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The Botham Jean Murder Verdict and Its Complex Emotional Aftermath | The Daily Show 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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Trevor explores the complicated emotions surrounding the sentencing of Amber Guyger, an ex-police officer who entered the wrong apartment and murdered her neighbor Botham Jean.
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6 Tet 2019




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Montasir Gadora
Montasir Gadora 3 ditë më parë
It’s weird that dave chappelle the comedian Expect this accident , Why do black people fear the police because they are racist towards this color and do not treat them as they treat whites alvid.info/video/kX-Hgrumybabk9s.html
Wendy White
Wendy White 13 ditë më parë
Love you man!
Mina Jose'
Mina Jose' 18 ditë më parë
I simply Love Trevor. He explains till you understand the situation better. His wisdom and knowledge is beyond our expectations. Respect man.
Chris Leach
Chris Leach 20 ditë më parë
They have never looked at us as human being, they never feel compassion for us yes I am very angry 51 years of the same amerikkka
TayTay 2000
TayTay 2000 26 ditë më parë
If his own family can forgive her, then the hoodlums outside chanting surely can. Shut up. It didn’t happen to you. Gosh people are so ridiculous. No wonder humans have such a bad reputation in America!!!
Ridge Torn
Ridge Torn 26 ditë më parë
well said
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Muaj më parë
Someone get this man his medal
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone Muaj më parë
She got 10 year😂😂 I know niggas who got more for drug charges 😂😂
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone Muaj më parë
And I serve this country. God help me
motte dreissig
motte dreissig Muaj më parë
I am totally ok with the young man´s reaction. If this is his way of processing and to cope with the murder of his brother, it´s up to him and it´s not up to us to judge. However, ii find it completeley inappropriate, how the judge hugged her. This police officer was, after all, acting racist. Even if she were convinced that indeed, she was in her own apartment- the point is, that this man was doing absolutely nothing to threaten her. He was watching TV. But, as he was a black man, she felt, she had the right to kill him immediatly, without even noticing, that all of the furniture in the room had changed. To me, the hugging is more a kind of aknoledgment, that the "master race" is entiteled to a special treatment. Yes, black poeple deserve compassion and fairness. And white poeple deserve their fair share ot the justice system.
Lady J
Lady J Muaj më parë
Lady J
Lady J Muaj më parë
The young man that hug Amber Geiger is a pussie this lady murdered your brother and you forgive her as a black person you Really pisses me off this trick will be out in less than 5 years your mother will never Hold her son again In I am speaking as a mother of a murdered child will never forgive never
S Lewis
S Lewis Muaj më parë
She is filing an appeal. She'll be out soon.
E is equals to MC2
E is equals to MC2 Muaj më parë
Black men, what have white women done to you? You don't stand up for your women, you glorify white women at the same time bashing your own all in the name of preference, you call your women pitbulls, and then You would actually hug a white woman after she killed your brother. Your own brother. Your brother is less important than the acceptance you need from white women. 😂😂😂
Dorothy La Shon Jefferson
Nice point but please "white is right and black needs to step back" or "yield to the whiteness and hide your blackness" or "if you're white stick around and if your black get gonna" I am 48 years old and nothing is changing while the colorism is still inforced. Justise is not blind and until this country truly blindfold the judges and juries this country will continue to hurt the people it was meant to help. Sidenote: keep up the good work at the Daily Show
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar Muaj më parë
Unfortunately the gun control solution cannot apply here because, she was a cop. But what is the state of affairs of this country that the first defense of someone is to immediately consider lethal assault on another human being.
