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Can Singapore's coronavirus success last? | Foreign Correspondent 

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“Let us...take sensible precautions, help one another, stay calm and carry on with our lives” Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

While the world shuts down in an effort to control the coronavirus pandemic, Singapore is more or less business as usual. Its schools and universities remain open and its restaurants and malls are operating - albeit with fewer customers.

So how has this Island State kept the new coronavirus under control, despite its strong business and cultural links with China?

As we find out in The Singapore Solution, the country was well prepared with a pandemic response plan. Once the world learned of this new coronavirus in December last year, the government acted on it.

Like many Asian countries, Singapore learned about the power of pandemics the hard way. When the deadly SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus spread through north Asia seventeen years ago, governments were unprepared.

SARS killed hundreds of people across Asia, including thirty-three people in Singapore.

"We’ve been preparing for this since SARS…this is something that is firmly etched in Singapore’s medical history", explains Australian doctor Dale Fisher, an infectious diseases expert who arrived in Singapore during that epidemic and is now part of the team battling the coronavirus.

To beat COVID19, the Singaporeans have set up a network of clinics where symptomatic people can seek advice and if necessary, get sent for testing. Those who are positive are quarantined and tightly monitored.

Singaporeans are being asked to download a tracing app onto their phones. Those who are infected are subject to the ‘contact tracing’ system, where health officials track down all those who’ve had contact with them.

Penalties for breaching these orders can be harsh. "If…they’re caught…there are jail terms", says Prof. Dale Fisher.

Other measures include temperature checks outside public buildings and schools - those with a high temperature must go home - and clear public health messaging and information.

While the measures might evoke fears of a ‘Surveillance State’, they have been successful in flattening the rise of infections. The key to success has been to act fast and comprehensively.

Despite their success so far, authorities remain vigilant. As Singaporeans flock home to escape outbreaks elsewhere, the number of cases has begun to rise again. The government is tightening it’s polices and already the pandemic plan is being updated. Critics are asking if it’s enough.

