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Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix 

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Playing the Joker can take everything out of you, learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the iconic character, right here!: alvid.info/video/eohphdd3ucto0sc.html
The Joker... versus the Joker. Heath Ledger... versus Joaquin Phoenix. Two incredible actors … one role. Join WatchMojo as we pit the late, great Heath Ledger against living legend Joaquin Phoenix to see who gave us the superior big screen incarnation of iconic Batman villain, the Joker, from their portrayals in "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "Joker" (2019), respectively. Come along as we evaluate a wide-range of categories to determine which interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime reigns supreme. Which Joker performance is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!
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6 Tet 2019




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WatchMojo.com 17 ditë më parë
Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!: alvid.info/video/eohphdd3ucto0sc.html
Dope 2 ditë më parë
@1966Zodiac ye ikr?
Mike Cool
Mike Cool 3 ditë më parë
I think u dont have to compare this two
Doğukan Ayan
Doğukan Ayan 5 ditë më parë
Come on phoenix joker better
Davon Griffin
Davon Griffin 6 ditë më parë
WatchMojo.com my favorite joker who is the one from the movie
Kami Sama Loves Me
Kami Sama Loves Me 7 ditë më parë
I recommend you all go watch Film Theory latest video on The Dark Knight Rises
TriggeredTurtle 3 orë më parë
Some say Heath Ledger is the joker Some say Joaquin Phoenix is the joker But the real joker is you falling for that one girl that never loved you
FireLogBoi 3 orë më parë
Jared Leto was best joker Said no one ever
Danilo Medeiros
Danilo Medeiros 3 orë më parë
Ledger's Joker wasn't the main character, however he's the reason for "The Dark knight" be a master piece. All the scenes that he had, he was brilliant!
XoldnewsX 3 orë më parë
I really wish Ledger was still alive to play the joker in the new movie. Phoenix did amazing but I loved ledger's take on the role and would have liked to see what he did with the writing in Joker.
Brandon Wooster
Brandon Wooster 3 orë më parë
Id argue that ledgers resembles hammils quite a bit and joker also had the ability to look at heaths joker and try to be better or different making it better however the similarities are many but small.
Brandon Wooster
Brandon Wooster 3 orë më parë
Also the dark Knight joker he just already existed prior to the intro in Batman begins however he was just being noticed then. Much like the Romero zombie he just suddenly was like a force of nature they just "were " with no explanation to the audience that is a legitimate origin only theories.
Sovit Rai
Sovit Rai 3 orë më parë
Joaquin was 99% of the time Arthur Fleck , at the end he was slowly touching the roots of Joker. Heath embraced Joker in his prime. He will seem more Joker like. This comparison is flawed.
Luis Hern
Luis Hern 3 orë më parë
How are you gonna compare 5 minutes of Phoenix screen time as Joker vs easily 45 minutes worth of Ledger screen time as Joker? Doesn’t make sense to me.
Quentin Summers
Quentin Summers 3 orë më parë
'Joker' wasnt just a film, it was an experience.
Ermin Zlatic
Ermin Zlatic 4 orë më parë
Pheonix was the starting rise, Ledger was the ending, i mean look the cars in the newest movie, this is defenetly a 20-25 year diffrence
LiL Samurai
LiL Samurai 4 orë më parë
I see it as it joaquin as the before origin story and ledger as the after
Assassin Of Devil
Assassin Of Devil 4 orë më parë
1. Jared Letto = Lovely Joker have trouble with love 2. Joaquin Phoenix =A Dancer Clown have depression recruited to be Joker 3. Heath Ledger = Absolutely Legend Of Joker
Robert M
Robert M 4 orë më parë
Stair scene is one of the best in cinematic history.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 orë më parë
I noticed that Phoenix's Joker has an outfit that is almost exactly like Caesar Romero's Joker.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 orë më parë
I noticed that Phoenix's Joker has an outfit that is almost exactly like Caesar Romero's Joker.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 orë më parë
I noticed that Phoenix's Joker has an outfit that is almost exactly like Caesar Romero's Joker.
Manikdreamer 5 orë më parë
Not really a good comparison, as the Heath Ledger Joker is a 'finished' character, the end result of a process. Joaquin Phoenixs Joker is a beginning, one where the manipulations and calculated menace is yet to emerge. Its like comparing Morgan Freemans during his 'The Electric Company' days to the Morgan Freeman of the late 80s, early 90s.
Aotahi Beach
Aotahi Beach 5 orë më parë
Did she just say Phoenix is wearing a purple suit? 👀 is she actually color blind? 😅 or am I? 🤭
BTS KINGS OF IDOLS 6 orë më parë
I don't get the bandwagon hate to Leto's Joker, I still see him as pretty amusing whatsoever. That "we can all agree Leto's joker was the worst", well let me tell you *I DON'T AGREE* so forget that ALL you are talking about. He is a great actor for me.
