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How to SEW a Medical FACE MASK // TUTORIAL 

Erica Arndt
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Get the FREE PDF PATTERN here: bit.ly/2UiMwTk
Make a MASK with FABRIC TIES: alvid.info/video/m5FomrZhrZmGkJg.html
Please visit CDC here on the proper use of homemade masks here:
2 pieces 100% cotton fabric: 6" x 9" (You can also cut up old 100% cotton t-shirts!)
1 piece cotton flannel for the lining OR 100% COTTON FABRIC: 6" x 9"
2 elastic strips: 1/8" x 6” women, 7” men, 5.5” children
7" x 9" - adult male with 7" elastic straps
6" x 9" - adult female with 6" elastic straps
5" x 7" - child size with 5.5" elastic straps
OUT OF ELASTIC? Use ribbon or fabric ties 18”-20” in length.
See my video on how to make a mask with fabric ties here: alvid.info/video/m5FomrZhrZmGkJg.html
OPTIONAL: To make the nose are a fit better you can sew a wire ribbon, pipe cleaner, or baggie tie to the lining piece before sewing all three layers together. :)
*** Masks are re-usable, but must be sanitized before/after each use! Machine wash warm and tumble dry low. ***
* Use tightly woven cotton fabric, or hospital grade material.
* Keep in mind men and women will be wearing the masks when choosing fabric for mask that will be donated.
* Contact local health facilities to see if they are in need of donations.

Currently, the supply of surgical masks is at a critical all-time low throughout the entire nation. As a community of sewists, this is a great way we can band together and make a huge difference in this time of need!
In addition to helping medical staff during critical shortages, these masks can be used at home as well. While wearing homemade face masks will not prevent against catching a respiratory illness, they can help reduce the spread of large particles when someone sneezes or coughs.
* Fabric: 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric (I used a line from Bonnie and Camille for Moda)
* Juki TL2000 Qi: amzn.to/2MYdOZu
* Aurifil 50wt Thread: amzn.to/33gN1Af
* Oliso Pro Smart Iron: amzn.to/2ZbppJE
* Scissors: amzn.to/2tvesWm
* Wonder Clips: amzn.to/2tr1s4e
*** QUILT on the Wall Behind me ***
Vintage Spring Quilt Pattern: bit.ly/2IMAGw2
**** FIND ME HERE ****
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Music: epidemicsound.com/referral/9mkkpu/



21 Mar 2020




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Sherry Case
Sherry Case 39 minuta më parë
LOVE that you talk me through it. many video's just have printed information and I have eye issues. You have a lovely voice and made me smile :-) Thanks for doing this.
Rachel Rivera
Rachel Rivera 48 minuta më parë
I haven't sewn for a long time, don't know if I can even start my sewing machine LOL. It really looks easy, I might do it by hand & see how it comes out, I'm a Home Health Nurse, I do home visit, I think this would work for me. Thanks
David Robinson
David Robinson Orë më parë
These came out so cute and you made it look so easy!! You happen to live in Arizona? We could make a video together haha
Elle 2 orë më parë
What setting do I use on my machine? Have no idea what stitch, length and width is best
Hannah W
Hannah W 2 orë më parë
Do you have recommendations on how big to cut the fabric for a child and a toddler size? Looking to make one for my 2 year old. Thanks!
caroleverman 2 orë më parë
The best fabric to use is 100 percent cotton
BB CC 3 orë më parë
Thank you so much good explanation and easy to do it 🙏
Gwyn Quiros
Gwyn Quiros 3 orë më parë
I have seen many mask tutorials. I have yet to see a tutorial where they put on the mask after it is made. I would like to see how the masks actually fit. No one is willing to show that.
Leticia Valdez
Leticia Valdez 3 orë më parë
Will an 6×8" work for women?
Erika Wilson
Erika Wilson 3 orë më parë
Thank you! That's the simple tutorial I was hoping for!
Kev Jao
Kev Jao 3 orë më parë
Can these be washed and reused?
Jordan Alexandra
Jordan Alexandra 5 orë më parë
Does anybody have any recommendation for something other than flannel inside?
Kathryn Perkins
Kathryn Perkins 5 orë më parë
This is one of the best tutorials for this type of mask! It's relatively easy, and serves the purpose well. Thanks so much for posting this!
