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Riverdale has completely lost its mind... 

Alex Meyers
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Riverdale Season 4 Animated Reaction
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how is Riverdale still on tv...
Riverdale: The Musical
how is Riverdale a real show
Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...

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11 Shk 2020




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TCM Nightzz
TCM Nightzz Ditë më parë
Who else is waiting for Zombies 2
gianina alibah
gianina alibah Ditë më parë
Hey do a reaction on the new to all the boys I love movie please
Goglin Coupons
Goglin Coupons Ditë më parë
not gonna lie though, Katie Keene is off to a damn good start. haha
Rares Neamtu
Rares Neamtu Ditë më parë
Bro no one is forcing u to watch riverdale so if u hate it this much just stop watching like wtf. Is this the only way to make money on ALvid in 2020 ? Is like u are the best writer in the world but i bet u can’t even write correctly Jughead’s full name
Katie Awesomeshirt
Katie Awesomeshirt Ditë më parë
Can you do zombies 2 and include the call to the wild song. (It was ALOT better than the first one)
Jessica Ashland
Jessica Ashland Ditë më parë
Oh, shit, I forgot they actually went to school...
Cherri Animates
Cherri Animates Ditë më parë
No one: Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even God himself: Alex: 1:47
Gynnette Romero Lightsey
Gynnette Romero Lightsey Ditë më parë
Leah Berry
Leah Berry Ditë më parë
You should do The Next Step, it is weird and honestly it has like no plot but winning a competition
Pin Ninja
Pin Ninja Ditë më parë
Zombies two came out
yasi j
yasi j Ditë më parë
dude i live for your videos
brebre Nicole
brebre Nicole Ditë më parë
Were not gonna talk about how that one guy Betty interviewed is a character in sabrina
Omqflorxl Ditë më parë
I know it's a movie n all. But please can you do Jamanji 2 the next level. I rlly like it but I dunno if you will XD
Janell Irving
Janell Irving Ditë më parë
You should do to all the boys 2
Ruth K
Ruth K Ditë më parë
A FEW THINGS! (I stopped watching RD sometimes in season 2, btw) 1) If the show had been written well, they could have done the college thing similar to how Buffy had done it. It would have been a beautiful way to walk the show into more adult themes and show growth as the ages of the audience mature along with the script. I repeat, if the show had been written well. 2) I feel so bad for Lucy Hale. She had a good, what. three? years trying to break out of the typecast of PLL and here she is, walking right back into that old skin sweater. It's almost impressive. 3) You guys want a bunch of interlocking narratives that are completely unrelated, yet seamlessly weave together to form one comprehensive story and still has that murder/mystery vibe to it? Watch Sense8 on Netflix. (Magicians is a post-college-but-still-has-college-vibes version of this, but like, waaaay more f-ed up and exasperating). Want to watch what Riverdale should have been? Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Want a fun Robinhood-esque heist show that's wholesome and has a satisfying conclusion? Leverage on Amazon Prime. 4) Please stop sexualizing these children. You are very fortunate to have adult actors in the role of high school students. If you had cast actual 16-year-olds, would you still have them strip? No? Guess what, actual sixteen-year-olds are watching this and thinking it's a healthy expression of sexuality. It's not. (No, I will NOT take criticism, unless you are an actual sixteen-year-old because adults should KNOW BETTER.) 5) That being said, I'm so glad this show exists because I am LIVING for these videos.
Dayanara Pena Duran
Dayanara Pena Duran Ditë më parë
Can u please do the second movie of to all the boys I loved pleasee
Drifty Ditë më parë
Zombies 2 pls
PersonGamer Guy
PersonGamer Guy Ditë më parë
Kayla Thompson
Kayla Thompson Ditë më parë
Hey Alex there is a show based off of riverdale called Archie's weird mysteries why don't you do a video on that????
Chloe Grace
Chloe Grace Ditë më parë
Did anyone see that video of riverdale talking about how crazy the writing has gotten. It came out a while ago but I just watched it and it is hilarious!!
