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Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA First Look - It's a BEAST! | The Tech Chap 

The Tech Chap
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Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA 5G live up to the Hype? The flagship of the new Galaxy S20 lineup - it boasts a HUGE 6.9" Display, QUAD Camera, 120hz Display & 5,000 mAH Battery! The Ultra is a BEAST of a phone - but will it be worth the crazy £1300 / $1400 price tag?
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The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Muaj më parë
Hey Chaps! What do you think of the S20 Ultra?? Would you buy one? 🤔
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 26 ditë më parë
I'm mad no headphone jack
Matthew Crockford
Matthew Crockford Muaj më parë
I think the S20 plus is a better buy in this case!
Philip Meyer
Philip Meyer Muaj më parë
Yes, I have already pre-ordered mine on February 21st, and it will ship on March 6th. I am getting the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512 GB in Cosmic Black. Cannot wait! By the way, I am upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S10+.
Martin Pratley
Martin Pratley Muaj më parë
Yep on pre-ordered the ultra and got it cheaper than my S9 deal
Damilola Fulani
Damilola Fulani Muaj më parë
Yoruba muv
Randy Vines
Randy Vines 26 ditë më parë
Apparently exynos works better with software than the snapdragon so idk
The Devil
The Devil 29 ditë më parë
What i want to see is the difference between the snapdragon and the exynos they both have different camera modules.
Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez Muaj më parë
So like I passed on the s10 due to color variations and was hopping the new s11 would be good, but the name and look isn't my taste ;-;
anglosaxonbreed Muaj më parë
The ultra beats the iphone in every way. The Iphone is yesterday phone for yesterday people. Grandma and Grandpa . I ordered the Samsung ultra in black .This phone is the best phone in the world and worth every penny . Samsung did not over take the Iphone as the biggest phone manufacturer in the world because it's shit. Samsung stop standing in line outside Iphone stores because it makes the better phones than Iphone. I notice since samsung started making oled screens for Iphone the selling more of them. The Iphone was the company that said nobody wanted big screen phones .ha ha ha . Only the Iphone could bend it like Beckham do you remember that one. OR buy the Iphone and get your free elastic bands. Ha ha ha Iphone lovers every where have a word with yourselves. Get Real Now huawei puts Apple Iphone into 3rd place.. Iphones sales are down for good reason they stoped revolutionary and became evolutionary . Do you want to no what be on the Iphone 12 take a look at the Samsung 10 there are years behind. Finally the iphone made a gòod phone with the Iphone 11 pro max. The Question is with the amount of Samsung parts on 11 pro max is it the Samsung Iphone or the Apple Iphone
anglosaxonbreed Muaj më parë
Who cares how you lock your phone. I never lock mine anyway unless traveling to pickpocket zones
Demareeem Muaj më parë
So is the s20 the s11?
Iain Simpson
Iain Simpson Muaj më parë
the time difference on charging between the 25w and 45w is only 8 minutes. Not really a bid deal. The 25w charger actually charges this larger battery faster than the note 10's battery and fully charges in 1hr 1min.
I'm happy with my s10+
Nother Carguy
Nother Carguy Muaj më parë
I prefer using Huawei, but without GMS, i'm not sure what to do now.
iam me
iam me Muaj më parë
"It's still not as smooth as the iphone???" Wake up man.! This is far way better than iphone! You can't even compare this to iphone. For sure, you're one of Apple worshipper out there. So you have to wake up
Incredible India
Incredible India Muaj më parë
Please give me this phone, I am challenge you, I now you won't do it 😂😂😂LOL.
Gadget Goblin
Gadget Goblin Muaj më parë
When will you be doing the s20 and s20 + reviews
Bill Zipprich
Bill Zipprich Muaj më parë
I don't know. There seems to be a fair number of gotchas with the new features. It's almost like our Korean friends are trying to throw everything into the Samsung phone and are hoping something sticks. I think I'll hang on to my iPhone 11 Pro MAX for the time being.
Damian Woodbridge
Damian Woodbridge Muaj më parë
samsung puts 10000 cameras in a phone still third best camera in the world in picture quality
Damian Woodbridge
Damian Woodbridge Muaj më parë
DREAM PHONE= software of google pixel battery iphone camera pixel hardware samsung video iphone ai pixel
Tim DuMoulin
Tim DuMoulin Muaj më parë
This phone is a rip off. It has no different specs from s10 other than a ridiculous camera. This is a product you buy in 2022 for 400$.
Ahmed AKA
Ahmed AKA Muaj më parë
It's amazing how the preorder where i live Costs only 1050% on the ultra (exynos edition) and you still get a free galaxy buds plus with it !
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar Muaj më parë
Samsung a50s android 10 update
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne Muaj më parë
128 GB is a bummer for a phone costing 1400$
Renovatio Muaj më parë
Again, I don't think iPhone can catch up.
