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I Got Styled By An Amazon Personal Shopper 

Safiya Nygaard
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Hello friends & welcome back to our channel! A few months ago, I found out that Amazon started offering a personal shopping service. That's right, Amazon was styling people for a small fee each month - so I figured, we had to try it out to see what kind of clothing & accessories they would send me, and if they would be any good. So we took a quiz and good ole' Bezos sent me a sack of clothes. What do you guys think of my Amazon personal shopper haul?
EDIT (for clarity) - although I eliminated most color options in the quiz, I did leave on every pattern except animal print, I said that I often wear edgy styles and I also liked boho styles, said that I would try pretty much every trend except for animal print and cropped pants, and clicked "yes" on multiple silhouettes and clothing items - so they had plenty of optionality! just in case you guys missed some answers!
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Safiya N
Safiya N 4 ditë më parë
HELLO FRIENDS!! & welcome back to our channel! what did you guys think of our amazon personal shopper haul? EDIT (for clarity) - although i eliminated most color options in the quiz, i did leave on every pattern except animal print, i said that i often wear edgy styles and i also liked boho styles, and said that i would try pretty much every trend except for animal print and cropped pants - so they had plenty of optionality!
alex productions.
alex productions. Ditë më parë
hi! why do u have 6 subs
Sarah Wishloff
Sarah Wishloff Ditë më parë
I don't know if you'll see this, but I have a hand-turned gavel I'm trying to get rid of/could give you if you wanted one.
glader army
glader army Ditë më parë
@linda Sarah first of all this is your opinion about her. If you are that brave to say your opinion tell her, not me. I personally see her as an amazing and hard working girl with the best ALvid channel out here.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ditë më parë
Safiya N hi!!! I love your vdeos
ramsinte Ditë më parë
If you compared the kind of personality you show us in Channel and What Amazon item the stylist choose for you... It's not that great.. And it a big deception for me to see how they don't care in the job of pick cloth you may buy in there site. Like it's not important to them if you buy somethong 'cause you already paying the service
Sophieslazy Ditë më parë
That Crusty shirt is AWESOME! I live in Belgium so I fear the shipping costs would be too high, but NICE!
Alice Bennett
Alice Bennett Ditë më parë
I wonder if they will get better with each purchase! Try it again!!
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris Ditë më parë
Who else besides me really wants the link to that black star dress.....
Alana Lewis
Alana Lewis Ditë më parë
This is quite possibly the worst way to shop. You’ll probably get bad clothes that you don’t like and when you return it, it’s so bad for the environment. It isn’t sustainable and who even wants amazon clothes. Thank you Saf for confirming for me how bad this is.
Super_squishy_awesomeness _
Holy shit I could replace my entire wardrobe for what you just spent.
Hriya Ravoori
Hriya Ravoori Ditë më parë
Safiya picks all the black to grey colours Also safiya these clothes are quite plain
Hello Onica
Hello Onica Ditë më parë
Keep the Black Calvin Klein shirt! You look so good in it and the black dress.
Cecelia Ditë më parë
just imagine if you had a tv show. i’d watch tf outta that
Emma XxX
Emma XxX Ditë më parë
Grace Cunningham
Grace Cunningham Ditë më parë
500$ for cheap clothing that didn’t match what you put wow
I am such a hoarder i could never.
Lois Fitzpatrick
Lois Fitzpatrick Ditë më parë
Dress, gorgeous, shoes are a real NO! Everything else was pretty bland
leah wagner
leah wagner Ditë më parë
wait she said she only wears pants sometimes i thought we had to wear pants all the time?!😱
Rebe The ice cream girl
Rebe The ice cream girl Ditë më parë
Where is that hp pillow from!!!! 🙀🙀🙀 I love it
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Ditë më parë
Kris Jenner looks like Elvis' controlling stage mom who never got to live her dreams so she made her son look like her to get the effect.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Ditë më parë
Looks at Safiya's nails. Was this filmed when Christine came?
Rhiannon Eachus
Rhiannon Eachus Ditë më parë
fun fact: living in seattle, i have met some of these personal shoppers! i once was in an Uber pool with a woman who worked as one and she told me how fun it is to learn others styles! it was super cool to learn!
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins Ditë më parë
I’m 15 and like business casual 😂
Julia Nursten
Julia Nursten Ditë më parë
I liked the white wrap top on you too. It showed off your slim torso
Julia Nursten
Julia Nursten Ditë më parë
I liked the white wrap top on you too. It showed off your slim torso
Holo Theatertrash
Holo Theatertrash Ditë më parë
Anyone else notice she’s wearing here for the teal and BEnana from the nail polish mixing vid?
Kappa Ditë më parë
Idea for a video: let fans style you!
Shy Computer
Shy Computer Ditë më parë
I would love to see a part two omg!!!
josh hightower
josh hightower Ditë më parë
no Tyler try on of the pants?