Lisa Puerto
Lisa Puerto 5 orë më parë
I just have to do this because project
Heather Butler
Heather Butler 8 orë më parë
i love sewing, cant wait to make some👍👍👍
MsNevadaTan 8 orë më parë
Thank You for this vid! An old t-shirt turned into a mask and it was pretty easy
The Beauty Slayer
The Beauty Slayer 8 orë më parë
Yeah I’m sewing by hand because all sewing machines are sold out. I ordered a hand one online won’t be here till next week & im pregnant with a crappy immense system so I’m making one by hand. I messed up & put the elastic facing out instead of in so the one side was the wrong way when I turned it inside out! Noooooooo!!!
Anne Bitzer
Anne Bitzer 9 orë më parë
Perfect directions. Thank you.
Alex Cordova
Alex Cordova 9 orë më parë
Great video
DeeDee Vermillion
DeeDee Vermillion 10 orë më parë
Thank you so much! I have made 5 masks so far and about to complete 7 more. What size do you recommend for a child ( 5 yrs old)?
Mind blowing galaxy
Mind blowing galaxy 10 orë më parë
Best mask ever
Copper Angel
Copper Angel 10 orë më parë
Great tutorial! Thank you!
Jean Zaccardelli
Jean Zaccardelli 15 orë më parë
thankyou for the idea of the facemask .im in N E Scotland so im going to try to make some for my local Medical Centre .thanks for sharring in such worrying times .
Ashley Hallman
Ashley Hallman 17 orë më parë
I just tried to do this with all fabric & by hand. I've gotta say even though one of my straps broke loose it didn't look that bad considering I have no clue what I'm doing. I originally wanted to make one for myself & if it turned out ok make several & donate them. Well that's obviously not gonna happen just yet but I've at least found a hobby to keep me occupied rather than watching the news & social media & stressing myself out even more so. I've got to hand it to all those that sew it takes extreme paitance for this. I would say it isn't easy but that's only because I'm new to it. I'm not giving up though. Challenge accepted😊.
Lynda Kirkness
Lynda Kirkness 17 orë më parë
Mine does not stay up covering my nose. What do I do?
Rahila Zia
Rahila Zia 18 orë më parë
Well done God bless you 😘
Lisha Papert Lercari
Lisha Papert Lercari 18 orë më parë
Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson! I'm old, and so is my sewing machine, and even I could make these face masks.
Persida Graham
Persida Graham 18 orë më parë
Prewash the fabric or no?
Craig Prince
Craig Prince 19 orë më parë
I added a twist tie so we could pinch it around the nose.
Terry VonHagel
Terry VonHagel 19 orë më parë
Thank you
megan droste
megan droste 20 orë më parë
**cries in hand-sewer**
Valerie Goldberg
Valerie Goldberg 20 orë më parë
Looks like a better mask than the one I’ve been doing. Quicker, less pleats. Thank you!!!
Isabel Thompson
Isabel Thompson 20 orë më parë
I don't have flannel so I am just using cotton so three layers of cotton
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I hope no one has made the mistake of ironing over them yet
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt 5 orë më parë
I ironed our masks after washing and the elastic was fine.
Fan Cool
Fan Cool 22 orë më parë
Some time ago, I couldn't buy masks, and major supermarkets were sold out. Now, fortunately, some friends sent me a few, so I can have masks. I hope the days will be better and better.
Momo pets
Momo pets 22 orë më parë
Thank you. It looks easy. I will try it tomorrow
Alia 23 orë më parë
"5 minutes"? 5 hours is more like it. First of all cutting the material is a very tedious process, then you don't stress enough to make sure the handles are facing inward, (and you should!) as the first one I did came out wrong (the handles were inside when I turned it inside out asI had them facing outward when I pinned). Also, good luck finding the materials. The only fabric I could find, were precut packages in Walmarts. No one to cut the flannel, so I had to settle for a cotton jersey which doesn't hold the folds. And elastic? All gone. Just happened to have enough to make one mask and it will be several months before I can get more I'm sure. All the craft stores are closed. Finally, compared to the few medical masks I have, I don't think they cover the face very well, especially the nose to chin. Maybe it should be 6.5-7 x 9?
Denisse Villanueva
Denisse Villanueva 23 orë më parë
What about if i don't have a sewing machine?
Anna Grace
Anna Grace Ditë më parë
Thank you so much for making such a simple, easy to follow tutorial! I’ve been struggling with other tutorials figuring out how to make the pleats (I’m just a little challenged haha) and this is the first one that’s made me feel like I can do this no problem! You’re awesome ❤️
Tracy Larson
Tracy Larson Ditë më parë
Really great tutorial. Thanks so much.
