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My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar 

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I hand my wife the crowbar and let her go HAM on the body panels. Sending a message that it really doesn't matter what trim package your expensive new truck has because that thang gonna be in the junkyard soon. Retro Customz www.retrocustomz.com @retrocustomz1 #happilymarried




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Bobby C
Bobby C 16 ditë më parë
Hollywood spends millions of dollars on props that get destroyed all the time. How is this any different?
Tim W
Tim W Orë më parë
@Jesse Claborn Hey dip-shit, your question makes no sense. The "truck" as you call it, can't buy anything. It is an inanimate object. Nothing that is done with, or to it will cause masks, ventilators or M&M's to magically appear. Your comment is just as stupid as someone saying: "Johnny, you have to eat all of your spinach, because there are starving kids in Africa and we don't throw away our food."
Midnight Chevy
Midnight Chevy Ditë më parë
@Hillbilly Offroading cannot hear text....fail....
Cinder animus
Cinder animus Ditë më parë
salsldjjdajsjjsjFart in the wind
Justin Luttrell
Justin Luttrell 2 ditë më parë
@Trisha Fricke Attention basically. This world is so fucked, no wonder there's a virus killing people off. If only it went after little ungrateful entitled fucks first....
Justin Luttrell
Justin Luttrell 2 ditë më parë
@Jesse Claborn Shit I knew soon as he opened his mouth that he was a douche.
MZgaming 42 minuta më parë
Actually hurts me this video .
Joshua Duskin
Joshua Duskin 3 orë më parë
I enjoy seeing him do crazy things I’ve only merely thought of. If his videos offend you then good. Get a backbone and go work. Nothing is handed to you in life.
Majid Ali Khan
Majid Ali Khan 6 orë më parë
It happens when you have a lot of money but don't have brain. Instead wasting money like this you could feed hundreds of homeless poor people who can't even buy a piece of bread! You moron arrogant couple 😠
Anthony Biggs
Anthony Biggs 8 orë më parë
I want to see the monstermaxx next! #gottawreckthemall
Mustang GT
Mustang GT 10 orë më parë
What a punk
Noah Pappas
Noah Pappas 11 orë më parë
You need to buy a truck and keep it brand new do nothing to it
STR8UPG 11 orë më parë
Yo My buddy earlier tonight told me to check you on on ALvid. I said Matt come on you know I really dont like or care for any diesels. He says back to me, Vince just look it up and watch a video later. I've been watching your videos now for over the past 2+ hours... Best entertainment in all 3 weeks of isolation. You really made me smile through all this shit going on clownin on all these crazies we have to live with. The sound of that 🔑 against the paint though... that's where im throwing the towel in for tonight.😤ahhhh that noise! Just felt the need to say thank you though and keep it up. It works. Stay safe G 🙏
King Killer99990
King Killer99990 12 orë më parë
I like that truck it was my fav truck 😢😭
The incredible Hemi
The incredible Hemi 13 orë më parë
Even though I hate the truck and this kind of build this still destroys my sole
Yimmy Hernandez
Yimmy Hernandez 13 orë më parë
As freaking bad as I want one of them trucks just breaks my heart to see you tear it up like that , breaks my heart
ThePolce 13 orë më parë
At least it's not a Pavement Princess
Kyler Byassee
Kyler Byassee 14 orë më parë
Dude that was a nice truck why did you do that
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara 14 orë më parë
Fucking weirdos belong in an asylum
hunter stoughton
hunter stoughton 14 orë më parë
get your limited edition whislin diesel truck 2million cause its better than a Lamborghini love the video keep making them👍👍👍
Mance 79
Mance 79 14 orë më parë
Sorry but this is beyond stupid. And yes snowflakes,I don’t care what he’s doing just saying it’s stupid.
Marc Leclair
Marc Leclair 16 orë më parë
Love it !!!
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez 16 orë më parë
Mantes de la ford!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Brian Fowler
Brian Fowler 17 orë më parë
waste of resource realy he could sold it and donated the money to charity. all this does realy is cause more pollution. it end up rotting in junk yard leaking oil into the soil. some one somewhere could used that for many years before it end up in the same junk yard. I'm not materialistic myself . im just looking at this from economic and environmental stand point. there's lot other things he could do for subscribers and views, that's not this. wondering how many cars he went though adding to the scrap pile just rotting away.