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31 Mar 2020




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ABC News In-depth
ABC News In-depth Muaj më parë
Hi there guys, thanks for watching. We made a mistake with our spelling of Singapore's Health Ministers name at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1157">19:17</a>, it should be spelt Gan Kim Yong, sorry for this error.
Jack Penny
Jack Penny 22 ditë më parë
Did you know that Gan Kim Yong is bisexual?
Derek Williams
Derek Williams 26 ditë më parë
@C N What is a "left wing bias" according to you?
martinled1234 Muaj më parë
ABC News In-depth - you may need to reassess your claims in this video.
E L Muaj më parë
Well, not the only error you have made.....
Lee S
Lee S Muaj më parë
Tse Yi Abdul Salim Muhammad How about putting community and family wellbeing above individual right? Don’t spin that like it’s a bad thing to trust our elected officials and government who work very hard.
elle Ditë më parë
i guess the answer is no
Sky News Midlands Today
Sky News Midlands Today 5 ditë më parë
Beet the coronavirus
Sky News Midlands Today
Sky News Midlands Today 5 ditë më parë
George McGovern
George McGovern 14 ditë më parë
The WHO has botched this Pandemic so much, I wouldn't trust any advisor to that corrupt and politized agency
Philip edward Sumugat
Philip edward Sumugat 17 ditë më parë
So this expert told others that wearing mask without being sick is unnecessary and he is same person giving advice to WHO? hmm........... really.
ChoonieYen Gd
ChoonieYen Gd 19 ditë më parë
Fast foward 1 month, look at this shit we are in now lmao
DEMOSK 23 ditë më parë
It is now May 1st, over a month after I first watched this...still no need for lockdown?
rndgkqdl ckqTkfejf
rndgkqdl ckqTkfejf 26 ditë më parë
singapore clearly failed in mitigating the situation in the initial stage. should have closed the borders with China earlier during the Chinese New year period. smh singapore i trusted on. u for the past 19 years. now who’s gon a carry the burden of the recession with the circuit breaker??? what about my studies?? Sg really taking Big L for covid19. really should’ve acted with more sense of urgency. too late already.
David Stoter
David Stoter 27 ditë më parë
As this report was yet another ABC put down Australia and lift up someone else, may I point out the latest headlines. "Coronavirus: Singapore becomes third-most infected nation in Asia"
ChoonieYen Gd
ChoonieYen Gd 19 ditë më parë
David Stoter to be fair, this was prob made before the second wave but ye
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 29 ditë më parë
Singapore operates as softer semi-authoritarian government. It doesn't go out of its way to oppress anyone, but they certainly hold the reigns over the country. Still, given the level of wealth, success, low crime, rate and progressive thinking toward economics, it's a first class state in my book. People in the US have a little too much freedom, unwillingness to cooperate. So, pros and cons exist in any system of govt.
Magnus Soevgaard
Magnus Soevgaard Muaj më parë
What success? Like China they lie about everything because it's in their financial interests. They are dealing with a secondary infection but like most arrogant Asian governments they will lie and lie again to save face. You'll never fool.tge the Wolf
Bonnie LaPan
Bonnie LaPan Muaj më parë
Why create a virus as such as Covid-19?
Yu Td
Yu Td Muaj më parë
Michel Michel
Michel Michel Muaj më parë
Success? SG now has the highest number of cases in SEA
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Muaj më parë
daily record spikes of 1.5k infections so it didnt last.
Mash_oz Muaj më parë
The reporter need to do 2nd visit to Singapore, CNA is just a propganda. Now they are reporting more than 1,000 positive case for the past 4 days
ramserenity Muaj më parë
not anymore
Anastasia Romanov
Anastasia Romanov Muaj më parë
Singapore Actually did poorly compared with the other three dragons namely Taiwan Hong Kong South Korea, you guys should look at Hong Kong and Korea. By this time Singapore is in complete lock down.
mubakka Muaj më parë
well this story didnt age well
yati shafii
yati shafii Muaj më parë
Our worries are far from over. Our numbers are increasing at an alarming speed although in midst of Circuit Breaker . Singapore is densely populated. We will continue to fight Covid 19 n hopefully we will overcome it.
Higt Mance
Higt Mance Muaj më parë
Imagine kids in 10 years are gonna be watching documentaries on how horribble the corona virus was.
Zul Ismail Dairiku Ceritaku
No longer success. Singapore now the worst in ASEAN handling COVID19.
Et 83
Et 83 Muaj më parë
Now highest in asean
Shaun Cuthbert
Shaun Cuthbert Muaj më parë
Any follow up video now that the situation has drastically changed? Time to highlight the fact that more than 50 % of the thousands of cases now come from foreign workers here... Could this have been avoided?
Aa HH Muaj më parë
does anyone know the instrumental/song playing <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1645">27:25</a> :) thanks if anyone can let me know
Chalermako Muaj më parë
After 2 weeks, the answer is NO
M Dee
M Dee Muaj më parë
No it didn’t last long at all...
icezydrift Muaj më parë
I saw this 2 weeks ago, and what happen now.
Lou Ong
Lou Ong Muaj më parë
942-14 singaporean = ? foreigner ? My math is bad . Need to go back to School.
Jayden Muaj më parë
Well,Look at how the tables have turned
Seshu S Desaty
Seshu S Desaty Muaj më parë
Yeah and America still thinks it’s the best country nope not at all. Never will be. But it’s sad they don’t get informed about these stuff cause our government doesn’t want them to see how much their country is behind..
