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Leo Deblin's Family Fill-In | The Daily Show 

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Leo Deblin (Roy Wood Jr.) offers a solution for families who are left behind while a parent or spouse is campaigning for president. #TheDailyShow #LeoDeblin #RoyWoodJr
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18 Tet 2019




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Molly Spurgeon
Molly Spurgeon 27 ditë më parë
For one split second I thought the lady was the funny blonde lady in the background of seth Meyers' fake press pool sketches
Strong Like Bull
Strong Like Bull 28 ditë më parë
Man this dude Deblin is not funny at all. This skit is horrible
betomunoz1 29 ditë më parë
Hey try being a truck driver with a family we do it all year every year
Ricky 29 ditë më parë
What happened to little Caesars? I didn't see any construction going on.
Adam Nowek
Adam Nowek Muaj më parë
Why doesn't the USA just reduce the length of their campaign time? 40 days is more than enough for plenty of countries.
kehinde isaac
kehinde isaac Muaj më parë
0:49. So true😂😂
Santiago Botto
Santiago Botto Muaj më parë
Maan, this is one of the best EVER!
The Green Queen
The Green Queen Muaj më parë
Bitch you call that a rhombus?
zarzarbeast Muaj më parë
Reminder: Trevor Noah is not a US Citizen. He is a foreign agent meddling in US elections.
MarcusT Muaj më parë
Better Trevor than those asshole russians. Russians are the dumbest people on the planet
rpbsjy Muaj më parë
The truth hurts, don't it?
Y B Muaj më parë
Reminds me of Chappelle Show family swap going interracial
harlow jean 1975 deymonaz
This is brilliant
Amylia Clenny
Amylia Clenny Muaj më parë
So why don't candidates tour around the country *with* their family(ies)?
Chef Jay
Chef Jay Muaj më parë
The crunch on that popsicle! Leo Dublin a cold dude...
Brian Muaj më parë
Leo Leo in the house 😂
blindsightedkill Muaj më parë
I can just imagine Melina in this situation lol. "Fine run for president. I'm tired of this striptease." , "Oh you won. I gotta spend time doing some stuff before I move in. Also I need my own place"
MallSoft 95
MallSoft 95 Muaj më parë
"Bitch you call that a rhombus"
Metaphysics Muaj më parë
Can someone lend me $120?
Regis K
Regis K Muaj më parë
Dudes, something is wrong with the sound :c
Anugerah Firdauzi
Anugerah Firdauzi Muaj më parë
That stupid blonde wig.... I wanna slap him so bad 🤣🤣🤣
Nickolas Foster
Nickolas Foster Muaj më parë
“Exit 120, by the fair grounds” that’s honestly my favorite part
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Muaj më parë
Look at me, I'm like you! Now Buy, Buy, Buy, pick your favorite Reality TV Idol! Make sure you keep supporting your 1% beast, piggies need more money!
ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch
Did anyone else see that it says "and barbering institute" at the end 😅
Fleo Black
Fleo Black Muaj më parë
Exit 120 by the fairgrounds...
T 23
T 23 Muaj më parë
Roy you my dude and all but Na bra... not a good one.
Deneice Scales
Deneice Scales Muaj më parë
Phil Armellino
Phil Armellino Muaj më parë
Just saw a real commercial on TV for invisalign and they saidit costs $85/month. Then i turned to my wife and said "you can get that from yo mama."
Amani Ndoroma
Amani Ndoroma Muaj më parë
Rocky Muaj më parë
Beto's hand movements though 😂
Ms Sunshine
Ms Sunshine Muaj më parë
thesweetness Love
thesweetness Love Muaj më parë
Who else watch this show daily 🙋🤔 👇
Jen D
Jen D Muaj më parë
“Bitch, you call that a rhombus???” I’m dying!!!!
tirado637 Muaj më parë
I love watching the daily show but this scetch im sorry was just stupid
Marcia McDevitt
Marcia McDevitt Muaj më parë
Ah, the irony.
El Tigre
El Tigre Muaj më parë
This SCETCH was meant to be stupid that's why its funny .
Gabriella Nellis
Gabriella Nellis Muaj më parë
Rumplegirlskin Muaj më parë
Omg his American accent❣️🤣
Emily Belkowitz
Emily Belkowitz Muaj më parë
Did anyone else call the number
Michael Tkaczevski
Michael Tkaczevski Muaj më parë
"Leo Deblin was so good at his job, my wife said I should just keep running for president forever! Thanks, Leo!"
Naphtali Musnyama
Naphtali Musnyama Muaj më parë
This is just too goood!!
Frank Bombaci
Frank Bombaci Muaj më parë
Did anyone try calling the number at the end
Golden 77
Golden 77 Muaj më parë
I just got a call from my wife to pick up egss as I was about to pull in my driveway
Sickpete Lovesyourmomsraunchybox
That's a Utah phone number at the end.
guillermo melgarejo
guillermo melgarejo Muaj më parë
He is so so so funny
Antoinette Gross
Antoinette Gross Muaj më parë
🤣🤣🤣 your stupid ass game
Hector Lalalala
Hector Lalalala Muaj më parë
The sad thing is trump will be re-elected 😩
Niggie Biggie
Niggie Biggie Muaj më parë
Plz make a vid on the Culiclan fighting
Jeanette Glenn
Jeanette Glenn Muaj më parë
Clearly not an Eldritch Horror disguised as an anime character!
The thumbnail make this look like a sequel to the greatest anime Cory in the House.
TheFlyguywill Muaj më parë
Roy is the best. He’d be a great addition to SNL
Detroit Vibe
Detroit Vibe Muaj më parë
why did they put this sickening guy 0:30?
Love Antenna 01
Love Antenna 01 Muaj më parë
I was just considering an 85$ investment, and then this came up...
Jen D
Jen D Muaj më parë
Love Antenna 01 Spooky!!!
sophie gueye
sophie gueye Muaj më parë
daiy show please put the volume loud on ur videos
Warren Hertfelder
Warren Hertfelder Muaj më parë
“He ain’t got time for your stupid ass game!” 😆
Shin Muaj më parë
Oh wow. Something from the Daily Show i did not like 😕
Zortakable Muaj më parë
That could've been an actual democratic presidential candidate and I wouldn't know
Cruxador 15 ditë më parë
You mean Beto o Rourke?
persimmon Muaj më parë
In the end Yang is gonna win so everyone but Warren and Sanders might as well go home.
Paul B
Paul B Muaj më parë
Jobic Chakalisa
Jobic Chakalisa Muaj më parë
immortal technique on the daily show
stone1andonly Muaj më parë
Daddy said he was just going down the street for a pack of cigarettes; it wasn't until later I found out he was *really* running for President!!
Shaun Victory
Shaun Victory Muaj më parë
By the fair grounds next to lil Cesar’s
mario smith
mario smith Muaj më parë
I'll take care of your kids,man I'll even take care of your wife,as long as the bills are being paid,damn and my mom's TOO . HILARIOUS
mario smith
mario smith Muaj më parë
Been running his game
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
That's NOT how you do laundry!
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