Renovatio Muaj më parë
Again, Samsung sets the standard in mobile industry in 2020 and beyond. Shame, Samsung S10 Ultra is out of sock already. I will buy it without blinking. S10 Ultra is better to hold than the Note 10+ and iPhone 11 despite of the bigger display. Fantastic phone.!!! Not to mention it's still lighter than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Toya Girl
Toya Girl Muaj më parë
Nope I dont like it, I'll stick to my s10+. The new camera looks like those ugly iPhones.😖
zeak anderson
zeak anderson Muaj më parë
don't care about color because as soon as i get the s20 ultra it will be in case
Lisa Mccray
Lisa Mccray Muaj më parë
Galaxy s20 is some nice phones and so is the camera
Vince Aguirre
Vince Aguirre Muaj më parë
They really got it right with the s10 rear camera layout. The current layout is so uninspired
Michael Siervo
Michael Siervo Muaj më parë
the fingerprint sensor looks slow in action...
Karl Burkhardt
Karl Burkhardt Muaj më parë
It‘s such a pity that QHD is only at 60 Hz! Would have appreciated 90 Hz! And the Ultra only in black or grey: so sad!
Focken Focker
Focken Focker Muaj më parë
Apple designs Samsung phones too.
Alex De La Rosa
Alex De La Rosa Muaj më parë
Kinda a huge nitpick since no one can really notice the difference between 1080p and 1440p but everyone can notice the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz.
Jeffery Baxter
Jeffery Baxter Muaj më parë
Generally speaking, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a BEASTLY phone for this year 2020. The size of the phone, storage capacities, 120 HZ screen refresh rate, quad camera setup along with 108 MP main sensor and a large 5,000 mAh battery are prime examples of a BEAST. This phone was made to make BOLD statements across the board against the rival competitive phones. Not for the S20 or S20+, but as for the S20 Ultra Samsung should've made the base internal memory storage to 256 GB and not 128 GB. Samsung also should've improved the screen embedded fingerprint scanner to cover a larger area of the screen and have more color choices for the phone itself. Besides these three blemishes, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a great phone overall. There's no denying that. I assume later on this year the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series phones (another BEAST) will capitalize on the three blemishes I just mentioned about the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In addition to that the screen size for the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series phones might probably range from 6.8" to a whopping 7.1" or 7.2".
Vern Ganzer
Vern Ganzer Muaj më parë
I wanted to buy the phone so bad and have been watching reviews to see if they had the new wide scanner third’s it’s the first review to answer my question 🤮 keeping my iPhone
Vern Ganzer
Vern Ganzer Muaj më parë
Phone looks like it will be a beast except I hate their fingerprint scanner one plus has a better one and it’s cheaper I can’t see paying 1400 bucks for a phone with such a janky scanner if it wasn’t for that I would be trying to get rid of my pro max but gave I’d is so effortless and smooth and reliable can’t stand trying to get into my bank app and not being able to get in because of failed attempts
Gideon Mensah
Gideon Mensah Muaj më parë
The galaxy S20, how many types do you have! and which one is the best?
Sheldon Everything
Sheldon Everything Muaj më parë
So people here in the United states always crying about not getting the Exinos while people in the UK crying about not getting the Stap dragon lol
RobTortureWright Muaj më parë
Samsung phone upon first boot up: Hello, let's get started, please remember to only use the power of space zoom for good. 🤣🤣🤣
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi Muaj më parë
it is the S20 cheap
dailykaran Muaj më parë
Thanks for pointing out s20 uses same old and bad fingerprint scanner! I will stay away from s20 then!
warrior100girl Muaj më parë
i always go for black version when it comes to phones.
Dan Russel Rayman
Dan Russel Rayman Muaj më parë
Hope Samsung will push the update to let the S20 Ultra users to use 120hz on QHD+ reso... That would be the icing on the cake for me.. 😊 waiting for my pre-order..
Aim Straight
Aim Straight Muaj më parë
1080p for 120hz? No thank you.
SUBZEROUK Muaj më parë
Amazing phone prob the best samsung have ever done. I hate the boring colours though. Whats with the dull grey and black colour they are boring as hell id take the black one over the grey. But why cant samsung do primary colours at launch!
SUBZEROUK Muaj më parë
There is a 512 gb version of the S20 ultra it costs a few hundred pounds more than standard 128gb model though!
SUBZEROUK Muaj më parë
@The Tech Chap Because samsung want your money! 😂
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Muaj më parë
Yeah I know - i think 128gb is a bit stingy on the base model
Si Smith
Si Smith Muaj më parë
Quality review looks really good but as you have said a few times it's a bit £££££ and I could never pay that much Samsung are losing out with lots of customers
Billy Spring
Billy Spring Muaj më parë
Those missing features will come to Note 20 ultra. New size 7. 5300mah, bigger fingerprint unlocked, 120hz on QHD+, 45W adapter in the box. 1499$ so i will wait for it.
joel decastro
joel decastro Muaj më parë
damn its not good what did you do to the 108 megapixel its not good quality of picture haha promax is still the best!