Kenneth Griffin
Kenneth Griffin Muaj më parë
Some BS man
Sean Long
Sean Long Muaj më parë
If I did that I would of got life💯
Theresia Dorothy
Theresia Dorothy Muaj më parë
Well spoken as always
samuel adeyegbe
samuel adeyegbe Muaj më parë
Empathy to every human being should be equal to everyone
INDIE GENRE Muaj më parë
This is why I love The Daily Show
José Arcadio Buendia
José Arcadio Buendia Muaj më parë
I agree 100%. When I hear people saying we should _abolish_ white privilege I’m usually a bit like... are you sure we shouldn’t actually _extend_ it to all races? Ovsly once everyone has it it’s not a privilege anymore so it’s just another way to abolish it. But wording is important. For instance I think we all want _no one_ being shot by the police for no reason, not everyone. Btw forgiveness is extremely important in the process of mourning a relative who was murdered. When you can’t find a way to forgive the murderer you’re going to have a much harder time recovering from your sorrow. Unfortunately sometimes it’s just impossible to forgive. Especially if justice doesn’t do its job and doesn’t sentence the murderer.
John Smith
John Smith Muaj më parë
Yeah and 2 + 2 equals 4 Noah. 10 years for murder possibly 5. Sentencing guidelines were obviously unjust. Didn’t Tay K get 75 years in the same state just for being an accomplice to murder? This being white thing really works. I’m sure she’ll be out of prison before judge Kemp is promoted to Federal District court and/or vice Versa
jay. Dare
jay. Dare Muaj më parë
Who is the 1.3 k edyats?
Xman Muaj më parë
I know Trevor has a TV show to do but stop with the nonsense. I understand why he's trying to be diplomatic. HOWEVER, that same level of compassion ISN'T given to black people. White people implore black people to forgive while they seek vengeance and punishment. The hypocrisy is astounding.
Nova Star
Nova Star Muaj më parë
10 years.....man. that's just crazy.
Frank Vega
Frank Vega Muaj më parë
How many other murder suspects going to prison did that that judge hug and forgive who going to hug that dead young man that judge can hug my ass.
Loo Dhan
Loo Dhan Muaj më parë
passion4family Muaj më parë
A SHOW of forgiveness in the absence of justice sends the wrong message - to everyone.
WinterRay White
WinterRay White Muaj më parë
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Yes Keep The Same Energy For All People. 💕💕💕
T Davis
T Davis Muaj më parë
Good job Trevor
Dak Lamerbusch
Dak Lamerbusch Muaj më parë
I wonder what she was on? There is NO WAY she was NOT high on _SOMETHING._ But what a _STRONG MAN_ to forgive that crack-head!!! HE is the man we need more of in this society.
sebatian Muaj më parë
If there wasn't any racism, the world would be NO FUN.
Sextation Beatz
Sextation Beatz Muaj më parë
America seems to have serious racial issues bro like WTF? cant yall just get along?...come on man how many people should die before True justice happens?nah man this crap has to stop
Regina Moore
Regina Moore Muaj më parë
10 YEARS??!!?.... how about 25 to natural life...but must do 25 before eligable for parole. .. or... 35yrs... 20 before eligable for parole with good behavior.
dan mero
dan mero Muaj më parë
Who the fuck thinks it's their house? Have you not looked at the entrance? Wow! I call BS and whoever was responsible for the sentence should have this crazy bitch live next door when she gets out.
Isaac Graf
Isaac Graf Muaj më parë
And then her cop buddies murdered one of the witnesses by shooting him in the mouth.
Josny13 2 muaj më parë
0:44 Fuck those people in the back wooping. This is some seriously.. forgiving message. I have to admit, I was one of the angry ones. I find myself disagreeing with the victims' brother forgiving the woman. Admittedly, partially because I still don't know the reason she was in the guys house, or if she had a gun with her or the guy had one laying around. But you give a message everybody could get behind to make the world a better place. (Though it has its connections to one of your stand-up routines. The one where white teens shooting up a school deserve to be called terrorists as much as anyone else, and not be sugar coated saying: "He was a very confused and mentally ill young man." ) Lastly, and to be critical here. You know about the effect of "white woman's tears" and spoke about it, possibly affecting her sentence. While that might not have happened here, the way the emotion was being presented might have been because of these "white woman's tears". So I'm for treating people equally. I'm just not sure that presenting it this way is the way to go. Some people are just pure evil. I'd rather they instead, present it in the same way a black male trial is. "This is what happened. Done, next story."
