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New California Law Allows Drivers To Eat Roadkill | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah 

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A brainless, blob-like organism with 720 sexes baffles scientists, 20 ancient coffins are discovered in Egypt, and a California law allows people to eat roadkill.

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18 Tet 2019




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Mpeera Gloria
Mpeera Gloria 17 ditë më parë
Is this legal😲
Star man
Star man 24 ditë më parë
the blob is a symbiote like Venom or Carnage
MTS BOUR 26 ditë më parë
If you run over a person, can you still eat the dead body?
DUKE NUKEM 27 ditë më parë
I miss free roadkill on youtube
Omar Farique
Omar Farique 27 ditë më parë
"If two blob come together they share knowledge" I wonder what the yellow blob is going to learn from the orange blob
eve 24 ditë më parë
Omar Farique aa.. I think you mean the other way around
Dill Pickle Gaming
Dill Pickle Gaming 28 ditë më parë
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin 29 ditë më parë
I can see people raming pigs and cows over😂😂🐃🐂🐄🐷🍖🍗🍞😷😷😷
bo j
bo j 29 ditë më parë
I don't see why this is on comedy central. This isn't comedy. I can't believe how cringe worthy the material for these so called "comedians" is lately.
Chanel Robe
Chanel Robe 29 ditë më parë
Why Blob sounds like Calvin 👀👀
Jim's videos
Jim's videos 29 ditë më parë
Ok if you have the tools and skills to hunt and process wild game and you happen to knock one down sure, but if it's been there for any length of time? 😫
Ossy Koi
Ossy Koi 29 ditë më parë
The blob... slime mould?
zozidedo do
zozidedo do Muaj më parë
those ancient Egyptians knew how to make their coffins
Aritra Maitra
Aritra Maitra Muaj më parë
The blob has 720 sexes? I think it came here to drive woke people crazy! :3
jakki dodds
jakki dodds Muaj më parë
yehhh perth represent!!
Ansong Femi Daniel
Ansong Femi Daniel Muaj më parë
Trevor white people have some nnnnnnnnnn laws, here in Ghana I for one pray everyday to run over a grass cutter so I can have fufu for dinner.
Michael Edson
Michael Edson 28 ditë më parë
Hahahaha Ikr😄😄😄
Jay Mwansa
Jay Mwansa Muaj më parë
"the Blob has no brain"... Proceeds to explain how the the blob can still learn.
lovewhofear Muaj më parë
I once drove by a roadkill coyote. And I took it home and skinned it.
Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy Muaj më parë
I hope that people won't abuse this law and use it as an excuse in order to hunt deers.
Tracey Akuffo Twum Boafo
Trevor Noah please talk about the eat baby video! Please 🥺🤓
stillbelieveinbruins Muaj më parë
Do you wanna get zoonoses? Because that's how you get zoonoses
LIDYAEIL Muaj më parë
Thank god the british didnt find thise coffins
thesparklingsalt Muaj më parë
any cannibal joke? plz
Anh Trieu
Anh Trieu Muaj më parë
Why did you set region restriction for the US?
Alver D'Souza
Alver D'Souza Muaj më parë
Ok... So I rarely comment but this had to be said. Like am I the the only one who thinks that The Blob sounds exactly like the alien life form Calvin from the movie life, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds?
Jack McDaniel
Jack McDaniel Muaj më parë
Special of the day: Armadillo on the half shell. 720 sexes sounds like a goal for today's transformer movement.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev Muaj më parë
Women don’t have rights but you can eat a dead roo sorry skunk
Xan Xei
Xan Xei Muaj më parë
Well if you hit and kill something big like a deer or boar, of course you should eat it. What else are you gonna do? Let a giant slab of fresh meat just go to waste? Have it checked for disease first, of course, but yes, eat or sell the meat. Waste not, want not. We have limited resources on this planet, yadda yadda. If you hit a rabbit... eh? Eat it if it isn't horribly flattened and mushed into the asphalt, I suppose.
Patrick Calija
Patrick Calija Muaj më parë
Well in most of the US fresh roadkill is donated to different shelters and organizations, nothing creepy about it :)
Elijah Soo
Elijah Soo Muaj më parë
This bill would, upon appropriation by the Legislature, authorize the commission to establish, in consultation with specified public agencies and stakeholders, a pilot program no later than January 1, 2022, for the issuance of wildlife salvage permits through a user-friendly and cell-phone-friendly web-based portal developed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife to persons desiring to recover, possess, use, or transport, for purposes of salvaging wild game meat for human consumption of, any deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, or wild pig that has been accidentally killed as a result of a vehicle collision on a roadway within California. Its not like people are going to just be allowed to randomly pick up roadkill and eat it.