Donna Clements
Donna Clements Ditë më parë
Those are some exquisite quilts in the background! Did you make those? Incredible and beautiful they are. Thank you for this tutorial. I like how you got the crucial instructions down without taking a year to 'deliver' them.
Deborah Finnemore
Deborah Finnemore Ditë më parë
I just finished my first mask! Have NO sewing machine so did it by hand. Had 1/2" elastic that I cut in half...worked great! Instead of stitching straight around (which I could not do) I did a Blanket stitch by hand all the way around, which will hold all in place and actually looks very nice. First one took me 1 1/2 hrs but now that I've figured out how to work around my issue of NO SEWING MACHINE! Your directions are very clear and easy to follow...thank you!
Sadie Ditë më parë
Should have a added a thin metal piece for the nose area to tighten around it and have a tighter seal. Nonetheless, still neat.
Janet Ditë më parë
Thank you very much for a great and easy video . I’m going to give this a try tomm. God Bless and stay safe!
Independent Insurance Agents
I am a Respiratory therapist and I am warning people not to think that these type of mask will help. They will not. A mask has to be able to keep viral particles from penetrating throw a face mask. N95 are made for that purpose. A cloth on your face will not stop people from inhaling the particles. It will go straight through the cloth. I know something is better than nothing but these are going to become a disaster when people find that they are being infected even though they put on these cloth mask. Facts about cloth masks Despite their good intentions, the simple fact is that home-sown cloth masks are nearly useless in protecting against the virus, as Wirecutter reports, and should only be a very last resort for practitioners in the field. In the age of coronavirus, personal protective equipment (PPEs) like surgical masks, gloves, and face shields are becoming increasingly hard to come by. And that’s really bad news: without healthy healthcare workers, no treatment. No treatment, more deaths. “Homemade face masks are not considered [PPEs], and should be an option only when there are absolutely no respirators or face masks left, and used with other protective equipment, such as face shields,” CDC spokesperson Arleen Porcell told Wirecutter in an email. “It’s important to note that this strategy is considered a last resort and does not adhere to the typical standards of care in the US, but acknowledges the hard realities on the ground,” Porcell added. The best case scenario for practitioners remains to be N95-certified respirator masks, as they catch more than 95 percent of particulates. Surgical masks simply create a physical barrier and don’t seal. Studies have confirmed the fact that homemade cloth masks are pretty terrible at catching viruses. A 2013 Cambridge University study found that tea towels and vacuum cleaner bags were far closer to the effectiveness of actual surgical masks in blocking a certain type of virus.
hailen s.
hailen s. Ditë më parë
can u show how to hand sew these
Kim Hofschire
Kim Hofschire Ditë më parë
Thank you for sharing, bless you
MJay Lith
MJay Lith Ditë më parë
Thanks~cool iron!
commandment 613
commandment 613 Ditë më parë
Great job Erica, I too created similar content trying to help mitigate the spread of this virus
Qurien Gaming
Qurien Gaming Ditë më parë
Masks don't particularly prevent things getting to you but prevent things getting away from you. Ie preventing people from spreading it when they have it
R Whozit
R Whozit Ditë më parë
Been looking at several mask tutorial videos today and I have to say this is the best one. Clear, easy to follow directions and well done. Plus she adds the flannel in the middle. And she presses. I'm not a great sewer, mostly grocery bags, sunglass cases, easy stuff, but it drives me nuts when people don't press! LOL Ya gotta press. Stay healthy everyone.
Terry Raines
Terry Raines Ditë më parë
Kinga B
Kinga B Ditë më parë
Going to make some this weekend.Thank you for an excellent tutorial :)
Magenta Billett
Magenta Billett Ditë më parë
I can tell just by looking that the elastic you are using in this video is one quarter inch wide.
Miriam Ortega
Miriam Ortega Ditë më parë
Can I use something else for the cotton flannel or is it necessary? Everything is out of stock in the sewing department stores and sewing sections of any Walmart around where I live...
Gillian Wallace
Gillian Wallace 7 orë më parë
You don't need flannel. You can just use two layers of good quality cotton, preferably different colours or patterns so you can tell which side is which.
leeann petig
leeann petig Ditë më parë
What a wonderful idea I am going to try to get the supplies to make some and donate.
