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Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) [Official Audio] 

melanie martinez
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Copy Cat feat. Tierra Whack available now: melanie.lnk.to/CopyCatID
K-12 available now: melanie.lnk.to/K-12ID

Watch K-12: melanie.lnk.to/K-12TheFilmID
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10 Shk 2020




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Elizabeth Esposito
Elizabeth Esposito Ditë më parë
Petition for Melanie to add more Spanish words in her songs
okBoomer _
okBoomer _ Ditë më parë
Bro the cat does not blink it just half closes it's eyes while the green light passes- I know such a big brain Jk
Jefri soft Lopez / teenage # supreme
Copy cat Nani
Cory Tru
Cory Tru Ditë më parë
you copyd billie ilish
1000 Forms Of Fear
1000 Forms Of Fear Ditë më parë
Billie copy Melanie style
CECE Castro
CECE Castro Ditë më parë
Alucard Ditë më parë
Ufff... I'm like: this song is awesome, literally, I ended up entirely shocked just for listen this pretty breathtaking artwork, I can see the effort, this song is absolutely brilliant and stunning. Greetings from México.
sophie Burns
sophie Burns Ditë më parë
She kinda copied Billie eilish
armin arlert
armin arlert Ditë më parë
alvid.info/video/nJqXbqSZz62ruq0.html sin comentarios -_-
Brooklyn Williams
Brooklyn Williams Ditë më parë
Even if she did copy Billie isn’t that the point of the song...to copy
Nevaeh L
Nevaeh L Ditë më parë
so this is why people are hating on melanie for copying billie um do yall know how many copy cat songs there are? and this is way different from billies song! there both good and talented singers and melanie always had some creepy vibes way before when billie started singing!
Sanzy Panzy
Sanzy Panzy Ditë më parë
Comments Section: - SHE COPIED BILLIE! -why is everyone saying that she copied Billie Eilish?! -I don't see any comment saying she copied Billie Eilish! -fire drill & teacher's pet: copycat. -this type of comment. -this cat looks like Angela! -Random comments about the cat. -this song is really good! -Random comment. :/
not rainee
not rainee Ditë më parë
Giovanna Standfield
Giovanna Standfield Ditë më parë
The dislikes are Upset Billie fans, like so rude I think the real copycat is the haters
_Boogie _.XDinosaur
_Boogie _.XDinosaur Ditë më parë
Omg can y'all CHILL. Billie made hers years ago when Melanie made it but never posted it. So Billie didn't copy. Melanie didn't use anything in Billies' song. Melanie didn't use creepy vibes like Billie. So literally no one copied. (I like both singers don't come at me 😳"
Giovanna Standfield
Giovanna Standfield Ditë më parë
OMG MELANIE IS NOT COPYING BILLIE, I love Melanie so much she works hard to make good songs, whoever is putting her in trash is ungrateful
TheWeirdo Clown
TheWeirdo Clown Ditë më parë
Amazing MM(Melanie Martinez)
Sara Marques
Sara Marques Ditë më parë
Does Mel make a song for valentine's day pleaseee? (I am brazilian and loveeee you)
anime Queen
anime Queen Ditë më parë
Why this cat look so evil 😂
your friendly neighborhood emo rat
Everyone is talking about Billie and Melanie when they both have really different styles of music.
Carolina Ditë më parë
The dislikes are upset Billie fans
bella echavarria
bella echavarria Ditë më parë
Melanie Martinez : Copy Cat Billie Eilish : Copycat Yo : ._. En qué se parecen?
Ezequiel braga
Ezequiel braga Ditë më parë
Meu vício❤
X- Garethx
X- Garethx Ditë më parë
Does anyone noticed the cats eyeshine It looks like outside
Ari Gomez
Ari Gomez Ditë më parë
"Le copió a Billie Eilish" No, que tengan el mismo título y que la letra tenga la misma referencia a imitadoras, no significa que le haya copiado. Melanie Martínez es muuuy diferente a Billie, entiendan gente ignorante. U-U
_Idiomas Entusiásticas_
_Idiomas Entusiásticas_ Ditë më parë
This reminds me of Angela, the talking cat that I had a gay crush on in 6th grade.
Natsuka Rumé
Natsuka Rumé Ditë më parë
dont judge me - Today the mean girls called me a cry baby so i played with my dollhouse. I also lost my sippy cup at the carousel but the alphabet boy helped me find it. We took a bath with soap. Then we got training wheels for my birthday. We threw a pity party for me. Then we played tag your it and ate milk and cookies. This girl came over she cried so loud so mummy had to pacify her. She took mrs.potato head. When she left me and he mad hatter had a playdate. We played with my teddy bear. We both had cake and a gingerbread man each.
Noelia Yekta
Noelia Yekta Ditë më parë
I'm going to the concert in Canada I hope u will notice me Melanie
Kawaiimewton cookiechan
Kawaiimewton cookiechan Ditë më parë
