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Kevin Durant On Signing w/ Nets, Considering Knicks & Wizards, Time In GS + Names Top 5 Rappers 

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Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant showed up to Ebro in the Morning to have a conversation on why he decided to sign with the team, if he ever considered playing for the Knicks or his hometown Washington Wizards, his time with the Golden State Warriors, whether he feels he returned too early from injury and more.
He also gave us an update on his health, and whether Nets fans can expect him to get on the court.
Before leaving, he named his top 5 rappers right now & who he feels deserves more of the spotlight.
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8 Tet 2019




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LLEM PRODUCTION 3 orë më parë
Nawll he act like he got fucked over by si.e close peoe to him and now he's growing up and tightening up loose strings
J Del Rey
J Del Rey 4 orë më parë
He’s calm when he speaks !
Bryce 4 orë më parë
Him in DC would've been so nice.
31 Hoops
31 Hoops 7 orë më parë
14:50 Kevin Garnett... Wow!
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson 11 orë më parë
Kevin durant will never be a respected champion, he shouldn't even be a champion he just sold out so hard it was guaranteed rings, its like going to the gas station and buying some ring pops bro. his legacy will always be remembered for selling out and losing that 3-1 to then later join them
Jaden Lammy White
Jaden Lammy White 8 orë më parë
I understand he lost and went to the team he lost to but you can't take away from the fact he will be one of the all time greats and possibly a top 10 player of all time
Jaden Lammy White
Jaden Lammy White 8 orë më parë
And he is going to win and change that legacy when he come back stronger hater
Odell Georgia
Odell Georgia 17 orë më parë
Brooklyn's finest "Ray Mula - RAF" just drop tune in
TheeChronicle Ditë më parë
Sly Fox
Sly Fox Ditë më parë
Kevin you had a 3-1 lead.....but I still love you though.......
Odell Georgia
Odell Georgia 17 orë më parë
bruh that was like 4 years ago be happy we got him in bklyn tf
GodLovesXans Ditë më parë
Youngboy the hottest rn y’all tweaking
Denise F
Denise F 22 orë më parë
Yeah okay
Fuck Your joke
Fuck Your joke Ditë më parë
GodLovesXans talent =/= being the hottest
heyySeco Ditë më parë
lets not ignore how he said kevin garnett in the first 10 seconds lmaoo
TOAST Thoughts Of A Stoner Tube
Donny Martin
Donny Martin Ditë më parë
“I’m just a normal guy to be honest”
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker Ditë më parë
its so refreshing hearing these guest athletes cuss
xxxB13xxx Ditë më parë
I am a bias warriors fan, but glad KD is chilling in New York. Thinking his journey is more mentoring the younger kids.
Jose Fuentes
Jose Fuentes Ditë më parë
xxxB13xxx I compared the rosters and the warriors are the younger team by a good amount if you check the whole depth of both teams. Curry is the oldest on the team at 31. This meaning kd didn’t take that as another reason to leave because it wouldn’t make any sense.
mm mm
mm mm Ditë më parë
ebro is terrible at talking. he trying to be annoying
matthew wilkinson
matthew wilkinson Ditë më parë
mm mm he’s so trash
rosan ghale
rosan ghale Ditë më parë
Amir Cobb
Amir Cobb Ditë më parë
very humble
Nate Ditë më parë
It’s kind of hard to believe whatever KD says anymore, given how much he reacts to. Losing a 3-1 lead, and a chance at going to the NBA Finals, isn’t in his top 5 losses in his career?? All the other ones he mentioned weren’t nearly as bad.
King Ligon
King Ligon Ditë më parë
Nate I was thinking the same thing 😭😭😭. Like that’s bullshit you were up 3-1 one win away from the finals, your 2nd finals ever
Osman Syed
Osman Syed 2 ditë më parë
they didnt evn ask about russell and james teaming up again
Prime Ghostt
Prime Ghostt 16 orë më parë
Yeah that would have been a good question. They should have asked if the 3 of them thought of teaming up again.
thanos first of his kind
thanos first of his kind Ditë më parë
Why would they? That's irrelevant
jeff blackman
jeff blackman 2 ditë më parë
14:49 Kevin Garnet bro lmao
JuLion King
JuLion King 2 ditë më parë
KD DillanPonders outta Toronto
Kevin Luu
Kevin Luu 2 ditë më parë
Yo Kd number 7 no body wear this number jersey Lin when he wor thit jersey bro
Sire Pledge
Sire Pledge Ditë më parë
@Up2Richie lol funny guy
Up2Richie Ditë më parë
@Sire Pledge melo who?
