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Everything Wrong With The Addams Family 1991 

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With a new animated Addams family coming soon, we went back to the original film from 1991 and guess what... we found sins.
Thursday: Recent scary sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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8 Tet 2019




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Justin Stanek
Justin Stanek 3 orë më parë
The Gomez laughing while the Director passes him in the train is still the funniest scene.
HorrorJunky 4 Life
HorrorJunky 4 Life 7 orë më parë
I love you CinemaSins but I will completely disagree with you on sinning this movie. It's one of my top 5 favorites and is based on the cartoon by Charles Addams. It's not really suppose to make sense. On another note, I miss Raul Julia.
MsCristyn83 8 orë më parë
CinemaSins: "Everything Wrong With The Addams Family 1991" Me: "Who cares? I still love it!" :)
EXOTIC BUTTERS 8 orë më parë
The first time someone falls through the trash shoot it shows Wednesdays shoot on the left. In the rest of the scenes her shoot is on the right ...
Awzome Cool
Awzome Cool 13 orë më parë
No! , there's nothing wrong with them
Tara Naval
Tara Naval 15 orë më parë
Aw c'mon, you know you love this movie....
Micheal Tarver
Micheal Tarver 18 orë më parë
Actually the latin statement in the credo may well be correct. Google translate is not a good place to translate latin statements, especially not since there's multiple forms of latin and most translations are limited to the proper rather than the vulgate or dog latin, which has been used in comedy for centuries. Gonna have to sin you there Cinemasins. Here's an excellent discussion of the matter. addamses.blogspot.com/2009/03/real-meaning-behind-addams-family-motto.html
SunnysFilms 18 orë më parë
Wait, you're not going to add a sin for Thing stopping after telling Gomez that Morticia is in danger without telling him where or how or why or for Wednesday and Pugsley inexplicably having graves dug in the exact location that Penderschloss and Tully land after being ejected from the window WITH marked headstones for both? And no sin off for "Are they made with real Girl Scouts?"?? You guys must be slipping ;) Oh well. It's been a while so, while I'm here - SIN THE PRESTIGE.
Lauren Perfetto
Lauren Perfetto 20 orë më parë
How about no you crusty fuck
Myrle Weenson
Myrle Weenson 22 orë më parë
Hey I was looking at your merch, and that property of Prometheus school shirt is really cool. I noticed There wasn’t an option to get that on a hoodie which is what I would buy in a second! If you could fix that or show me where I’m wrong I would appreciate it. I think it would be totally bad ass
Curve :P
Curve :P Ditë më parë
Question: so is this guy a judge, angry neighbor, auctioneer, a supporter of children in the arts or a blood loving pyscho Answer: *Yes*
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Ditë më parë
How dare you.
evan armstrong
evan armstrong Ditë më parë
You obviously do not understand the humor that this movie embodies. It was perfect. It took a leap of dry humor and creepiness the original tv show exuded. I loved it!
Sabreena Raue
Sabreena Raue Ditë më parë
I thought that the 1991 Addams Family Movie was alright.
Todd Pund
Todd Pund Ditë më parë
Gonna have to sin this effort to sin Addams family for not making sense. Welcome to the point. Edit - Also, they aren't opposite. They explicitly contradict themselves scene by scene. The fact that you focus incorrectly on the opposite thing really shows how badly you missed the point.
Košarkarska Zvezda
Košarkarska Zvezda Ditë më parë
He didn't even mention that the amount of doubloons he was carrying in his briefcase could have easily paid off what he owed a hundred times over and have him retire to a private island in the tropics 😂
Wolfsong 27
Wolfsong 27 Ditë më parë
I think this the first and only film cinema sins has sinned that doesn’t have any logos at the beginning of the film!
Jacksepticeye / AntiSepticeye
3:34 : the joke here is Gomez is a vampire, therefore him coughing up less blood is concerning because that means he isn't feeding as much.
RrAaSsZz RS Ditë më parë
@5:27 night terrors. Screaming when asleep not necessarily associated with actually being afraid
Paivi Project
Paivi Project Ditë më parë
Okay that was funny 👍 I think I should watch it now again...I sure like the old stuff. Much fun & enjoyed ! I love Sally ! Thanks Sounds like a lot of fun ahead 👍
Alan Eduardo
Alan Eduardo Ditë më parë
You forgot the fact that Morticia wakes up with a full face of makeup on
Gem Star
Gem Star Ditë më parë
You guys should do a video for the Borrowers(1997), that movie is so great and so awful at the same time, because sometimes a bad movie is better than a boring movie(seriously tho, it’d be hilarious, there’s a lot wrong with it lmao)
Joe Petrizzo
Joe Petrizzo Ditë më parë
You missed the most obvious sin: the fact that the whole Morticia is captured scene goes from night to day to night in about a half a second.
Indi Christiansen
Indi Christiansen Ditë më parë
If anyone has seen the doctor who episode flatline, that part where the doctor moves the tarsus with his hand sticking out the door is comedic gold!
