods...
Tom Dockery
Tom Dockery Muaj më parë
There's one Hilary I can get behind.
Mr Praneeth
Mr Praneeth Muaj më parë
When the Movie Release date pls
This is what happens when you let your white privilege membership run.
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RacingLife X
RacingLife X Muaj më parë
Why was this cancelled?? No different then hunger games lol
Damien INSANE-O Muaj më parë
because it incites violence along political lines and a mass shooting happened around the time it was going to be released. So they just waited for people to forget about it and are hoping their bigotry and racism flies under the radar better now.
MAGA Supporter
MAGA Supporter Muaj më parë
Looks bored, combo of some from the past.
OHJLM Muaj më parë
Shelved and now being released on March 13 2020.
Sam Farnsworth
Sam Farnsworth Muaj më parë
This is a metaphor for reality just like the Matrix.
Thomas Wimbley
Thomas Wimbley Muaj më parë
March 13, 2020 release date
Grey ghost
Grey ghost Muaj më parë
This the new hiliary campaign trailer?
anonymous1hahaa Muaj më parë
Emma Roberts was used as Clickbait! Still wanna see this!
paul gib
paul gib Muaj më parë
This movie is back 😆😆😆
Marimdang Im
Marimdang Im Muaj më parë
I remember a time when I had a major overly top of the line crush on Emma Roberts.
christian miranda
christian miranda Muaj më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> thumbnail of Emma Roberts biting a black dildo. Thank me later.
Cyfier Muaj më parë
so battle royal but pay 2 win players vs free 2 play XD
Boqn Dimitrov
Boqn Dimitrov Muaj më parë
Определено се зарибих!
MrLaughatthis Muaj më parë
its been canceled indefinatley
Hype There
Hype There Muaj më parë
As Elite i disagree with this movie, we do not give our victims weapons...
JusticeforJennifer Muaj më parë
Stfu weirdo
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G Muaj më parë
Hunger game 2.0?
Travel Mango
Travel Mango 2 muaj më parë
This actually looks good 👍
Richard Zilver
Richard Zilver 2 muaj më parë
This is how traitor Trump spends his dream weekend
Damien INSANE-O Muaj më parë
TDS much?
Black Skyy
Black Skyy 2 muaj më parë
what the heck???😳😳😳😳
winston smith
winston smith 2 muaj më parë
Saw is back but now it is black.
FAN of OLD SINGERS 2 muaj më parë
Purge like
FAN of OLD SINGERS 2 muaj më parë
It's purge
Branimir Wolf
Branimir Wolf 2 muaj më parë
DoomGuy 2 muaj më parë
I don't even need to watch the movie
BroncoBillieBeastie 2 muaj më parë
It will be released, eventually, on some platform or service.
Chris E
Chris E 2 muaj më parë
So, it's just a more serious version of the series Wrecked?
Dean 2 muaj më parë
I would love to hunt the elite.
f 2 muaj më parë
Looks terrible and it seems I've seen the whole movie in this one trailer.
filip hrlic
filip hrlic 2 muaj më parë
First of , Croatian registration plates dont look like that. Secondly , the Croatian authorities would shut an operation like this within the hours... after all , they hunt people for sport. Shit trailer 1/10 , shit movie 0/10.
1/3 dead
1/3 dead 2 muaj më parë
netko se nalizao guzice da bi stavio hrv.tablice u scenu,hrvati dobro lizu guzice po tome su i poznati globalno,nije ni cudo sto je film obustavljen!
question mark???
question mark??? 2 muaj më parë
Its coming to Netflix while remake is hunters is coming to amazon
Ray Ng
Ray Ng 2 muaj më parë
Did they just give away the ending?
Faqja Tjeter
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