Velo1010 Muaj më parë
Why all the medical gowns? We are being lied to about how the virus is transmitted. If they are wearing gowns this tells me this virus can go through your skin or clothes. Maybe it can live on the clothing for weeks.
Leslie Jirin
Leslie Jirin Muaj më parë
Its start now
wckwckwck Muaj më parë
//APR 14, 2020 SINGAPORE - It is mandatory, with immediate effect, for everyone to wear a mask when they step out as part of stricter measures to curb the further spread of the coronavirus. Those who do not risk a $300 fine for first-time offenders. There are exemptions for those engaging in strenuous exercise and children below the age of two, as medical experts recommend against them wearing masks, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said at a media conference on Tuesday (April 14).// SUCCESS??????????????????????????????
Mitsuha Miyamizu
Mitsuha Miyamizu Muaj më parë
Singapore failed already 😂😂😂
Lemon 25
Lemon 25 8 ditë më parë
@Lutfil Hadi Anyway Singapore is not failing most of the cases are from foreign workers.
Lutfil Hadi
Lutfil Hadi 8 ditë më parë
@Lemon 25 lol that a japanese name
Lemon 25
Lemon 25 11 ditë më parë
@Lutfil Hadi Look at that guy's name obviously he is a Malaysian.
Lemon 25
Lemon 25 11 ditë më parë
Try managing our country then.
Lutfil Hadi
Lutfil Hadi 14 ditë më parë
@I am the rural juror wow that's very condescending of you thinking that comment was from Malaysian. I have relatives andfriends in singapore, I don't want anything happen to them. Yes, our country is quite competitive some time, but I don't want anything bad happen to Singaporean, which is like family to us.
Romeo Tan
Romeo Tan Muaj më parë
Marcus Tan
Marcus Tan Muaj më parë
Joel Lim
Joel Lim Muaj më parë
Honestly i dont think there is any success in Singapore. The govt takes such a long time in shutting down the borders, reducing contact with others as compared to other countries
wckwckwck Muaj më parë
SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Monday (13 April) confirmed a record 386 new COVID-19 cases, as well as an additional death and four new clusters, bringing the total to 2,918 here.
77bovi Muaj më parë
Better listen to Prof Raina! Shame on you Dale Fisher
bilias hour
bilias hour Muaj më parë
Would not want to live anywhere else during this pandemic...the whole society is united to get all of us thru.
diesopain Muaj më parë
Well its is too early to tell that we are are Successful. Now 9 deaths and more than 300 cases. :( the soft lockdown has been implemented affecting livelihoods.
bilias hour
bilias hour Muaj më parë
it's sad to learn Australian expert is highly valued and listened to overseas, but not in Australia.
Muhd Sufian
Muhd Sufian Muaj më parë
yes without JUNTA PAP controlling singapura for a long period of times
sinhea 호랑이 신혜
Where’s your mask old fart
aznin kamari
aznin kamari Muaj më parë
too early to tell the success
Lawrence Jordan Nesado
Lawrence Jordan Nesado Muaj më parë
Please do an update on the Circuit Breaker and the Foreign Worker's situation contributing a major spike in cases. Also update on our govt's reversed stance on the usage of masks to compulsory in the supermarket and public transportation.
Nash Nash
Nash Nash Muaj më parë
The answer to the title of this video is no. Now everyone needs a mask to go out.
amy c
amy c Muaj më parë
No countries do not enjoy and celebrate their successes including Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan yet. Still it is ongoing issue. We just learn from each other.- from South Korea.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Muaj më parë
oh my GOD it keeps getting better
nycliontwin24 Muaj më parë
If the virus is not controlled everywhere, it's not controlled anywhere. Air travel has made the world a much smaller place. Nowhere to hide.
CalvinTimToms Muaj më parë
This video didnt age well
Mike yayoh
Mike yayoh 4 ditë më parë
no it did not
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Muaj më parë
This is the content I was looking for
Colan Muaj më parë
Irresponsible "wear mask only when you are sick" stance caused huge spike of cases !
George McGovern
George McGovern 14 ditë më parë
Mike Feng: Your going to have to stop travel from all nations because no country has tested every resident!
Redox Health
Redox Health 26 ditë më parë
@Darren Walsh you ll need to consider the different population density in Australia and Singapore. Singapore is a lot more denser than than Australia.
Mike Feng
Mike Feng 27 ditë më parë
@Velo1010 We'll have to prohibit anyone who traveled to either US or China. We can't trust numbers from both of these countries, and certainly not the government's response for the US.
Darren Walsh
Darren Walsh Muaj më parë
Can that be proven ,we do not wear masks in Australia, we are down to about 10 cases a day.
Micky Muaj më parë
Taiwan illegally confiscated Singapore's N95 masks and machines owned by a Sg company and the whole production line was held hostage for 2 long months?? All N95 that were bound for SG from Singaporean masks company in TW never arrived in SG due to export ban. They even keep the factory for themselves for 2 long months. So SG gov had no choice but to order their people not to use masks and reserve it for medical personnels. SG should ditch Taiwan as an ally. Bunch of backstabber!
E CITB Muaj më parë
Locked inside my home. So not sure we can call it a success yet
Jason Aus
Jason Aus Muaj më parë
And now they have big spikes and have shut schools
long angry sausage
long angry sausage Muaj më parë
Jason Aus at least they have the death rate undercontrol and money for medical equipment and good decision making