Kelly Moran
Kelly Moran Ditë më parë
I think it's a great tutorial. Easy instructions and I made a mask. I find it very big with open gaps around my nose and by my ears... is there something I can do to prevent this? The mask would serve no purpose with open gaps like that unless I put it over a N95. thanks tips are welcome pls!
Margie Speckman
Margie Speckman Ditë më parë
I loved your tutorial. I'm so glad you included the PDF. Thank you!
Re Leon
Re Leon Ditë më parë
Thank you for share
Garras Porgratix
Garras Porgratix Ditë më parë
How come there are NO videos by black people making face masks?
kevin brydebell
kevin brydebell Ditë më parë
What kind of sewing machine should I get my wife is a nurse and I want to help make them?
Cissie Elberson
Cissie Elberson Ditë më parë
I should add, that 30-minute time includes my cutting, pressing and pinning time. It would go faster if I had a helper.
Cissie Elberson
Cissie Elberson Ditë më parë
I have made almost 40 masks for my daughter, her co-workers and their families. They are NOT a "five-minute" project! Just for fun I timed my last batch: I do them "assembly line" fashion and each mask takes me approximately 30 minutes to make. Time well spent...but let's be honest!!
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt Ditë më parë
Hi Cissie, we made ours in about 5 minutes when making one mask. Of course 40 will take quite a bit longer :) And you'll get faster as you go! Thanks for helping out in this way!
Elz :D
Elz :D Ditë më parë
Thanks we made a great mask!
Kathy P
Kathy P Ditë më parë
Thank you for the tutorial! Love how quick you put them together! :)
Gina Sandoval
Gina Sandoval Ditë më parë
Wow! That was fast!
sed6 Ditë më parë
I'm going to cut up some old tee shirts to make my first ones. Maybe I'll center up the chest printing or the breast pocket logo and make something memorable. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial!
Lonely Parents
Lonely Parents Ditë më parë
This seems a nice craft project with children in lockdown :) thanks Erica
Mary Potter
Mary Potter Ditë më parë
Totally easy project. 👍
Rachel Halgren
Rachel Halgren Ditë më parë
ive already made 200+ masks with this style and i aint changing it any time soon. pass to everbody that asks! it's quick, sturdy and such a great finished style!! THANK YOU!
Jessica Branchizio
Jessica Branchizio Ditë më parë
Every time I make these, they are wayyyyy too big for my face 🙈 They just fall off. Has anyone else ran into this?! I'm pretty sure my face is normal, but maybe I'm wrong. Any tips?!
Amanda Dugan
Amanda Dugan 21 orë më parë
2 tips: 1- I made 2 darts at the top on the left and right sides, about 1/4” each. 2- I used T shirt yarn (google it) instead of elastic for the ear loops. Knot it where it feels comfortable. You’d think the knot would be uncomfortable but it’s not.
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt Ditë më parë
Make the elastic shorter, try 6"
sed6 Ditë më parë
Yep, make it smaller! 👍
brenda murley
brenda murley Ditë më parë
thank you for the tutorial. I am a super beginner and this was actually easy enough. works for me just as a barrier to be a bit more protected
Debbi Marsey
Debbi Marsey Ditë më parë
I'm 50 years old and have never learned to sew. I used my moms sewing machine and made one. Now i have made several for people.
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Debbi Marsey keep it up
Kenny Manley
Kenny Manley Ditë më parë
Is the flannel as a center layer necessary? I only have cotton 😕
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt Ditë më parë
Just use three layers of 100% cotton fabric
Chantal F
Chantal F Ditë më parë
Very nice of you to share this! Clear directions. Probably even I can make a few! Thanks sew -much! :-)
Dream Design
Dream Design Ditë më parë
Thank you for the tutorial it was the bases for my masks. I did a couple of tweaks and put in a nose wire and instead of the flannel inside I just used another piece of cotton I found the flannel to heavy. Thank you for sharing this i''m making them for family and to donate to a retirement home whose in need.
linda perkins
linda perkins Ditë më parë
Thank you
Deb Peterson
Deb Peterson Ditë më parë
Thanks so much for this, it's the best one I've seen.
Jayce Smith
Jayce Smith Ditë më parë
Very easy DIY mask and great at explaining it, Thank you.
bammbamm6707 Ditë më parë
Thanks for the video,, so easy to follow,, made a few tonight,,,
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