Ariadna CH
Ariadna CH Ditë më parë
Try internet girl's bundle please!!!
cynrok Ditë më parë
I stopped stitchfix for the same reason, so basic. If you have an actual style they are useless. They don't edgy ever.
Aiden Cottin
Aiden Cottin Ditë më parë
I wonder if they learn from what you keep and what you return if you continue using the personal shopper or is they just donc care and the robot 😇 don’t care at all.
Aiden Cottin
Aiden Cottin Ditë më parë
Ah... you just talk about that... my bad xD
Gina T
Gina T Ditë më parë
We ALL know that Ty would KILL at being her personal stylist. No other human or cat on earth could dress Safiya like how Safiya wants to be dressed except for Tyler. And that’s on periodt
Mister Turk Turkle
Mister Turk Turkle Ditë më parë
Title is wrong.
shillen Ditë më parë
What do you mean Jeff Goldblum Bath shower curtain is a weird crap?
storkparanoia Ditë më parë
I would have the same problem. I only wear a few colors.
MsPineappleLumps Ditë më parë
I think it's sad that women have to choose their clothing according to their current state of body hair. Maybe you could make a video where you don't shave and still wear short pieces of clothing. A lot of young girls are watching this channel and maybe that would encourage them not to let society dictate what clothes you can wear. Love your videos btw :)
Elle Cook
Elle Cook Ditë më parë
Looks at Safiya's nails. Was this filmed when Christine came?
Lindsay S
Lindsay S Ditë më parë
U should take the quiz again but do the opposite of your normal answers (minus sizes) and see what u get
parkviewmo Ditë më parë
Cute dress! Analysis and evaluation of the service right on the target, well, not Target, but similar to what I was thinking. YOu know, like right!
Taylor Warrior
Taylor Warrior Ditë më parë
The white wrap top gives me "post boob job Jan Levinson" vibes
Zakiya Ditë më parë
Can someone please help me to identify the background music that starts playing around about 15:00? I know it was the theme for some show I used to watch, but I can't remember and it's bothering me.
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez Ditë më parë
I love that she still uses the intro song
Annoying Cat
Annoying Cat Ditë më parë
When i saw Safiya in white jacket and white blouse I was like: -wut?! OMG is this Safiya?? She looks so weird in white clothes But BTW I love the black dress
Came to change my username - can't think of one.
So that's why Saf is always wearing pantyhose! Lol 😜🥰
Claudio Hervian
Claudio Hervian Ditë më parë
The only thing i rembered in this video... Personal lubricant 😀 i-
Charizard Rules
Charizard Rules Ditë më parë
I like that black t shirt with the two cats
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Ditë më parë
Questionable quotes brought to you by Safiya: "smash that hole" "wham bam, hand in the clam" "this is my sack" "it feels right in my mouth"
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Ditë më parë
Safiya’s profile picture is gone 🤔 This also happened to MumboJumbo - it was a problem on ALvid’s end.
angell Ditë më parë
Sara._.blank Ditë më parë
i don’t even spend $60 on one outfit.
jannygirl11 Ditë më parë
Can we have a video where Tyler tries on everything that Safiya gets from her Amazon stylist? Yoga pants for the grand finale.
FoxSmudges Ditë më parë
Oh man, SOMEONE is on a Pokemon shopping kick ;)
ji. Ditë më parë
Kasey Gratz
Kasey Gratz Ditë më parë
that gray sweater dress would go really good with those tall uggs
Wildriver17 Ditë më parë
11:18 omg I paused the video and the freeze frame is incredible 😆
Arely perez
Arely perez Ditë më parë
😂 Why did I moan when I read "Cute and comfortable"
Angora Flubber
Angora Flubber Ditë më parë
"Bing!" No, no. You're on Amazon.
Ria Dirige
Ria Dirige Ditë më parë
Yo! Btw congrats on getting married and thanks for the review!
Haylie Jacobs
Haylie Jacobs Ditë më parë
I bet Cristine would like that Sock dress 😂
S Ditë më parë
Amazon is raking in an additional $5 for an algorithm that they call a "personal stylist"
S Ditë më parë
Should have definitely just checked black. All those light grays and whites were so out of place
Christina Tran
Christina Tran Ditë më parë
Please don’t SHAMASH the like button, just lightly tap it. It has feelings you know
Hayley Pitts
Hayley Pitts Ditë më parë
So fun story about Amazon and the clothing vending machines! They actually have "vending machines" in their factories where employees can get their gloves, box openers, etc. from. They use a certain type of credit instead of money for this. I've been inside an Amazon factory and my dad works for them lol
Dreah Bear
Dreah Bear Ditë më parë
You asked for casual clothes and you chose neutral shades.
Megan Smith
Megan Smith Ditë më parë
Safiya’s profile picture is gone 🤔 This also happened to MumboJumbo - it was a problem on ALvid’s end.
Faqja Tjeter