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Muaj më parë
it's sad to learn Australian expert is highly valued and listened to overseas, but not in Australia.
Mi Key
Mi Key Muaj më parë
this is what i call *idiotic journalism*
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Muaj më parë
mixed salads they put together with all the exact ingredients I normally selected, when I did not show up for breakfast one morning. Through travel agency works, I had many n
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Muaj më parë
Anddddd now we are in a Circuit Breaker
aola wili
aola wili Muaj më parë
it's sad to learn Australian expert is highly valued and listened to overseas, but not in Australia.
shillyshallyz Muaj më parë
*VIETNAM HAS ZERO DEATH... We should learn from Vietnam !*
aola wili
aola wili Muaj më parë
so why is a Chinese school teaching in English? just for the media I guess
Jeffrey Siew
Jeffrey Siew Muaj më parë
A little bit too early to even suggest Singapore being successful
Pokecather Muaj më parë
The best thing is, Singaporean’s aren’t buying this AT ALL
Pokecather Muaj më parë
Jasmin Marcos ??? The fact that we aren’t buying it, means We don’t claim success! Perhaps it was, but the thing is it’s not successful We are still fighting so who are we to claim victory?
Jasmin Marcos
Jasmin Marcos Muaj më parë
Oh wow! Singaporeans or just YOU! Your negativity is even more deadly than the virus so please stop.
Pokecather Muaj më parë
Can you change your title? We aren’t “successful” even the government doesn’t want to say it Ever heard of jinxing?
Dương Chu Thái
Dương Chu Thái Muaj më parë
HÂhhahahahahahahah wtf success
Yuxuan Huang
Yuxuan Huang Muaj më parë
no. as simple as that
Ashley Er
Ashley Er Muaj më parë
Singapore does not celebrate success, we only work hard until this outbreak ends. Until then, I am very sure that we will not celebrate
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Muaj më parë
Would not want to live anywhere else during this pandemic...the whole society is united to get all of us thru.
Raj Rajan
Raj Rajan Muaj më parë
Gone case fall of sg 2020
Raj Rajan
Raj Rajan Muaj më parë
@Shauka Hodan yea
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Muaj më parë
Success???? Lololololol
Raj Rajan
Raj Rajan Muaj më parë
Singapore gone case fall of singapore
chua wee kirk
chua wee kirk Muaj më parë
Success 😹 We r always 2 steps behind others😹
sckuan Muaj më parë
What about Taiwan? (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>)
Alice Michou
Alice Michou Muaj më parë
I visited and stayed in Singapore for 3 weeks before when Phil went on business trip and I can see how calm, non threatening, and (especially polite they were (even the security people).... Yet we could tell or found out, they were really and carefully watching. I never fell so safe even when we walked through the late night market's cul de sac at the wee hours. There were no homeless and not many weird characteres around. English is the official language, and one can find both Western and Eastern healthcare facilities or medicines beside the abundance of multi Asian cultural food. Phil indulged himself with fresh durian seating on little plastic table and chair in the wet market while the local taxi drivers cheering on him. The hotel's VIP lounge people would remember exactly where we usually like to seat, and the Lounge Manager's would call to send to my room a nice mixed salads they put together with all the exact ingredients I normally selected, when I did not show up for breakfast one morning. Through travel agency works, I had many nice experiences in luxury hotels and chateaux around the world, but never such kind of attention. Don't let their cool, nonchalant looks fool you.... They noticed everything and watched your every step!
Jeremy Wong
Jeremy Wong Muaj më parë
There is homeless people,ignoramus.
PJM Muaj më parë
People do as they are told in Singapore not like in the uk.
PJM Muaj më parë
Jeremy Wong exactly how it should be , do as your told
Jeremy Wong
Jeremy Wong Muaj më parë
*are forced,mandated,and threatened by huge fines and incessantly long jail time. Read up on our laws and also the 'circuit breaker' measures.
Billy the Goat
Billy the Goat Muaj më parë
We failed.
mikezterspage Muaj më parë
Mainland China is so dangerous to the world! If all the world united against it's irresponsibility and power grabbing we would have a more positive world.
JAlly Farms
JAlly Farms Muaj më parë
with all the beaches closed you dont have to worry about shark attacks
lilian wong
lilian wong Muaj më parë
The media should stop twisting words and politicians should be humble. This is a collective effort and politicians should be leaders. I really admire lee hsien loong for his humility in guiding Singapore through this pandemic crisis. Unlike Australian politicians where they keep patting their back for a good job, singaporeans work hard to suppress the virus through humility, caution and respect for each other. Western countries have a lot to learn.
sonsautomotive Muaj më parë
got to love dr. dale fisher...<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1680">28:00</a> minutes into his cartoon he is telling the people in the elevator if you do not have symptoms you do not need to wear a mask....to bad over 50% of corona virus spreaders DO NOT have symptoms...go W.H.O.!!!
Gamblor Muaj më parë
Gamblor Muaj më parë
say the name of that other country that has excelled in containment ... TAIWAN
Nur Bilan
Nur Bilan Muaj më parë
I love singpure it’s really a good country
Arnold Loh
Arnold Loh Muaj më parë
Success???? Lololololol
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