Matthew Truby
Matthew Truby 17 orë më parë
Imagine he was mad at his wife and told her to do this for a video and then he didn’t actually post it called the cops and said she destroyed it
123 17 orë më parë
I can’t watch this!
Plant-Based MD
Plant-Based MD 18 orë më parë
Its a piece of shit ford...Next video just blow it up, or fill the tank with coke and start see how long it take till it dies...
G. Nathan Carrara
G. Nathan Carrara 19 orë më parë
Mental illness is real folks.
Dion Saunders
Dion Saunders 20 orë më parë
How do You afford this???
sebastian lamb
sebastian lamb Ditë më parë
If you don’t like the vid you can leave
sebastian lamb
sebastian lamb Ditë më parë
Hey I saw this thing where people wanted to punch you in the face because you destroy your trucks but I think y’all do you it’s yours and you bought it and I enjoy your vids keep doin you y’all are awesome
Alex McAngels
Alex McAngels Ditë më parë
Why? This Ford couldn't also be restored. prayfor#frank
Sinny Ditë më parë
Blue Dude
Blue Dude 9 orë më parë
@Sinny I really like your video about this video it was hilarious xD keep up the good work.
Sinny 9 orë më parë
Hi! :D
Blue Dude
Blue Dude 9 orë më parë
I finally found this comment lol
Gerardo Martinez JR
Gerardo Martinez JR Ditë më parë
If y’all don’t want the truck send it my way
Jordan Piekarek
Jordan Piekarek Ditë më parë
You guys are wasteful of cars.
Yarr Hanjra
Yarr Hanjra Ditë më parë
Mad people
Jay Mack
Jay Mack Ditë më parë
Spoilt little rich bitches
TVmusic TVmusic
TVmusic TVmusic Ditë më parë
no chico ustedes destrullendo esa camioneta y yo aqui a pie
RAM701 Lopez
RAM701 Lopez Ditë më parë
Si no quieres la camioneta regalamela megor llo la cuidare megor
mr machinist
mr machinist Ditë më parë
I can't help but to comment multiple times lol When they are in the field with the hammer and crowbar I feel a resemblance to reservoir dogs when he tortures the cop. They have likd this sinister persona going and the truck just knows what's coming lmfao. Bahaha
Fred White
Fred White Ditë më parë
You want to light this page up with haters, go buy a brand new one a and do it again! Great vid!
mr machinist
mr machinist Ditë më parë
Yep this truck is rolling advertisement donated. Free of charge. I love what your doing tho, I dont like this truck. It's like Edward Norton destroying Jared Leto in fight club. What did he say? "I just wanted to destroy something beautiful".
Tristan Hale
Tristan Hale Ditë më parë
Why y'all so mad he can just call mors mutural insurance
Raimondo VN
Raimondo VN Ditë më parë
"my wife".... and she is looking like 17 bro....
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Ditë më parë
He looks 17.5
Michael Crider
Michael Crider 2 ditë më parë
I can’t even watch this.
sebastian lamb
sebastian lamb Ditë më parë
Michael Crider then don’t you don’t have to
Akram Abdelwahab
Akram Abdelwahab 2 ditë më parë
And people wonder wtf is wrong with society these days. Fuckin dumbass kids
heh, nope
heh, nope 2 ditë më parë
i love how i get a ford ad
I hope the finale is spectacular. Then give it to one of the rebuilding channels.
Ugly Guy
Ugly Guy 2 ditë më parë
That ain’t ur wife that’s ur sister stupid fuck dumb ass bitch
Nikki Smith
Nikki Smith 2 ditë më parë
I’ll just go on your truck that’s beautiful for property and you need to respect Fort all the time even if you don’t like them fort are still the best day of the first car made please whistling please respect for us and please do not tear up your beautiful truck I love your truck and all of your other cars please do not destroy them
Pizza Rolls
Pizza Rolls 2 ditë më parë
Aww man, I liked this one
Landon Norris
Landon Norris 2 ditë më parë
it’s just a truck 😂 y’all are getting butthurt for no reason 😂 y’all acting like it’s a living breathing organism😂
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 2 ditë më parë
Michael Hershberger
Michael Hershberger 2 ditë më parë
You both are meth heads fucking idoits
Kip 2 ditë më parë
Ram it with a forklift. Or a carpet roll forklift.
