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It's Time To Move On... 

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Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
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8 Tet 2019




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the REAL Peppa pig
the REAL Peppa pig 4 orë më parë
Wait I’m confused...it’s the last intro but not the last video?!?!
Jasper Francis
Jasper Francis 4 orë më parë
So they are quitting ALvid? Can someone spoil it I didn't have time to watch an hour video
alexandra 4 orë më parë
Honestly shane is the best help you guys would ever get. Live ur life guys💞💞
Emma Aaa1
Emma Aaa1 4 orë më parë
Adam Saleh
Adam Saleh 4 orë më parë
Miss you so much
Sarai Hernandez
Sarai Hernandez 4 orë më parë
Are they quitting!?!?
Sadtingz 5 orë më parë
i really hope that in a few years youtubers could be more open bc it helps a lot of ppl i know it’s hard but just imagine ppl helping others in my opinion that’s amazing -i love the dolan twins i hope you guys are fine , take any time you want you could take a whole year it would be fine :)
Lylee Jane
Lylee Jane 5 orë më parë
This is like ur brake up video with Tuesday
jiggy jaz
jiggy jaz 5 orë më parë
it’s okay babies, you’re not letting us down. If you were to lose yourself trying to make us happy, that’s where the line would have to be drawn. Do what you need to, we’ll be here when you’re ready💙
Brittany G
Brittany G 6 orë më parë
Miss you guys :(
Kels Run
Kels Run 6 orë më parë
I’m so thankful for this incredible video! Y’all truly are so strong for doing something for yourselves and making a change for your genuine happiness! I am so excited for what the future hold with y’all and I love how vulnerable y’all were. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your realness because it really did help :). We are all still here and we want to support you on your journey!!
Victoria mondragon
Victoria mondragon 7 orë më parë
wow now u guys have to get a real job
Cece Kelly
Cece Kelly 7 orë më parë
Make a vid of you guys surfing!!!!
Cali Walker
Cali Walker 7 orë më parë
Shane is like the miracle worker of the whole ALvid community😂😂😂
Sylvia Hernandez
Sylvia Hernandez 7 orë më parë
Next series will be about the Dolan twins
Ella Wilcox
Ella Wilcox 9 orë më parë
Am I the only person who still doesn’t understand what’s happening?
helen yvonne e
helen yvonne e 9 orë më parë
I need Shane to be my therapist.
Bubblegum Dragon
Bubblegum Dragon 9 orë më parë
some people work 14 hour days every day and they cant post a 20 minute video once a week. trash.
Arowyn Mulhearn
Arowyn Mulhearn 9 orë më parë
ethan and grayson remember this,we all love you and we forgive you and we all understand.At least half of us have lost someone and we all understand that you guys want to take a break.We love you💞💓💗💖💘💕💝
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 11 orë më parë
I love you guys so much! I am endlessly thankful for you guys because you always make me laugh but also just because you are awesome. Please be genuine for yourselves be who you know you are, you are so amazing!!
Mandy dee
Mandy dee 11 orë më parë
i was waiting for the final "PEACE" but when they didnt say it my heart sank! im so happy that they are doing this for themselves! ive been with them through these five years and im happy for them yet im so heartbroken
Katie Jo
Katie Jo 11 orë më parë
My bff lost her mom and her dad
Blue Doggo
Blue Doggo 11 orë më parë
Maybe just do one video a month and give yourselves some time. I lost both my parents not long ago. I’m only 35 but it still feels too young
Blue Doggo
Blue Doggo 11 orë më parë
Would love to know about your fitness routine
shalimar Yusop
shalimar Yusop 11 orë më parë
The Dolan twins ALvid channel 2015-2019 . . . . .My conDolances
mike rollinson
mike rollinson 12 orë më parë
Dubai Saunders
Dubai Saunders 12 orë më parë
Who will be a fan of the Dolan twins forever like and comment
Ebba Johansson
Ebba Johansson 12 orë më parë
When a tv show puts out one episode a week, we have to wait months for it to even be released. Why would it be different for youtube content? Would You stop watching your favorite show just because You Have to wait a couple of Months for a new season? No. So You guys can defenitly take months to create a video. If your fans like You They Don’t care that they don’t get a video once a week.
