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I Got Triplets At 14 

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Hey I’m Sarah and I grew up in a dirty trailer park with an evil mom who threw me out of her home just because I was a teen mom.
It all started when I was 14. I got into a relationship with an extremely manipulative boy. He convinced me that if I got pregnant, he would stop cheating on me and my mom would finally sober up.
I know it was stupid to believe him. And when I showed him my positive pregnancy test, he started laughing so hard he almost fell off his chair. I immediately realised that he had only been messing with me and getting me pregnant was nothing but a big joke to him.
Afterward, he told everyone in our school that he had pranked me into getting pregnant. And if that wasn’t bad enough, my former best friend wrote a post on Facebook, saying she was embarrassed to be friends with a pregnant trailer park girl like me.
I cried for days, because I had absolutely no one to support me. When I told my mom, she didn’t care at first. She said it was none of her business. But when my belly got bigger, I started to get a lot of attention from our neighbours and family members.
They were all very friendly and wanted to help me. But my mom hated that. She accused me of being pregnant to get attention. I told her that was ridiculous but she was so mad she said she would no longer support me financially and I would need to get a job.
Well, I quickly found a job at a kiosk. It was easy work, but being pregnant was so tiring that I fell asleep at the counter. And of course, someone decided to rob the store and he stole 20 expensive bottles.
When the owner of the kiosk found out what happened, he immediately fired me and refused to pay me my salary for the past 3 weeks of work.
I was so freaking mad. I even told my mom about what happened. And to my surprise, she got angry too. That’s why we went back to the kiosk at night and threw stones into the windows. I know this sounds crazy, but it felt so good to destroy something and for a moment me and my mom forgot about our silly feud.
But a few days later, in my 5th month of being pregnant, I was feeling so weak and exhausted that I couldn’t leave my bed anymore. I asked my mom to bring me to the hospital. But she said I should stop making such a drama and then she went back to watching ‘Judge Judy’.
Meanwhile, I peed myself because I lacked the strength to leave my bed and go to the bathroom. My last option was to call an ambulance and that’s what I did. But before they arrived I already blacked out. And the next thing I remember was waking up inside a hospital with a nurse right next to me.