and why is everyone saying she copied billie when litterley mostley Everyone is makeing dis song?! Dis is crualsome
Avalon Sabo
Avalon Sabo Ditë më parë
Why are people saying she is copying Billie when the song lyrics have nothing to do with Billie's song called copycat? its only the name!
Ann pradenas
Ann pradenas Ditë më parë
Guys, anything is saying that melanie copied billie, btw every coment is like "stop say blabla" so... are you okay? Anything said that
Ann pradenas
Ann pradenas Ditë më parë
Sorry for my english i'm from latinoamerica ✌
sugi saga
sugi saga Ditë më parë
Everyone: Billie Vs Melanie Me: Billie and Melanie
Nutella Bun
Nutella Bun Ditë më parë
Me: Have you heard of Copycat? Friend: Billie or Melanie..? Me: Melanie Fr: Yeah, but i like billie better I-
Liani Lujan
Liani Lujan Ditë më parë
I your movie k-12
el alien de youtube uwu
el alien de youtube uwu Ditë më parë
wow! what cute nwn
lezhuga con kukiz uwu :v
lezhuga con kukiz uwu :v Ditë më parë
I loved!🌸
Kawaiimewton cookiechan
Kawaiimewton cookiechan Ditë më parë
She isnt a mocker to billie she litterly said she made this song when she was young and it sounds nothing like copycat from billie.
Cotton Cat
Cotton Cat Ditë më parë
Kuo Dwgn
Kuo Dwgn Ditë më parë
Everyone’s trying to clear out that Billie and Hers are different Bruh I’m just trynna find the lyrics
Cotton Cat
Cotton Cat Ditë më parë
Billie: Copycat! Melanie:Im gonna copy the idea
Fabrício Gonçalves
Fabrício Gonçalves Ditë më parë
Cotton Cat alvid.info/video/iH-fepVjzLqmprk.html ownnmm billie Copy it, You are crazy, Copy cat is palavra
Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres Ditë më parë
Melanie did not copied her idea
Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres Ditë më parë
Melanie is not coping her idea
Jeffersom castiel
Jeffersom castiel Ditë më parë
Luisa becerra vidal
Luisa becerra vidal Ditë më parë
Søng Cøvers
Søng Cøvers Ditë më parë
Melanie: *makes song called copy cat for her nextmovie* *Biliie Elish has left the chat* And I think the girl singing is gonna be in the movie.
prim paradise
prim paradise Ditë më parë
Talking Angela vibes
Joanna Lae
Joanna Lae Ditë më parë
Why does nobody mention that Tierras Part is fire😍😍
prim paradise
prim paradise Ditë më parë
Why the cover is soo cute
Eli Von
Eli Von Ditë më parë
anyone else think that effect she puts over her voice in the chorus is irritating??
david. Ditë më parë
i legit see like none of these comments about copying billie with this song. personally, in my point of view, realize many songs use copycat for names. billie used it, gumi used it, etc. just stop bringing it up and let the fire die down about this 'copying' stuff, thank you. xoxo
Vincent LolMsm
Vincent LolMsm Ditë më parë
i think this is the first song by melanie that i dont like
《Sophii Chan》
《Sophii Chan》 Ditë më parë
Why does this song sound like teacher's pet tho
tsuya fodase
tsuya fodase Ditë më parë
where's the person who comments the lyrics? i miss her...
Aesthetilicious Ditë më parë
Why is no one talking about how good this song is
German Bonilla
German Bonilla Ditë më parë
I love you
LunaTehLynn Ditë më parë
sure u guys can say MelAniE coPiEd biLlE but like they don't sound the same so who cares? also theres so many songs called copycat, its not like billie claimed the word so yall calm down
Idk Ditë më parë
Who thinks that Melanie should do a collaboration with Billie Eilish?Cuz’ i think it would be awesome 😎
Night claw playz
Night claw playz Ditë më parë
Everyone: I dont see a Melanie copied Billie comments Also everyone: MELANIE COPIED BILLIE!! Me : *creates my own dance routine to a song that cant really be danced to*
cookie & wolfie
cookie & wolfie Ditë më parë
If you say melanie copied Billy your wrong the songs are COMPLETELY diffrent
• cryxbxby •
• cryxbxby • Ditë më parë
Bro melanie is gonna be in anaheim california?! thats like 2 hours away from where i live. Imma go buy some tickets brb.
[insert creative name]
[insert creative name] Ditë më parë
Whos the copycat? Melanie? Billie? Gumi?
ellipsis Ditë më parë
None of them
MissRhia Ditë më parë
Melanie Martinez has been around for years, putting in her time, making music, she releases a song with the SAME NAME as a Bille Elish song, Elish who has been famous for all of 10 seconds, and suddenly her pack of rabid wild dog fans descend on Martinez like she was a ham bone (meanwhile the whole dual hair color thing, Melanie has been doing that for years, and Porcelain Black did it before her). Some people need to learn that their celebcrush doesn't really care about them and defending them like they are your best friend is delusional at best, scary at worst. Be more stalkery creepy why dont you.
Inés Granados
Inés Granados Ditë më parë
I'm sorry
Faqja Tjeter