Julie Dargi
Julie Dargi 12 orë më parë
i hope that you guys don't feel guilty for wanting to be real please! you guys are the best keep going at your own pace!
Tanisha Nicholas
Tanisha Nicholas 13 orë më parë
I’m a bit sad not gonna lie but I’m happy for them.They deserve everything they have.God has sent these wonderful angels to this Earth to fill us with love and happiness.thk you guys so much for being entertaining and being funny and sweet and savagey (LoL) u have been and inspiration to me ily ❤️ I will always watch your videos no matter what. I will always love u.❤️
Selen Cicek
Selen Cicek 15 orë më parë
I’m cryiiiing 😭😣
Aidan Burich
Aidan Burich 15 orë më parë
Please don’t stop making videos, you guys are my favourite ☺️
Darian Shimizu
Darian Shimizu 16 orë më parë
i’m so proud of them for doing this ❤️
Adventurous Captures
Adventurous Captures 16 orë më parë
Damn I’m gonna miss Tuesday’s but this is a really good decision and we all support you 💜🖤
Gracie Grinsteiner
Gracie Grinsteiner 18 orë më parë
so proud of you guys, the best is yet to come!!
Noreen Akhtar
Noreen Akhtar 18 orë më parë
You guy’s need to do what’s beast for you.
chocolate lover
chocolate lover 18 orë më parë
It's ok to cry every tough guy has a soft spot......and if a man crys he isn't afraid to show how he is feeling
Katelyn Jueneman
Katelyn Jueneman 18 orë më parë
thank you for inspiring me, motivating me, humbling me, and making me smile for so many Tuesday’s!! i may not have tuesday tattooed on my skin, but it’s definitely tattooed on my heart.... lmao that’s grayson level cheesy.. srry 😁
Genius Yoongi
Genius Yoongi 19 orë më parë
No offence but the dolan twins kinda don't have friends other than other youtubers. Its mostly always just the two of them. Its only fair that they live their lives just like we, they viewers want to live ours.
Zee 19 orë më parë
Start by changing your channel name.
Floyd1504 19 orë më parë
No outro. I really hope you boys don't change it. Your outro is class!
Olivia Franks
Olivia Franks 19 orë më parë
People probably aren't going to tell you their life story it I am. I think I posted a comment like almost 1 week ago but going to do it again. First thing in going to say is sorry. What happened to you was terrible and shouldn't happen to anyone ever. I never lost a parent but I have lost people in my life. And in the same way you lost your father. I don't know what your going through cause I never had a father. I never had that best friend or person to look up to. Yes I have a mom but you know how moms are. Anyway I never had someone to talk to. I've always had to depend on my self cause my sister had grandfather my older brother had grandmother and my younger brother had mom. I was tossed to the side forgotten continues times. At school, which is fucking hell, I would get bullied everyday all the time so I know how that feels. After some things happened we moved to Arkansas. Not going to say where cause that's wired but yea. When I moved I found Sam and Colby and they became my home my everything. They made me happy. Then I found yall. Twins that were goofy, awkward, good looking and some how made me laugh and smile when you weren't even doing anything. So I would watch your videos like it was my mom telling my to do the laundry every Tuesday. Y'all became my life. Yea I hate to see the Tuesdays go but if y'all need time to process things or to find yourself again do it. I rather watch happy people making videos 1 a mounth than unhappy people who and videos 1 a week. Being your self is they only thing I want you to do even if you loss every single subscriber cause there is only one of you and you will never loss me cause of mental health issues. Your my world even if I can't get your merch or even see you on tour your my world. And I felt like I've known you for years every if I haven't even seen you. Ethan as Grayson please don't be people you don't want to be for videos oiff it stresses you out or if you hate it cause I don't know about others but I could tell something wasn't right. The little things that y'all did and said in this video. Especially you gray. I don't know I just....... It was the way you did some things you normally did I don't know. Do what you love not what random ass 3year olds tell you what to do and what to say in YOUR videos. I know this is VERY fucking long but I just hope you know that I don't care how much you post. I just care if you both are happy doing what your doing. Cause you life stated at the age I'm typing this out right know. Fucking 14!! That's scary but also not at the same time. I always wanted to do this cause of you and other people who made me think about life differently everyday. I want people to look at me and say "cause of you I didn't give up." And know I'm telling you cause you you both I didn't give up. I didn't kill myself cause of people treating me differently. Cause you made my life have purpose. So thank you for that. Love you both so very much. See you soon I hope. Peace ✌✌✌✌✌
Sophia Carroll
Sophia Carroll 19 orë më parë
When they were describing their tattoos and they started laughing ( 1:02:18 I think) that’s the laugh I missed from when they were 15. I love them and I knew that they weren’t in their best place like a couple months ago and to see them doing something better for them makes me happy. Wish y’all luck because 2020 is going to be great for you two!!