FaceMan 3 ditë më parë
That truck sucked anyways
Diego Pena
Diego Pena 3 ditë më parë
All you do for a like ! Let’s see if you will do the same when you have no subscribers and no followers You’ll be doing things different I’m so sure
johannes kalipi
johannes kalipi 3 ditë më parë
Just to show you that material things have no value... alot of people do alot of things and go through depression just to posses expensive things or because they are being looked down on by people who own expensive things. nice video
Jason O'Rourke
Jason O'Rourke 3 ditë më parë
Badges we don't need no stinking badges
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 3 ditë më parë
No pues está bien pendejo y la agarró con la camioneta
Patrick340 3 ditë më parë
Why y’all so mad, all he gotta do is call Mors Mutual insurance
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 11 orë më parë
Then he can register as a CEO and call in a buzzard and then go ghost organization.
Thomas 01
Thomas 01 12 orë më parë
That’s true ,then he can just call the mechanic and get his truck back.
carl craft
carl craft 3 ditë më parë
CAN'T BELIEVE I SPENT 5 MINUTES WATCHING THIS. Spoiled rich kid destroys a truck , big whup. Wanna be impressive? Give a truck to a working guy who normally couldn't afford one.
Dakotah B
Dakotah B 2 ditë më parë
carl craft stfu
Abraham Reynoso
Abraham Reynoso 3 ditë më parë
The amount of money he spends on trucks makes all money back in each video 💰
Abraham Reynoso
Abraham Reynoso Ditë më parë
Justin Luttrell youre right sorry bubba
Justin Luttrell
Justin Luttrell 2 ditë më parë
A million views does NOT pay anywhere near $100,000. Nice try.
Gregory Moore Sr
Gregory Moore Sr 3 ditë më parë
Your an Idiot why don’t you just give the truck away instead of destroying it
2Can Two
2Can Two 3 ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="560">9:20</a> give me the D for the memz
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 ditë më parë
it can be fixed
CLOUD9GAMING 3 ditë më parë
Who els thought of retro booming want sum more when he said retro
ricky brincefield
ricky brincefield 3 ditë më parë
sacrifice a 100,000 $ truck to make a extra mil on haters views and you think this kid is dumb? lol brothers making enough money to buy that truck 10 fold. IDGAF not my truck or moneyXD
Krampus 3 ditë më parë
ALvid paid for it, so it doesen't matter. Poor wife tho.....
daniel Chesnel
daniel Chesnel 3 ditë më parë
This is really what happens when u let ur wife drive
Outdoor Advantage
Outdoor Advantage 3 ditë më parë
When he goes “1 grit sand paper” and scratched it with a rock I fucking lost it
Colten Clifton
Colten Clifton 3 ditë më parë
Pull up in Circle K parking lot infront of me and see what I do to your head lil boy
BNBZ28 2 ditë më parë
Colten Clifton awe, are you upset about what he did to his truck?
MrWolf 3 ditë më parë
You should totally jumped it going like 70
Super Steve 1214
Super Steve 1214 3 ditë më parë
She blew the trans haha
Andrew Starkey
Andrew Starkey 3 ditë më parë
What adickhead guessingmommy and daddy never taught whispered puffer the meaning of taking care of what you own
Dakotah B
Dakotah B 2 ditë më parë
Andrew Starkey its his shit he makes the money back every video and hes probably going to rebuild it so shut the fuck up
denning perdew
denning perdew 3 ditë më parë
This guy has a wife ?
AudibleVisible 3 ditë më parë
Ms. Diesel got a fat ass
J Boy
J Boy 3 ditë më parë
Sherwin Bowman
Sherwin Bowman 3 ditë më parë
This is crazy you speak so highly about where you come from you could have took a hundred and twenty thousand and fed a hundred and twenty thousand people
Spenser Roger
Spenser Roger Ditë më parë
Nobody eats for free
Thomas Longworth
Thomas Longworth 3 ditë më parë
LS Graveyard
LS Graveyard 3 ditë më parë
Why are people like this
Charlotte Rely
Charlotte Rely 3 ditë më parë
Get revenge
Tgi Playzz
Tgi Playzz 3 ditë më parë
Honestly. Instead of breaking it peace by peace just full send with a rock on the petal into a tree 😂
Billy Thorpe
Billy Thorpe 3 ditë më parë
I've been watching WD for about a year now. But this video finally does it for me. I am subscribing. Thank you for the fun content.
Marko Batarilo
Marko Batarilo 3 ditë më parë
If his wife keyed his truck he would take her put for dinner 🤣
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