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Patient with coronavirus speaks out 

CBC News
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Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove, Ore., tested positive for the novel coronavirus after two weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently moored off Yokohama, Japan. She was removed from the ship Friday and taken to hospital in Tokyo.
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11 Shk 2020




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sonebulae Ditë më parë
i love how an epidemic starts and everyone's suddenly a doctor lol
Belen Sanchez
Belen Sanchez Ditë më parë
Don’t trust the government and media ...
Cliff Warden
Cliff Warden Ditë më parë
Rebecca's mouth is kind of pretty.
P!nk Lipstick
P!nk Lipstick Ditë më parë
funfang Ditë më parë
Find a nobody with no infection, tell them they have it, seperate from husband , get them onto numerous interviews.. add dont worry script , gov loves you etc etc... jesus what a crock.
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots Ditë më parë
Yea you really don't want to get it especially here in the states. This gal was lucky and its paid by the government. Anyone with insurance will be taken care of as best they can, those without will be set aside in another group. Here if there was a serious outbreak, your best just to get your affairs in order the best you can and wait for the end. Preferably in a secluded place away from your loved ones or, and I hate to say it, suicide might be preferable.
Stephanie Melendez
Stephanie Melendez Ditë më parë
Im actually sick of the press emphasizing on the numbers of infected and deaths, but NOT talking about survivors. Like how long were they ill. What symptoms did they have. We deserve to know. It's like they love dramatising but don't keep it equal. They haven't even said on this interview, how far into it is she, since diagnosis.
Paranoid Times
Paranoid Times Ditë më parë
How much did China pay her?
Amanda Farnham
Amanda Farnham Ditë më parë
I don't trust anyyyyyyyyyyy thing they are showing you something is very wrong something is going on be carefull l
urmine mineonly
urmine mineonly Ditë më parë
Just because someone told her she has the virus is very naive for her to believe. She probably does not even have the virus but because someone told her she believes them. No symptoms means no virus.
Rose Kibii
Rose Kibii Ditë më parë
Sasa ruto
Steven Leith
Steven Leith Ditë më parë
CCP puppet
Cynthia Dillard
Cynthia Dillard Ditë më parë
I don’t believe she ever had it from what I have seen and read on ALvid there on so many over there that’s really sick with it ,so I just don’t get this
Lore Freedom
Lore Freedom Ditë më parë
Is she a carrier ? They don’t have symptoms but spread the virus.
MrMelgibstein Ditë më parë
Everyone says the same thing,taste it , the bat taste like chicken.
Andrea Mink
Andrea Mink Ditë më parë
Get well and keep courage!
Matt Jennings
Matt Jennings Ditë më parë
Japanese hospital service are better than western hospital! So don't worry!
haha LOL haha
haha LOL haha Ditë më parë
wait what? so white people actually can get it? So much for the conspiracy theorists lol
Manny Ditë më parë
Scarry stuff... she's a carrier!
The Tears of Jungkook
The Tears of Jungkook Ditë më parë
How come only Chinese people are dying tho? Why are others being affected but only Chinese dying? I heard America created this as an ethnic biological weapon, bruh I believe it tbh
Howe Trinh
Howe Trinh Ditë më parë
I am scare, very scare. Oh she is healthier than 99% of the the normal population
lili0829 Ditë më parë
Well lucky for her. Put someone who’s actually really sick.
Samuel Spade
Samuel Spade Ditë më parë
Go on a cruise they said...we’ll have some yucks! Btw... the virus first symptoms is you start talking like a valley girl.
wendy lincoln
wendy lincoln Ditë më parë
Who cares what the room looks like,,,why didn't she ask her if she has any ideas as to how and where she got infected and not her husband??
S White
S White Ditë më parë
And describe the room, because that's what matters.
S White
S White Ditë më parë
That's right. Interview someone who's not really sick! LOL
The Grace of God
The Grace of God Ditë më parë
I have a hard time Believing her. Paid to cherry coat this!
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Ditë më parë
Some people would have. natural immunity were other would be came very sick
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Ditë më parë
There are for real people that thrust in all this script? She's acting, it's clear
Nunu Noazsoca
Nunu Noazsoca Ditë më parë
Ronald Krikorian
Ronald Krikorian Ditë më parë
China killed our pets now they're killing US!
D Z Ditë më parë
Scary she looks well..... I'm glad she is but if she didn't know she goes to a shopping mall a grocery store and some people get sick not her fault... There it spreads scary.