Adocha Ademtu
Adocha Ademtu Muaj më parë
nice phone
chicdi Muaj më parë
i love samsung
uLtraRazi1214 Muaj më parë
Why is it called the s20. It should be s11. S20 Would be in 9 years.
ع. الفارسي ء
ع. الفارسي ء Muaj më parë
Raj Kishore Singh Munda
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a> Samsung is holding it back for note 20 😂😂😂
Gen Ah Shene
Gen Ah Shene Muaj më parë
Can I get one for free please..
BluesFanUK Muaj më parë
£1,200 for the base Ultra.... yeh jog on Samsung.
Geoffrey Dunn
Geoffrey Dunn Muaj më parë
I heard the 45 watt charger was getting put in with the s20 ultra.
AztՅcNյghtmarՅ Muaj më parë
I pre ordered mine in Cosmic Grey
John Shearer
John Shearer Muaj më parë
ended the video at 5.30 because of all the rubbish with the camera, yes its a better camera and yes its good but this is a SMARTPHONE not a smartcamera , sick of every reviewer constantly making videos where much more time is given to the camera setup , if the most important thing about the device for you is the camera then buy a proper camera not a smartphone.... what happened to the device being about performance, user experience ect , can you imagine the cost of a phone that had a lower or mid range camera instead of this gimmick rubbish and the internals of the s20 ultra, much more affordable and a good choice for someone who doesn't give a crap about the camera
BluntForceBurner Muaj më parë
$2300 for the s20ultra in Canada
wilson ndebay
wilson ndebay Muaj më parë
These devices are DOD. Xiaomi mi 10 mi 10 pro have the same specs minus the water resistant with a price half of the S10 line.
Putu Chris Susanto
Putu Chris Susanto Muaj më parë
I think they'll introduce new colors to keep things interesting in the upcoming months
Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross Muaj më parë
I'm cashing in my 401k for this phone🤑
What the money
What the money Muaj më parë
Note 20 waiting...🤣🤣🤣🤣
허홍 Muaj më parë
KT 삼성 갤럭시S20 5G 512GB 구매
crosswhite17 Muaj më parë
Any form of digital zoom is useless, the same results can be obtained by cropping. Only the optical zoom is worth having. Congratulations to Samsung for giving a good optical zoom.
David Ritz
David Ritz Muaj më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a> one of the slowest in display fingerprint on the smartphone...really Samsung i thought u upgrade the fingerprint too but u didn't
afutla qian
afutla qian Muaj më parë
" unless youre a bird watcher or a stalker you're gonna love this phone" lmfaooooo
Bobby Roberts
Bobby Roberts Muaj më parë
Super steady 2.0 resolution, 960 FPS quality and resolution and eSim support. Please look into this with more details
flexiblematthew Muaj më parë
flexiblematthew Muaj më parë
@afutla qian LIKING THE XIAOMI MI 10 PRO
afutla qian
afutla qian Muaj më parë
ABO TOYAB Muaj më parë
Hello bro I see you all video and all good
Thekeyman1 Muaj më parë
I'll wait for the note variant of this phone to make a final decision
Simple Design
Simple Design Muaj më parë
I will buy HUAWEI P40 PRO
The Rolls Royce Trent
The Rolls Royce Trent Muaj më parë
Automatically add an SD Card when you buy a Phone.
Clam Digger
Clam Digger Muaj më parë
Alpine Bass
Alpine Bass Muaj më parë
The S20 and S20+ are more than fine and designed for the masses, the Ultra is an apple equivilent of a "pro" product
drug2 Muaj më parë
The Ultra Phone that cannot record 960fps like the smaler ones. And the smal phones that have no Zoom lense. The S20 Serie is Bug bunch of lies...
kevin clayton
kevin clayton Muaj më parë
I'm pre ordering this beast tomo..cart wait untill I can get my hands on it..I'm so glad I didnt upgrade to the note10+ now
Jerry opoku
Jerry opoku Muaj më parë
Mm wish I knew the price
Joao Roman
Joao Roman Muaj më parë
Already hold it and didn’t like the feel in the hand. Heavy and Huge. Will get the s20 plus instead.
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry Muaj më parë
When they produce a camera past 576 MP - then it will be overkill - that's the limit of the human eye. 8K what 600MB a minute? seems wrong to me but my maths is crap lol. I am not sure if I should get 512GB as well as 1TB card or just stick to 1TB and 128GB
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Muaj më parë
wtf that huge cam chasis in the back they couldnt place an actual fingerprint scanner back there, That metal gray look sexy tho. This is making it hard to wait for the Note
Andreas Martinessen
Andreas Martinessen Muaj më parë
Love the grey collor
Mlle yasmine
Mlle yasmine Muaj më parë
This phone is insanely gorgeous I just wish to have other colour may blue or red
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Muaj më parë
Would rather get the 128gb than the 64gb you got last year
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