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Mixing Every Bath Bomb From Lush Together 

Safiya Nygaard
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Hello friends! Here is a weird video we made where I mix every bath bomb from Lush together into one, single, franken-bath bomb. Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products.
Anyway, I figured - this type of experiment has worked (within reason) for a wide array of products like lipsticks, foundations, and candles - so why not try mixing every single bath bomb from one store together to see what kind of bath we get? It's BATH makeup science. Wait, no makeup. Bad bath science? Idk.
This video is NOT sponsored! We did get permission from Lush to film at their store, but we paid for all of our bath bombs!
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Muaj më parë
HELLO FRIENDS!! Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products. Stay safe, everyone! xoxo, saf
Zahraa Almasaoudy
Zahraa Almasaoudy 14 ditë më parë
IzzIsHere _
IzzIsHere _ 15 ditë më parë
This video gave me second-hand smells
Ari :P
Ari :P 15 ditë më parë
Safiya Nygaard were you really on escape the night with Joey and Matpat please tell me because I loved that season so much and it killed me when you died😢
xwingk OMG
xwingk OMG 15 ditë më parë
Jasmine Ramirez
Jasmine Ramirez Muaj më parë
Please make a video of you melting every soap bar in lush to make a Franken soap bar please i just came up with the idea
Sam 3 orë më parë
SAF!!! You should try clear plastic Thigh high boots.
C.o.R (Lex)
C.o.R (Lex) 4 orë më parë
Someone please rescue that food processor before Safiya traumatises it Edit: more*
Angie Rico
Angie Rico 5 orë më parë
Make more videos
Tithi 5 orë më parë
Can anyone please tell me why Safiya has been irregular on ALvid?
I like fairy’s Fairy
I like fairy’s Fairy 5 orë më parë
This may or may not be creepy or crazy but I made a safiya and Tyler playlist on Spotify made by me delaney.m.charette go check it out please 🥰 luv your vids saf
Papyrus 5 orë më parë
Am I the only one wondering why she is using all this f**cking plastic containers for clearly NOTHING. Pollution at its finest
Phantom 6 orë më parë
What about a Franken-Shampoo mega mix I bet it would be weirdly awesome🤔
Hertta Haaslahti
Hertta Haaslahti 8 orë më parë
You should mix every chocolate flavour together!!!
gagandeep light
gagandeep light 9 orë më parë
Pleas can you post more ? I loooove your videos
I don’t know what to write here
You should test clothing from SHEIN! It’s a cheap clothing website a bit like ones you have tested in the past
Isabella Dahl Nielsen
Isabella Dahl Nielsen 9 orë më parë
Can you try The Chloe ting Challenge
Tilly-rose witham
Tilly-rose witham 10 orë më parë
Zarnaih Marchessa
Zarnaih Marchessa 11 orë më parë
I may be late 😅 but how about mixing all perfumes together?
Jennifer Zacher
Jennifer Zacher 11 orë më parë
OMG! I was just on tik tok and you were on ESCAPE THE NIGHT😨😳😳😨😨
Bochra Meftah
Bochra Meftah 13 orë më parë
ليك من طرف اميمة
Bochra Meftah
Bochra Meftah 13 orë më parë
ليك من طرف اميمة
Kayla H
Kayla H 14 orë më parë
The sound of your voice brings me comfort! 😯🤔🥴🤤😴
Grace Murray
Grace Murray 14 orë më parë
Saf, you should do in Quarantine a full face of bad makeup science and whatever you haven't mixed yet mix
Katiekat 3000
Katiekat 3000 14 orë më parë
No youtuber: Not even one ALvidr: Saf:Oh yeah, we moved anyways...
Caitlin Quinn
Caitlin Quinn 14 orë më parë
When they got to the eggplant bathbomb I thought of "blue balls" from Heathers.
Toni Mccue
Toni Mccue 14 orë më parë
Can u mix every blush
Lime Pop
Lime Pop 16 orë më parë
One day, someone will see this comment. 😋🙂
Liza Smith
Liza Smith 16 orë më parë
I love your videos but there was a lot of plastic wasted in this video I think you that you could have used large bows of the beginning but you should add least recycle the plastic
rylee mickle
rylee mickle 15 orë më parë
hay did you pull an all nighter watching you tube
Ashley D'Cruz
Ashley D'Cruz 17 orë më parë
SAFIYA PLS MAKE ANEW VIDEO I LOVE UR VIDS PLS MAKE MORE DURING QUARANTINE sorry if I'm very pushy and if u r doing something important.
Rebekah Tennenbaum
Rebekah Tennenbaum 17 orë më parë
Oh my god Franken soap bar mix all the soap bars at a store and make a big soap bar
Kiko Chan
Kiko Chan 17 orë më parë
I was born in Chicago to
Chronically Unique
Chronically Unique 17 orë më parë
Saf *PLEASE* do a house tour
Victoria Hall
Victoria Hall 18 orë më parë
That intro tho
Animal Lover1
Animal Lover1 19 orë më parë
farewell sweet penis xD
Inthia Emu
Inthia Emu 19 orë më parë
where r u??
Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins 20 orë më parë
Omg your referenced the canturbery tales !!!