Blue Collar Hero
Blue Collar Hero Ditë më parë
Well the car was a VW Bug so maybe it's a bottomless money pit?
katemildlyyy _
katemildlyyy _ Ditë më parë
Still a classic after 3 decades
katemildlyyy _
katemildlyyy _ Ditë më parë
Took a whole 3 decades for you to make this
LaToya M
LaToya M Ditë më parë
Loveeeeeeee cinemasins
eggsmonday Ditë më parë
in an alternate universe somewhere, there is a version of The Addams Family that is R-rated because at 1:58 Wednesday says "fuck you, Lurch"
Eze Dos Ka
Eze Dos Ka 2 ditë më parë
Man you really suck at nitpicking don't you?
Maisie Drybrough
Maisie Drybrough 2 ditë më parë
I swear I only watch CinemaSins because I get a free movie out of it.
BadAss Jayla
BadAss Jayla 2 ditë më parë
Do Addams Family Values
serena SESSOU
serena SESSOU 2 ditë më parë
**me reads the tittle** Thomas as never seen such BS befor 😠🚂...
Steven Jimenez
Steven Jimenez 2 ditë më parë
what's more wrong, Die Hard being the best Xmas movie OR you calling Lurch human? HMMMM?! #whoissinningnow
Mark Lundberg
Mark Lundberg 2 ditë më parë
Nick ? Umk
Mark Lundberg
Mark Lundberg 2 ditë më parë
Mark Lundberg
Mark Lundberg 2 ditë më parë
Mark Lundberg
Mark Lundberg 2 ditë më parë
Mark Lundberg
Mark Lundberg 2 ditë më parë
Mark Lundberg
Mark Lundberg 2 ditë më parë
jennifer burns
jennifer burns 2 ditë më parë
Bruh this youtuber is a GOLD DIGGER he just says what is wrong with movies and series for subs and likes just to get MONEY
serendipity 2 ditë më parë
I had to do the snap intro
Collin Burton
Collin Burton 2 ditë më parë
I enjoyed the video, but stuff like the books, the train, and a bunch of other things that seemed out of place were references pulled from the Addams Family comics. So, less sins and more call backs to the roots.
Damien guerra
Damien guerra 2 ditë më parë
Did this mans really just put a sin counter for there being a Carol in the opening??
DannyJane 2 ditë më parë
Why does nobody mention that the Latin translation of "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us" is utterly incorrect. The motto actually should read (bearing in mind my Latin grammar is rusty) "Nos libenter esse in conviviis, qui nobiscum subicite". Couldn't the producers find someone to give them a more accurate translation?
Ivory Sire
Ivory Sire 2 ditë më parë
It's a sin to sin movies that are meant to be goofy and even parodies.
Kimberley Luoto
Kimberley Luoto 2 ditë më parë
Damn.......why do I feel like this is just not right? It’s the Addams Family, dammit! 🧐
Steven Abelson
Steven Abelson 2 ditë më parë
A channel on political sins should be constructed.
good Soviets
good Soviets 2 ditë më parë
Yes you finally done this because the is my favorite movie
Gary Whitney
Gary Whitney 2 ditë më parë
There's nothing wrong with this movie the choices are camptastic.
NinjaNezumi 2 ditë më parë
Actually you are wrong about restraining orders. They are fucked, yo. www.reddit.com/r/socialjustice/comments/dcqcy0/tcpos_their_rising_abuse_and_potential_to_target/ The "technicality" of being told by a person of authority is often ignored by counties, and a Lawyer or officer of the court/public servant of any kind can give notice, which Tully is. Once a person has notice they cannot be present on the grounds without police being present. There are more fucked up things about restraining orders, esp in states like Colorado and California. And guess what - no Judges are forced to recuse themselves. Judges have the "option" to recuse themselves, and only in severe cases are judges actually forced to do anything due to the concept of "self governing counties" in states with toothless oversight laws.
Morgan Thorpe
Morgan Thorpe 2 ditë më parë
“How does he know this dance?” “He was fester all along. A detail the movie hasn’t even hinted at” Um... yes they did 😂😂😂
NinjaNezumi 2 ditë më parë
Lurch isn't human +1 sin for Cinema Sins XD
The Dude
The Dude 2 ditë më parë
Did anyone else recognize the quote from the big labowski in there
Miranda 2 ditë më parë
you must be fun at parties..
Rosa 2 ditë më parë
Sin for the oscars.
Geeky Foods
Geeky Foods 2 ditë më parë
Now do the Adams Family Values next.
Amiria Shuler
Amiria Shuler 3 ditë më parë
I feel so disrespected, but I'll watch anyways. Sin #92 Muscle Memory
polo palm
polo palm 3 ditë më parë
cinemasins doesn t know from where they rip off then cool train scene. let not tell them
polo palm
polo palm 3 ditë më parë
paul kirchner like this comment
Nathan Mather
Nathan Mather 3 ditë më parë
At 7:29 you say “super happy fun slide,” but the subtitles say “super fun happy slide.” Physician, heal thyself!
Cody 3 ditë më parë
The real sin is that the 240sx in the car scene did not have stock wheels
Rosali Huber
Rosali Huber 3 ditë më parë
"Everything wrong with the Addams Family" Me: *breaths sharp* How could you?
GamePlayMetal 3 ditë më parë
Every single "sin" can be boiled down to: "I don't understand comedy"
Random Gummy Bear
Random Gummy Bear 3 ditë më parë
Don't ruin one of my favourite films for me........
Rhayra Erick
Rhayra Erick 3 ditë më parë
Is there a EWW Addams Family 2? Because if there is, don't forget Amanda and the Girl Scout are the same person.
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