15 subscribers with No videos
The scary thing about The virus is that you Can infect people The momment you get it even up to 14 days before it breaks out in your body. So maybe they don’t show sign of corona but they could still have it.
Shanna Lae
Shanna Lae Ditë më parë
Whaaat!Why n God's name is this infected lady not wearing mask!?!?It's almost like countries outside of China r saying,oh a new virus we know almost nothing about..don't know the incubation period..have minimum or no symptoms. ..sure board a plane/ship n infect us all!This is no sickness..this is a bioweapon.
Pinaibig Cruz
Pinaibig Cruz Ditë më parë
let me guess.... the virus was cured with Advil?
Karla Garcia
Karla Garcia Ditë më parë
Maybe she just got sick. It takes 14 days to show RIGHT? I don’t trust it people are loosing their life’s.
the13corinne Ditë më parë
Those Chinese! , stop eating the pangolins! , that is why the virus started from eating pangolins!
knightof1990 Ditë më parë
if she's okay before why she took advil in the first place
Social Justice
Social Justice Ditë më parë
Honestly, I feel like Europeans and Americans have been exposed to so many diseases that coronavirus really does nothing to us
Catgirl Ditë më parë
I would say it's dormant in her body now.
Chief Shepherd
Chief Shepherd Ditë më parë
It's funny how each virus over the last decade seems to get worse and worse. This seems more like conditioning so that the dumbed down public will except bigger stronger bio weapons as just the norm...
JS McD Ditë më parë
Should've interviewed someone drowning in their own fluids.
Lizi Lock
Lizi Lock Ditë më parë
This is SOOOOO SCARY and DANGEROUS that she doesn't even have any kind of symptoms! That is why this virus is so dangerous and deadly.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Ditë më parë
that. CBC, you need to interview the British couple and actually try to interview their friend who is stuck in the hospital! I just don’t believe this woman is actually infected. Sorry.
Creepy Middle-Aged Man
Creepy Middle-Aged Man 2 ditë më parë
"i doNT hAvE any SyMPtOMs" Oh just wait a week, she'll be on life support with pneumonia.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Ditë më parë
his wife believe that the government is now censoring the truth. No reports of new cases today, yet he shows the ambulances in his video loading more people up to take to t
Liwanag Bautista
Liwanag Bautista 2 ditë më parë
She's American with a good immune system.....she'll probably beat it without ever having much of the symptoms.
Micky and Sky parakeet And Sanghera Fam
Now that I saw this I’m not that scared
rolando garza
rolando garza 2 ditë më parë
She looks happy 😃
Wereyour angels
Wereyour angels 2 ditë më parë
This doesn't make sense at all
lsk464 2 ditë më parë
I think this person is an actor, and is all this hospital care FREE? or will she receive a bill?
Privee Sure
Privee Sure 2 ditë më parë
I wonder if she really has/had the Coronavirus. I wonder if they messed up the throat culture. Perhaps a false positive. Perhaps this never happened at all.
TeamTrees.Org’ Donate
TeamTrees.Org’ Donate 2 ditë më parë
The virus is getting through the screen help now i am infecting everyone
Terry Capp
Terry Capp 2 ditë më parë
Google......”silver our mightiest germfighter “....science digest ....colloidal silver...
🔥🔥🔥 1:29 👇👇👇👇👇💖
mytree123 2 ditë më parë
Geoengineering chemtrail poisoning Bringing Down the immune system just like the trees are slowly dying.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 2 ditë më parë
Just remember “Typhoid Mary” had no symptoms ever, but passed it on to many.
Denis Dombrovski
Denis Dombrovski 2 ditë më parë
Give her some garlic
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 2 ditë më parë
to us all... That part of this bothers me more than the virus itself
P.K. SILVER 2 ditë më parë
They come in her room with full hazmat and spray the room, lol
Tamara Fletcher
Tamara Fletcher 2 ditë më parë
If it’s from the media, I don’t trust it.
Sunshine andloveinside
Sunshine andloveinside 2 ditë më parë
Good luck
AntiCelebrityStupidity 2 ditë më parë
I'd like all the comments if I had the time
J’Nae 2 ditë më parë
ANnnnddd....if the numbers are correct, (6k as of yesterday), why has there been no interviews of even ONE confirmed patient, who had the virus, made a complete recovery, and actually got discharged home. Not even one???
Faqja Tjeter