bavi Nathan
bavi Nathan 20 orë më parë
Its fucking insane how they going thru such hard time mentally and they are still some stupid girls out there oversexualizing them on their ig instead of wishing them well... absolutely disgusting smfh
dana coppock
dana coppock 20 orë më parë
You could just set work hours. You could work from morning until late afternoon. That would leave you with tour evenings and weekend. It's a job, right? Put in 40 hours and save the rest of your time for yourself.
dana coppock
dana coppock 20 orë më parë
260 Tuesdays inside of 5 years. Quick reminder...there are 52 weeks in one year.
Kalyani Deshpande
Kalyani Deshpande 20 orë më parë
I'm just putting this out there that honestly idgaf abt the breaks you guys take if you guys feel like its what you need then obviously go for it, because you guys have a life outside of youtube and if you just wanna take a break no ones stopping you we all love you both so much that your mental health is way more important than some videos❤️❤️
Valeria Rosario
Valeria Rosario 20 orë më parë
:D I love it I subscribed
Valeria Rosario
Valeria Rosario 20 orë më parë
Valeria Rosario
Valeria Rosario 20 orë më parë
h i
h i 21 orë më parë
whatever makes you happy :) posting weekly doesn’t make a difference to how everyone thinks of you and especially love you. 💘🥰 take as long as you want, if you want to move on do whatever actually makes you happy. carry on with your lives because you have an amazing future ahead of you two. 😘❤️😌
CuteFluffy Wolf
CuteFluffy Wolf 21 orë më parë
It’s gonna be hard without them these next few weeks 😔
Kenleigh Barnes
Kenleigh Barnes 22 orë më parë
I’m 18 and seeing how they change helps me realize how much I have changed. I’ve always been told to take car of yourself before you can think or do something about someone else. This is exactly what they need to do. Get your stuff together before you worry about other people. It’s hard, but you can get through it 💕
Frederik Rokamp Pedersen
Frederik Rokamp Pedersen 22 orë më parë
You are two very strong people. You’re doing great 💪🏼
Alex Rickli
Alex Rickli 22 orë më parë
You guys really have been going through a lot and it makes me happy to see that you're taking the time for yourself to relax and become who you really are. i myself have been in the position where i do so much that it drags on my mental health too and im glad to see you guys maturing your you tube selves to the level of maturity that you already have in real life. you guys are doing so well and im happy to see that.
Jenna Lasky
Jenna Lasky 22 orë më parë
Got tired of pranking each other so they decided to prank us
Everydayweeb 23 orë më parë
Ok so your 19 go live your fucking life if we truly love your then we would be supportive your guys mentle health is helping me and other people and if it means I have to wait then I'll wait bc I no that your happy and you being happy means I'm happy knowing that I'm not watching a fake person and we fucking love you so take you break and process what your going through bc we are loyal an we love you spend time with your family and love your self bc you need to worry about your self before anything else and your not disappointing anyone 😊💜💜❤❤❤❤💗
Dayton Stockwell
Dayton Stockwell 23 orë më parë
1:20 is this a coming out video?
Joyce Mata
Joyce Mata 23 orë më parë
57:31 part is so sad. The purple couch being gone awwww. But you guys,its for yourselves. u both now growing up and wanting new path than filming every week. I will miss you both doing videos ethan and ❤
Karina Villagrana
Karina Villagrana 23 orë më parë
You should talk to us your humans and all humans have emissions you should lessen to him do videos with your mom
Faqja Tjeter