18 Tet 2019




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LucyTheEvilFox 8 minuta më parë
To think I’m just a year younger than her
Ewa Kiebala
Ewa Kiebala Orë më parë
Gøry• pastel
Gøry• pastel 2 orë më parë
4:14 why does she still have a belly , i thought she had given birth before that, wtffff???
Alexis Pedregon
Alexis Pedregon 3 orë më parë
You’re a fool for believing your boyfriend
Uma Ludot
Uma Ludot 5 orë më parë
First of all, how do you get a job at a Kisokat 14 and how do you give birth in you're 5th month of being pregnant?
Erold Malate
Erold Malate 12 orë më parë
alexander beer
alexander beer 12 orë më parë
Use condom
Avaawspmegaming foss
Avaawspmegaming foss 14 orë më parë
I watch you on TikTok
Cassidy 14 orë më parë
I *GOT* triplets at 14
Cutie Pieツ
Cutie Pieツ 15 orë më parë
Her at 14=Got pregnant Me at 14=Slowly closes the fridge to see when the light turns off🤔
angelique velasquez
angelique velasquez 15 orë më parë
I cried
DablonianDavis_FK 18 orë më parë
Advertising that she broke the law
ailurophyl 19 orë më parë
she is dumb
MadMaxxxi 20 orë më parë
Okay one, how the helllll do you get “pranked” into getting pregnant? Two, how does any guy thinks it’s “just a prank” to get a girl pregnant? Like yea lol, just wait until the baby mama pranks you back with child support 😂
kookie lover
kookie lover 20 orë më parë
Y are peeps getting pregnant what's next PrEgNaTe At 12!? (Not a hate comment I'm still liking the vid)
jordan bowler
jordan bowler 21 orë më parë
“I thought my daughters would take care of themselves”
Aka that asian kid单哲韵
Aka that asian kid单哲韵 22 orë më parë
When I saw this title I was like *N O A H G E T T H E B O A T*
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Ditë më parë
This is why god abondened us...
Michael Provencial
Michael Provencial Ditë më parë
Wait a minute your aunt is gay 😑
Tyler Vongsavat
Tyler Vongsavat Ditë më parë
If I said something here it was a joke and I am sorry please forgive me.
Tyler Vongsavat
Tyler Vongsavat Ditë më parë
If I said something here it was a joke and I am sorry please forgive me.
oh yeah yeah oh yes
oh yeah yeah oh yes Ditë më parë
We hit her with that 3 card (uno)
this isfizy
this isfizy Ditë më parë
her aunty was gay ? am I right?
N9 3R9
N9 3R9 Ditë më parë
Are those stories real
Crilis Ditë më parë
what the hell is this story what
Rosalina Le Artist
Rosalina Le Artist Ditë më parë
Bullshittt. You'd be a broke bitch and the kids would be in cps care.
jojo cookie
jojo cookie Ditë më parë
i hate your lesbian anoying ant she even took your kids away she is a bitch
TheHandyHousewife Ditë më parë
How can you have three babies at age 14
KILLERMONK TR Ditë më parë
what a legend
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
All the viewers not notised pls like if you not notised or not
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
And you have 3 mothers
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
Funny story and crazy
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
You are really depresed and so stressed
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
You are crazy why do you call your aunt a aunt it should be uncle and she has long hair ok crazy crazy crazy
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
It is true that your aunt is a boy
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
And your aunt is your UNCLE and HER WIFE is your AUNT hahaha
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
And she is not monica she is MONICO hahaha
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
Your aunt is a boy because you said SHE AND HER WIFE it should be HER HUSBAND not wife hahaha so she is the father and HIS WIFE is a mother her husband is A GAY and your aunt is A TOMBOY it means a boy haha funny joke
Andrew DaBest322
Andrew DaBest322 Ditë më parë
I am here from The clicks video. R/NoahGetTheBoat . Also why the flip would you date someone at 14
i want pancakes
i want pancakes Ditë më parë
i’m 14 too... people in our grade aren’t even dating yet
Karthik Manoj
Karthik Manoj Ditë më parë
Is your aunt lesbian or gay😯🙏🙅
enk1211ify Ditë më parë
Disaster Bucket
Disaster Bucket Ditë më parë
How th would you get pregnant at 14
Solrun Debes Heinesen
Solrun Debes Heinesen Ditë më parë
-_- DINGO -_-
-_- DINGO -_- Ditë më parë
I agree with everybody in the story except for the girl
Vasemaca Rokotovitovi
Vasemaca Rokotovitovi Ditë më parë
Sad story
Charles TUHAKARAINA Ditë më parë
Wife ??????? Isn't it husband
Super Saiyan Michael
Super Saiyan Michael Ditë më parë
Omg what a scum bag
Kirito kiirgaya
Kirito kiirgaya Ditë më parë
Details 1. Horrible backstory 2. Reckless action 3. Happy ending
👁👄👁 Ditë më parë
This is cringe and I only clicked so I can spread the message
fortnite nightmare
fortnite nightmare Ditë më parë
Holy shoot she's pregnet when she's a teen holy freak
fortnite nightmare
fortnite nightmare Ditë më parë
fortnite nightmare
fortnite nightmare Ditë më parë
Oh shoot
yuhao zhao
yuhao zhao Ditë më parë
her aunt is lesbian
adrian yslas
adrian yslas Ditë më parë
Deckwolf34 Ditë më parë
Well if she got pregnant so her boyfriend wouldn’t cheat on her and her mom would go sober, THAT’S GETTING PREGNANT FOR ATTENTION!
LittleOwlAnimations Ditë më parë
wow so sad her kids got adopted when she LEFT THREE 1 YEARS OLD ALONE FOR HOURS AT A TIME
EJ entertainment have fun
somebody tell me why is the fucking video has to exist
Angie Patel
Angie Patel 2 ditë më parë
What the fuck is this Noah please get the boat
Calle Jacobson
Calle Jacobson 2 ditë më parë
Why are you being pregnant 14 That’s too young for that well I’m not especially when I’m in there remember reading about that story What some GIRL Get pregnant 13 Go to happen play ball, happy today is what I’m gonna do this today you boyfriend think what are Yala finesse I’ve been
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