Sire Pledge
Sire Pledge 2 ditë më parë
Kevin Luu not melo huh?
WelcomeHomeColumbia 2 ditë më parë
This boy said drake
Nate Ditë më parë
What’s wrong with Drizzy??
Michael Papamarkou
Michael Papamarkou 2 ditë më parë
Bandana was the best album of 2019. Glad to see kd bumps the realness
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant 2 ditë më parë
6:06 wat ebro jus said abt nyk is exactly what hes done w hot 97
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant 2 ditë më parë
3:54 when th third wall in radio comes down you see how ebro unviels th politics of radio he created at hot 97 to kill hip hop ..in new york ..smfh
md riverrdale
md riverrdale 3 ditë më parë
Signing Kevin Durant might be one Of the greatest ripoffs in the last century He will never be the same And the Dr. That cleared him I would sue for MALPRACTICE. Hey Nets are you interested In buying the Brooklyn btidge.
مقبرة الغزاة
مقبرة الغزاة 9 orë më parë
You sound so bias and closed minded. Just be man enough to admit that you were wrong when he comes back and dominates
G 225
G 225 Ditë më parë
He could be 50% he’s better than 50% the league
Lyndon Simmons
Lyndon Simmons Ditë më parë
You are crazy he going be the same
Ali H
Ali H 3 ditë më parë
14:47 that hurt KDs ego
thanos first of his kind
thanos first of his kind Ditë më parë
Hurts your butt
Sebastian 3 ditë më parë
its still knicks town, nets can go back to new jersey
Kalou Kaba
Kalou Kaba 4 orë më parë
Sebastian knicks to the end!!
Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz
Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz 3 ditë më parë
Kevin Garnett yikes
Yee Glock
Yee Glock 2 ditë më parë
Why KG was considered a monster
Shawn Story
Shawn Story 3 ditë më parë
Bandana is on constant rotation!!!
Gleck O. Dunn
Gleck O. Dunn 3 ditë më parë
It would've been nice to see him go home and lift up that backcourt duo in washington.
God God
God God 3 ditë më parë
2 achilles injury comebacks on 1 team tho
LOR HakeemxOlajuwon-
LOR HakeemxOlajuwon- 3 ditë më parë
Niggas still hatin just cuz he went to warriors
Rashad Russell
Rashad Russell Ditë më parë
STILL...it’s crazy...and they favorite team be the Suns
Nate Ditë më parë
Just like you were in 2010 when you know who went to Miami.
luxan kandiah
luxan kandiah 3 ditë më parë
obvi goof movement showed no heart faxxx
Marvid Eladiv
Marvid Eladiv 3 ditë më parë
The Knicks Magement of Steve Mills and Steve Perry are the two of the biggest liars on the Planet besides Republicans and Donald Trump. The Lie was that Porzingus asked to be traded or that he would not play for the Knicks. That is the bigus lie that the kn8cks management want knicks fans want to believe. The Knicks traded Porzingus to clear cap space so they could get Khyrie Irvin and Kevin Durant. What is the difference between trading one star who was recovering from an injury and having two stars whom are oftern injured and now recovering from injuries? The problem is the gullible Knicks fans will believe any lie. Perry and Mills tell the fanbase and support the Knicks and the knicks fans will still buy Knicks tickets to support the Knicks. Wake up Knicks fans you have been lied too and been bamboozled and hoodwinked. Porzingus will become a star on The Mavericks and Kevin Durant and Khrue Irvin never wanted to be Knicks which they see as a losing team without Star players. The Knicks hope to recover but these type of lies and mismanagement from Perry and Mills will impact the Knicks for many years to come.
PRINCE KD 3 ditë më parë
Jacob Zughaiyir
Jacob Zughaiyir Ditë më parë
Nicholas Blanchard
Nicholas Blanchard 3 ditë më parë
kid kid
kid kid 3 ditë më parë
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana 4 ditë më parë
Kd has always disrespected kawhi and to hear him slightly give him credit it really makes me happy.