Micro g
Micro g 21 orë më parë
You should mix all your Franklin makeup together
Rebecca Ellis
Rebecca Ellis 23 orë më parë
Nobody... Tyler.. RIP gudetama
Terrel Valero
Terrel Valero 23 orë më parë
Why isn’t she uploaded
Danny B
Danny B Ditë më parë
she sounds a bit constipated and confused and doesnt know wtf is happening when she talks
Penny The Dog
Penny The Dog Ditë më parë
Can you try out the Wonda bra? I’ve seen ads and I would like to see you try it
Michael James Clifford
Michael James Clifford Ditë më parë
I guess the move explains why you guys haven't been making as many videos lately. I'm kind of disappointed that you didn't do a "Trying Furniture Wheels from Wish" video or something!
Andrea Svejdova
Andrea Svejdova Ditë më parë
U put the oranges into ur bath lol
Sofia Smith
Sofia Smith Ditë më parë
saf, you good? you haven't posted in a month.
H P Ditë më parë
Can you make more video's
Lipika Rallapalli
Lipika Rallapalli Ditë më parë
She should combine all the perfumes or lotions at bath and body works
Amanda Brantley
Amanda Brantley Ditë më parë
Please tell me where you buy all of your black clothes
Jolie S.
Jolie S. Ditë më parë
I love ur channel!
bazil glyck
bazil glyck Ditë më parë
I really enjoyed the video but was it really necessary to put all of the smashed bombs into plastic containers before putting them in the blender? If you didn't reuse them afterwards it just seems wasteful...
Sarah L
Sarah L Ditë më parë
Can u make a Franken soap bar next plz?🥺
Ellie Wood
Ellie Wood Ditë më parë
I really miss you videos!!!
Tapping with Tea
Tapping with Tea Ditë më parë
You don’t make videos enough
Mother Nature
Mother Nature Ditë më parë
what a waste of plastic please try to reduce it the next time you shmash something
Mermaid Gacha Girl
Mermaid Gacha Girl Ditë më parë
Safiya can you mix every soap in lush into a franken-soap
Ammar ETN The Fur Fanatic
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1713">28:33</a>
Dishika Agarwal
Dishika Agarwal Ditë më parë
She hasn't posted a video since 1 month and a half. She posted this on Apr 09 and today is 24 may. Does anyone know why isn't she posted yet??
•Røsë Gøld•
•Røsë Gøld• Ditë më parë
Is it just me, or does someone else want to eat all those bathbombs? Just Me? Okie dokie
Shareen Naamou
Shareen Naamou Ditë më parë
I wish your videos was shorter and with less talking...
Nijaya Brown
Nijaya Brown Ditë më parë
dude watch something else.
Random 15
Random 15 Ditë më parë
Imagine she accidentally dropped them into a fountain...
Victoria #1
Victoria #1 Ditë më parë
Can you mix all the perfume for Bath & Body
Simran Chhetri
Simran Chhetri Ditë më parë
You better make franken soap next time
Mochi-Kun 25
Mochi-Kun 25 Ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> Bath bomb archeologist 😂 No?... Just me?....Ok ;-;
fakiha shah
fakiha shah Ditë më parë
Hello friends who randomly scrolling the comments
Tiffany Tomlinson
Tiffany Tomlinson Ditë më parë
Is no one gonna say anything about her not posting for 1 month can someone tell me what happened
George Ν.
George Ν. Ditë më parë
Sarah Balducci
Sarah Balducci Ditë më parë
imagine how much money that bath bomb costed...
demon child
demon child Ditë më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1316">21:56</a> SHIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
DeezVlog Ditë më parë
Lol "its STILL High school Musical"
Carrianne Marie
Carrianne Marie Ditë më parë
You should do Victoria secret Frankin body mist or mix every perfume you have at home lysm keep up the amazing work u inspirer me so much xxxx
Sarah Güttersberger
Sarah Güttersberger Ditë më parë
I love lush ❤️❤️❤️
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson Ditë më parë
“What a great emergence” . it was indeed great
nietojv Ditë më parë
You please do a house tour please 🙂
Tenzin Dasel
Tenzin Dasel Ditë më parë
When u will post a new video???
Riley Sneden
Riley Sneden Ditë më parë
Post more videos pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!! Getting you!!!! 😟😟😟
Elijah Marie Reyes
Elijah Marie Reyes Ditë më parë
Their new kitchen looks like Christy Carlson Romano’s kitchen
Cess Esk
Cess Esk Ditë më parë
You should go to France and mix all the cheese possible
Deanna Wilcox
Deanna Wilcox Ditë më parë
Honestly, I got a headache just WATCHING them smell aaaaaalllll those strong scents
Juan R Jimenez
Juan R Jimenez Ditë më parë
AHH OMG you should mix the candles that smell like Disney rides and stuff yk what I'm talking about?
Co0kies :〉
Co0kies :〉 Ditë më parë
When quarantine ends you should collab with Cristine from Simply Nailogical and mix all the tea flavors you can find and try it
William Houston
William Houston Ditë më parë
Next video Safia mixes together every perfume from Bath and Body works together!!!!🤩🤗 Jazz hands
Lisa Parsons
Lisa Parsons Ditë më parë
You should combine all the flavors of an ice cream brand
Shadab Saifee
Shadab Saifee Ditë më parë
I was waiting for a giant bath bomb 😭
James Merritt
James Merritt Ditë më parë
I'll say it again, "This is really not my thing." But you do it so perfectly....Good job, Ms. Nygaard.
Addison Whetstone
Addison Whetstone Ditë më parë
can you do a soap one
Catherine Ginn
Catherine Ginn Ditë më parë
Something about the food processors reminded me of the channel SortedFood. Maybe one day y’all could collab and you could blend up all of the pretentious ingredients they’ve tested over the years.
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