S W Muaj më parë
If you take an animal after it is stuck by a car to the butcher’s to be processed for consumption. It’s no different to any hunter doing the same thing. The animal is not wasted. But animals that are not your own road kill that have been sitting for hours. Nope, no, no , no.
Denzel Gondwe
Denzel Gondwe Muaj më parë
the American government always has time for the stupidest shit imaginable but...
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker Muaj më parë
* _sees a succulent looking corgi_ * * _revs engine_ *
monazza Fatima
monazza Fatima Muaj më parë
The blob sounds like the venom.
Mfurayase Davis
Mfurayase Davis Muaj më parë
People are going to start eating roadkill? 😒 Add humans to the scavengers list.
Paraplegic octopus
Paraplegic octopus Muaj më parë
Kill the blobs, open the graves, and eat the deer!!
frank lutton
frank lutton Muaj më parë
soooo ..... what ya preference?..... .308, 22-250..... thew ole 30-30 ? Nahhhh.... 5 post full steel bullbar with brush bars and rock sliders.....
Dump Chump
Dump Chump Muaj më parë
That’s it! I’m never jaywalking in California.
Sigi Sigi
Sigi Sigi Muaj më parë
my grandpa used to take roadkill home for the cats!
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams Muaj më parë
Has anyone seen the move "Life"? This is it!!! Y"ll have been warned.
amr shatlaa
amr shatlaa Muaj më parë
Scientist : Blob, what sex are you? Blob : yes ....
Books by Roni
Books by Roni Muaj më parë
What's the big deal about roadkill? I was brought up on it... Dad would hit a rabbit and then pull over to get it. That was dinner. I never imagined that would be considered weird until now.
ਗੁਰਮਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ
America should give Trump a choice between impeachment or eat a skunk killed in road accident .
gam mal
gam mal Muaj më parë
720 sexes? So now sex is gender and scientist take input from dumb femcunts? Society is getting dumber and dumber the moment they accept the dumb cunts as human.
judith ann Llenas
judith ann Llenas Muaj më parë
The last poster, California Law about road kills, looks like a beginning of Train to Busan (Zombie Movie)
Nightmare Fury
Nightmare Fury Muaj më parë
Arnold swarzenegger is disappointed in the current governor of California.
wisely star
wisely star Muaj më parë
Some really dumb laws.
ParaDice Muaj më parë
Trevor speaks my mind. These thoughts about archaeological desecration boggled my mind for years. Can we stop it people, because it's not just bad, it's bad bad.
Benzaiten Muaj më parë
is there any true desire to eat roadkill? I mean badly squished and crashed animal who was lying on the streets for who knows how long and could have diseases and parasites you're not aware of? if you're not a hunter, vet or otherwise know how to check how it's safe for consumption this definitely doesn't sound safe.
Carewolf Muaj më parë
Only pick it up if you hit it yourself. And I assume (maybe naively to sleep better) that anybody willling to pick up roadkill would know how to dress it and when it needs to be done.
Shivaraju H
Shivaraju H Muaj më parë
Baby yellow Venom
Metallica God
Metallica God Muaj më parë
Yeah, I can’t wait to make some squirrel stew🥘
meFirst 1
meFirst 1 Muaj më parë
Motherfuckers....you already been eating road kill!!! Its called fast food restaurants!!!!!!!!!!!
Purple Dove
Purple Dove Muaj më parë
ample lola
ample lola Muaj më parë
What if the blob and the mummies are connected? Please don’t put those 2 together or the mummies will rise and feast on all the roadkill 🤬
Heba Madi
Heba Madi Muaj më parë
Yellow Bolb orange blob war of the BOLBS🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
dlee t
dlee t Muaj më parë
That blob may be the origin of the human race and they come on schedule when the human race has outlived its life span. The blob's brother came 5 million years ago as humans destroy themselves every 5 million years on all the planets blobs have established the species..
David H
David H Muaj më parë
If you notice red maga hats lurking on the side of the road picking grocerys please drive carefully.
Mr gta kin
Mr gta kin Muaj më parë
What about the British Empire
JISHNU GANESH Muaj më parë
Trevor's trumpophobia is over the roof.
nightowl Muaj më parë
You can eat roadkill in the UK so long as you don't eat it yourself. It's fine.
nightowl Muaj më parë
Damn, I miss Stewart.
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