Adam Saunders
Adam Saunders 4 ditë më parë
If kd get a ring on the nets he better than Jordan 💯
G 225
G 225 Ditë më parë
Tawhiri Cruickshank this actually accurate
Grey Yoda
Grey Yoda 2 ditë më parë
If he did it on the Wizards it would be something MJ didn't do
Slim 803
Slim 803 2 ditë më parë
Adam Saunders
Adam Saunders 3 ditë më parë
JECZ23 we need a star player that can get us a ring mj from bk but played for the bulls
JECZ23 3 ditë më parë
Daniel Shi Ke
Daniel Shi Ke 4 ditë më parë
Gratitude beyond The Stratosphere
It’s a GM issue for the knicks
Jonny Mons
Jonny Mons 4 ditë më parë
Go to 0:45 and turn CC on.. ⚱️🐍
Answering 4 ditë më parë
don jefe
don jefe 4 ditë më parë
he fucked his legacy up the moment he left okc....... he coulda been the kobe of okc but nooooooooo
Lyndon Simmons
Lyndon Simmons Ditë më parë
Man nobody was going to stay there
Richard Philbert
Richard Philbert 3 ditë më parë
Lol Russ and PG couldn’t even get out of the first round of the playoffs together. KD was not going to stick around and waste his career in okc.
M l
M l 3 ditë më parë
Westbrook would not have allowed it to happen. KD was the better player, but Westbrook still took the most shots. He's already top 50 on missed shots KD #63. www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/fgx_career.html
LOR HakeemxOlajuwon-
LOR HakeemxOlajuwon- 3 ditë më parë
Nobody wanna play in Oklahoma 😭 he got two rings outta that he would have none in okc
fbskier20 3 ditë më parë
don jefe ain’t nobody wanna be the anything of OKC
three 4 ditë më parë
S/o kd
Troll Gang
Troll Gang 4 ditë më parë
This nigga said he hate the Giants lmaooo
LIZARD KING 3 ditë më parë
Troll Gang 😂😂😂
Tamba Kongoh
Tamba Kongoh 4 ditë më parë
A song called #dmvremix
Speedy Towing
Speedy Towing 4 ditë më parë
100Grand4eva 4 ditë më parë
ok 4 ditë më parë
all love the krooklyn way
azee1v1 5 ditë më parë
Ebro ruined Hot97 with that god damn stripper music
Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson 5 ditë më parë
My Dude ! ✔(LAKER4LIFE 8/24)
Loso Banks
Loso Banks 5 ditë më parë
What's artis name kevin Durant was talking about audi k how do you sell arist name please
Osman Abdi
Osman Abdi Ditë më parë
The artist name is IDK
andrew rodriquez
andrew rodriquez 5 ditë më parë
gat dam does kd have horrible & uneducated taste in hip hop - seems he likes "listening to rap music" vs enjoying / truly appreciating quality hip hop music & hip hop culture.
YBT3FLY 5 ditë më parë
This man called the goat "Kevin Garnett"....... 😂😂😂
Felicia Mays
Felicia Mays 5 ditë më parë
KD why do you hate my cowboys lmao😘😘😘
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 3 ditë më parë
Cuz he a Redskins fan
Enigma September
Enigma September 5 ditë më parë
People who listen to old niggas talk on the radio aren't vibing to 'Old Town Road' and vice versa. Smh
GPap 5 ditë më parë
funny thing is... once the Knicks got someone who actually wanted to go there (Melo), we all saw how he was treated and how it ended.
Nate 4 ditë më parë
He wasn’t making them better on the court either.
You right Fo sho
You right Fo sho 5 ditë më parë
When he says Maryland he talking Prince George’s county, no Baltimore, or DMV.
Pretty Flacko
Pretty Flacko 4 ditë më parë
You right Fo sho wym no DMV ¿
Antony Tyler
Antony Tyler 4 ditë më parë
You right Fo sho duh dummy. Maryland in the DMV dickhead
You right Fo sho
You right Fo sho 5 ditë më parë
PG county Maryland hero, shout out to KD man
Jersey LTD
Jersey LTD 5 ditë më parë
go to the knickz
balle balle
balle balle 5 ditë më parë
Kawhi is a hell of a player!
Morphius unorthDOXrecords
Morphius unorthDOXrecords 5 ditë më parë
KD this is BASKETBALL G.O.D flawless? You have 1 flaw. You need to show you know how to control the pace/tempo of the game (all 4 quarters) Control the pace of the game M.J. vs Suns M.J. vs Sonics M.J. vs Jazz
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