Addison Middler
Addison Middler Ditë më parë
I love how he said nothing about the sex tape 🤣
Android 19
Android 19 Ditë më parë
so like... have people in the comments section _never_ heard Cherry Bomb before? Yeah there was a lot going on in that scene, but the lyrics themselves have been around for years.
The german Potato
The german Potato Ditë më parë
Could you react to “the good doctor” please? It’s a really good show I swear :3
tay Ditë më parë
Do zombies 2! It just came out
T de Hoog
T de Hoog Ditë më parë
Wait a minute. What is Billy from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doing in Riverdale? I’m confused. But hey. I didn’t watch riverdale so.
Funny and serious Gacha life stories
Zombies 2 came out do review now
Oofwa Ditë më parë
Alex do p2 of 'To all the boys i loved' ''To all the boys p.s i still love you' please it released this year
Kein Kreativer Name
Kein Kreativer Name Ditë më parë
Probably when Riverdale is over and everyone hates the writers they’re just gonna call it a “social experiment”
HP Plays
HP Plays Ditë më parë
You know what just came out? I'll give you a hint: Werewolf. Leave a like on this comment for him to do Zombies II
Scrap Town
Scrap Town Ditë më parë
Hey. I watched Zombies2. I think you should check it out.. It's uh...odd
Luffy1045 Ditë më parë
6:36 the dog 😂😂😂😂😂
Zay gaminations
Zay gaminations Ditë më parë
Can you do “Raising Dion “
Undisclosed Name
Undisclosed Name Ditë më parë
Zombie 2 came out yesterday make video
Dylan Costa
Dylan Costa Ditë më parë
I literally don’t understand the meaning of these videos because this episode was actually really good and the people that hate normally actually like the show. So your job makes no sense. If you hate this much then keep it to yourself. 😠
Ryan _TBH
Ryan _TBH Ditë më parë
Wolfs ForLife
Wolfs ForLife Ditë më parë
Talk about it's so Raven. Just try not to say anything too bad about it. Just kidding it's your channel you can say whatever you want
Cian Jones
Cian Jones Ditë më parë
You should do more Chilling Adventures of Sabrina videos :)
xavior gamer tv
xavior gamer tv Ditë më parë
Zombies 2 is ooooooout
shubham singh
shubham singh Ditë më parë
Owen Sanford
Owen Sanford Ditë më parë
6:42 had me creasing😂
Stormwatcher Ditë më parë
Do locke and key
Thanos Infinity
Thanos Infinity Ditë më parë
This show was supposed to end ages ago , and u can see why
Thanos Infinity
Thanos Infinity Ditë më parë
Tbh at this point i think they are just trolling
emperor jack
emperor jack Ditë më parë
Do "the A list" on netflix. There is a chance season 2 won't come because of the ratings. And it is... Something
Addie Ditë më parë
If you get a chance, I'd love to see your view on the Roswell reboot!!!
Poskey Ditë më parë
Please do insatiable S2
clichéofficial Ditë më parë
They're making a Zombies 2 coming out soon with wolves. ... *You know what we want, Alex.*
TONI Ditë më parë
Hey the new all the boys I liked came out you should check it out
plavi slon
plavi slon Ditë më parë
Alex please do the good place
g lv
g lv Ditë më parë
'To all the boys ps. I still love you' plsss
aww Queen
aww Queen Ditë më parë
Zombies 2 it's good
carry mi
carry mi Ditë më parë
could you plz do foreign film or drama?? such as korean romance dramas I recommend coffee prince or goblin!! or anything you can find on netflix!
Caitlin Brewer
Caitlin Brewer Ditë më parë
This show is written by space aliens with only the slightest idea what human adolescents are like.
Naturally Shai
Naturally Shai Ditë më parë
Veronica has the hots for her dad??? what?!
Guess Time
Guess Time Ditë më parë
I am seeing a trend with Netflix TV shows. The seasons after 2 suck or not as good
Cyphir Ditë më parë
review WAYNE A canceled youtube original show
Samurai Ditë më parë
I never watched Riverdale, and there is a reason for that.
sky taylor
sky taylor 2 ditë më parë
Hey Alex can you make a video about Nancy drew, dare me, and Katy Keene?
Ronke Aremu
Ronke Aremu 2 ditë më parë
Do one on zombies 2
Y E L L O W — B E A R
Y E L L O W — B E A R 2 ditë më parë
Bro, I dunno if you did Harry Potter but you DEFF should dude, that would deff be awesome
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