Collen Mathebula
Collen Mathebula 2 muaj më parë
Well spoken Trevor, you very brave if I was in your position i wouldn't say that because I will to thinking that I will upset the whites
cool dude
cool dude 2 muaj më parë
I'm sorry but if you are a murderer or a rapist you don't deserve any sympathy, you deserve to die. It doesn't matter what race they are all rapists and murderers deserve to die.
Z AG 2 muaj më parë
I love these videos.
Karen Smith
Karen Smith 2 muaj më parë
Would she have murdered him if he wasn't black?
Thelma N'Kenda-Bikoumou
Thelma N'Kenda-Bikoumou 2 muaj më parë
I want her to spend more time in jail!! Whatever the narrative she took an innocent life and is a danger to public
Snowshowslow 2 muaj më parë
I think this is a beautiful analysis. But what I am missing in the broader discussion is that forgiveness is not just important to the person receiving it - it may be more important to the person giving it. The brother is allowing himself to let go of the hatred and anger so he can start to move on from this (a little). And people questioning whether he has that right should do well to remember that. As much as this incident is part of a larger cultural conversation, it is a tragedy for the Jean family first.
Mwebaze Gilbert
Mwebaze Gilbert 2 muaj më parë
Well said
Joshua Griffith
Joshua Griffith 2 muaj më parë
It’s not about him being black and forgiving her it’s about him knowing the price Jesus paid on the cross for his life and the changes that Jesus has made to his heart and now knowing she made a mistake he only wants what’s best for her which is Jesus Christ because only He can truly forgive sins from the heart
Gh0stNoName 2 muaj më parë
White women police officers are most likely convicted than white men officers.
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander 2 muaj më parë
His arguments are logical and reasonable. Now if only the people ranting about "PC = stupid" and "I'm not racist but..." and other garbage could borrow some of that logic and reason, at least enough to stop justifying their ignorant bigotry.
Mr Fuego
Mr Fuego 2 muaj më parë
Beautiful episode and well spoken
Elizabeth Jimenez
Elizabeth Jimenez 2 muaj më parë
I live at south flats she is lying
Deana Prine
Deana Prine 2 muaj më parë
Amber guyger got a hug from the family because forgivness is Not so much for her soul but for the people who were directly effected and are hurting from the murder of a loved one forgivness is their choice and what God/jesus expect of all of humanity It doesnt mean shes off the hook either karma is a bitch!But forgivness is how a person moves FORWARD
kevin santos
kevin santos 2 muaj më parë
'I thought he liked Halloween' Trevor is right as always
Marion Sousa Graça
Marion Sousa Graça 2 muaj më parë
Justice and compassion for *all.*
Greta 2 muaj më parë
When he hugged her, I nearly started crying
The1andOnlyMadvibez 2 muaj më parë
Noah is pot on!
Sanoaman Leae
Sanoaman Leae 2 muaj më parë
After that boy huggeg her, the judge hugged her, all the police in the court. When she went to jail the inmates hugged her, the staff, Kayne West and Donald Trump showed up just for the hug.
Sanoaman Leae
Sanoaman Leae 2 muaj më parë
There is no equality in the UNITED STATES no matter who declares it. The fictitious is what rules.
Clara Freise
Clara Freise 2 muaj më parë
This is so incredibly powerful and sad. Thank you, Trevor, for opening other people's eyes like you do!
Dobby 2 muaj më parë
What a respectful and outstanding young man to forgive someone for doing something so terrible. You can continue to spread hate and call me racist idgaf. The judge is black and is the one that decides the sentence. But continue on the hate and liberal agenda of pushing Americans apart weather it be thru skin color, sex or what have you. YOU are then part of the problem those blacks screaming she should be murdered etc are more than likely the ones also spewing hate about whites left and right. This is how true change is made, not thru vandalizing peoples homes/property or beating innocent old white people cause you think your hood and gang gang tough bull shit. He has my respect. A lot of 'Americans' regardless of skin color can learn from him and start to stand up for a change that doesnt continue to spread more hate and push us apart. May his brother rest in peace.
Philip Russell
Philip Russell 2 muaj më parë
I believe she lied cause that apartment has a self closing door and three locks. She murdered that poor man
Faqja Tjeter