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Liza Koshy
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I've waited this long to tell you...
...that I went to Italy 6 months ago with my family and fell in love with the country and several men in it. And a pigeon.
This life has been a heaven of a ride... thank you for riding with me.
I'll see you unexpectedly again, very soon.
Videographers: Liza Koshy, Mama Koshy, Papa Koshy, O. Koshy, R. Koshy
Editor: My bro, Mark C. Roe
Produced by Westbrook Media (and me lol)
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TIKTOK: @lizzza
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I thank you, I've missed you, and I am so happy to be here with you.
All my love always,




13 Shk 2020




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Heath Roe
Heath Roe Ditë më parë
Liza said, "I've uncovered Michel Angelo's glory hole." LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corrina Suri
Corrina Suri Ditë më parë
This was beautiful
JJWSVTK abi Ditë më parë
The fact that she got to be with her family and got to be happy is amazing.
Stella Rae
Stella Rae Ditë më parë
I had listen to her song more than once lmaoo
Big Mark
Big Mark Ditë më parë
I'm from Milan and I'm proud of your Italian ❤ #prada #fendi
Mel Ilian
Mel Ilian Ditë më parë
Am I the only one who hasn't understood most of her words in this video?
Ariana A
Ariana A Ditë më parë
We love papa koshy
Haya A
Haya A Ditë më parë
My jaw hurts from smiling.
lolinche24 Ditë më parë
I was in firenze as the same time as you and i didn't saw you :(
Gabrijela Santic
Gabrijela Santic Ditë më parë
Arianna 99
Arianna 99 Ditë më parë
I'm a very sad Italian fan cuz you were in the South of Italy while I live in the North TT It's okay I still love you
Nettie Knudsen
Nettie Knudsen Ditë më parë
Danielle Richards
Danielle Richards Ditë më parë
I might just be sleep deprived but I started crying in the end.... just me?
clauscrap Ditë më parë
Such a cute video 😍
Cameron Helmkay
Cameron Helmkay Ditë më parë
the fact that she looks so happy is making me cry of joyyyy SO HAPPY WND PROUD OF YOUUUU
lynris Ditë më parë
og fans know what she posted on wednesday’s 😏
giwon shin
giwon shin Ditë më parë
Hannah Sitler
Hannah Sitler Ditë më parë
This made me cry such wholesome content but still hilarious I love it
Bianka Majic
Bianka Majic Ditë më parë
❤️❤️❤️I LOVE YOUU❤️❤️❤️
Chase Manning
Chase Manning Ditë më parë
So that's wut her dad looks likeee
Tanatswa Taruvinga
Tanatswa Taruvinga Ditë më parë
i just...uh goddamn it i love you so much
城新 Ditë më parë
Why is she talking like Borat?? ;)
Paula Vlastelić
Paula Vlastelić Ditë më parë
so next up is Croatia
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Ditë më parë
For a minute in the beginning Liza sounded like "an cermet". Liza and Jenna Marbles need to collab.
Hessed3712 Ditë më parë
I love this video! Please be back! Why did dude just have a fluff bunny on his shoulder?
koolaidmonster Rawr
koolaidmonster Rawr Ditë më parë
4:36 the most beautiful singing I've heard! Also "She's choking me lightly on cameraaaaaa
koolaidmonster Rawr
koolaidmonster Rawr Ditë më parë
@Ask to seduce Miss oh hello um didn't expect someone to reply so fast..
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Ditë më parë
I love love love love love you Liza !
Amy Isaacs
Amy Isaacs Ditë më parë
I cried, this blog made me think about my family! It’s so genuine, and lovely! Really heartwarming! It’s all about love
Umber Batool
Umber Batool Ditë më parë
i love how she's falling in love with life
Ginger Ditë më parë
You should go to Cannes, it’s in France but a really great place!!
Oliwia W.
Oliwia W. Ditë më parë
This was the most beautiful video you ever made ❤️ forever in love with italy
Lotte de Kraker
Lotte de Kraker Ditë më parë
My friends met you in Rome! Hope you had a wonderful time
riddhi sharma
riddhi sharma Ditë më parë
Dude your dad looks like Rajnikanth
Praises Burwaa
Praises Burwaa Ditë më parë
Liza's sisters are GORGEOUS!!!! :))))
Marisela Salazar
Marisela Salazar Ditë më parë
Wait I’m confused does she live in Italy now or what???
Saritha Reddy
Saritha Reddy Ditë më parë
Oh Liza, my Rockstar ❤️
Molly Ditë më parë
I couldn't stop thinking about Lizzie McGuire...
Maliboo Ditë më parë
*L❤️VED every second of this!!!!*
Jamie-Leah Reilly
Jamie-Leah Reilly Ditë më parë
Love the Rick Steves guidebook from the library 😁
King xXZEROXx Ditë më parë
Idk why i clicked hoping to see David
Walter Marroquin
Walter Marroquin Ditë më parë
I miss Liza 😢😭
low 001
low 001 Ditë më parë
I love love love love love you Liza !
low 001
low 001 Ditë më parë
I love love love love love you Liza !
_Jc_ Jelee babee
_Jc_ Jelee babee Ditë më parë
I love this, i forgot how important my dose of liza is
sarah t.
sarah t. Ditë më parë
"This life has been a heaven of a ride." I like that.
Zane Babrāne
Zane Babrāne Ditë më parë
Now i want to go to Rome because of those beautiful pigeons...you know i once was in St. Petersburg and there were cool pigeons too but these ones look cooler:(
MRxDingleberry Ditë më parë
David dobrick
Ruth Kennedy
Ruth Kennedy Ditë më parë
Such a sweet and wholesome video. So happy that you guys had a great time and thank you for sharing some joy with us. 😊🖤
YuXuan Chu
YuXuan Chu Ditë më parë
When I went to Italy I saw that EXACT cat
Super Godzilla
Super Godzilla Ditë më parë
Hey Liza I voted for you from kid choice awards
noitsawkward Ditë më parë
our generation's Eat Pray Love
Noor Ditë më parë
where were you! i want to go thereeee
miss internetty
miss internetty Ditë më parë
I love italy and Tuscany is my favorite...and Venice...
Peyton Carson
Peyton Carson Ditë më parë
the “cute guy” she passed looks like the guy from love island😂 2:07
Carol mullins
Carol mullins Ditë më parë
Liza: *does stupid thing down stairs and doesn’t fall* Me: *walks normal and falls 4 flights of stairs*
Liana Gao
Liana Gao Ditë më parë
*“My name is Gucci Gucci Liza koochi, with a little side of poochi, my poochi is so Gucci.”*
deeforean Ditë më parë
Veronika Ditë më parë
i live in tome and this is so cuteeeeeee I wish I felt this enthusiastic about this cuty
Sarnava's studio
Sarnava's studio Ditë më parë
6:01 Flash back 🤤
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose Ditë më parë
Sis out here being the best she can be💕💕💕
AVA TARBOX Ditë më parë
Faqja Tjeter