Surajit Kar
Surajit Kar 6 orë më parë
Heath Ledger is my favorite
Bryan Espinoza
Bryan Espinoza 6 orë më parë
I agree with this video
Arthur Monteiro
Arthur Monteiro 6 orë më parë
Sorry, Heath. For me Joaquin Phoenix is the best Joker ever.
Kimber Honsayco
Kimber Honsayco 7 orë më parë
No debate needed. Heaths still the best joker and joax potrial of arthur fleck makes us understand how villains are made.
Star Platinum
Star Platinum 7 orë më parë
Arkham knight Has the best joker for me
Space Cat
Space Cat 7 orë më parë
You gotta understand that both Jokers can’t be compared in the schemeing mastermind sense as Phoenix’s is at the beginning of his journey and learning to take advantage of the chaos. This is a prequel. Ledger’s Joker is later on. He’s using his followers. Neither really has a plan and is going with this. Ledger’s is Phoenix’s Joker later on. I still think Phoenix’s may not be the later Joker but an inspiration. Though part of this theory is fading for me. Yeah, I think Phoenix’s is just the beginning of the journey. Both are wonderful actors and both gave insight.
Medhansh Das
Medhansh Das 7 orë më parë
To be specific Heath ledger's joker mentioned himself that he was not a schemer
Flynn Peters
Flynn Peters 7 orë më parë
Phoenix was the build up to joker however ledger was the joker so u can't really compare them two to who was the best because Phoenix isn't the joker till the end before that he's Arthur who dresses in clown suits
Hunter Thompson’s Ghost
Hunter Thompson’s Ghost 7 orë më parë
Nicholson was great too
Hunter Thompson’s Ghost
Hunter Thompson’s Ghost 7 orë më parë
Both was great you can’t compare. Leto was worst but he was hardly on Suicide squad.
Fienn C
Fienn C 7 orë më parë
All in all, I both love them! They did a really good job💚💙❤💛 Ledger: playing Joker all throughout the Movie Phoenix: Playing Arthur until become Joker
Bryan Rudd
Bryan Rudd 7 orë më parë
1. Jack Nicholson 2. Joaquin Phoenix 3.Heath Ledger . sorted!
Tomer Levin
Tomer Levin 7 orë më parë
Two f*****g legends! Just please have Phoenix more with us!
Batu Matu
Batu Matu 8 orë më parë
I dont think there is a right answer to if Ledger or Phoenix played the best Joker, but i definitly feel like Phoenix Played a Joker/Arthur where it’s easier to sympathize with. Where as Ledger’s Joker was easier to fantasize over.
Max Dubs
Max Dubs 8 orë më parë
Yall actually compared schemes in this 😅 phoenix plays the story of how HE BECOMES joker and ledger is joker at his prime. No shit phoenix isnt plotting schemes and crimes he isnt technically joker at that point thats why its called an origin story, the hiw he became what ledger was. I dont know how you thought you could compare the 2 in this scenrio when phoenix couldnt even be "graded" on it
Nick D 209
Nick D 209 8 orë më parë
Why so serious.....
Matthew Daltrey
Matthew Daltrey 8 orë më parë
Joaquin was incredible, an absolute legend of a performance, but Heath? Holy shit. There just aren't words.
ContraWand 8 orë më parë
People shitting on Leto's joker don't realize the amount of unpublished footage SS had of the Joker. The director cut so much of the Joker scenes out that you were only left with the bones, no flesh. smh
Tinney Lowang
Tinney Lowang 8 orë më parë
Phoenix's as a joker looked REALISTIC , that wat a person who is likely to end up in an asylum..👍 Ledger was provided with good dialogues and good punchlines...thats all For me Phoenix stands the winner
Nemesis 8 orë më parë
How can you compare Joker's voice when Phoenix wasn't doing that the entire film. Unfair category. Both are great. I'd probably go for Phoenix as he portrayed the character in a more realistic way. But still both great.
Hushalinee Shankar
Hushalinee Shankar 9 orë më parë
Ledger is the best joker in history .
Pinn levine
Pinn levine 9 orë më parë
Both of them are the best Joker!
Nelson Camacho Tirado
Nelson Camacho Tirado 9 orë më parë
Ledger played a fully developed and self-conscious Joker. Phoenix played the man who eventually became the Joker. Also, Ledger’s Joker is still PG13. Phoenix’s Joker is R. I found Phoenix’s Joker scarier.
Dolan Dark pt 2
Dolan Dark pt 2 9 orë më parë
That last one was bs Phoenix- More human personality with a disability who feels like he was lied to all his life. Fleck is open and doesn’t need to hide his voice Ledger- an anonymous man who wants to show the world that their blinded by order but does it silently. Therefore hiding his real voice Get your shit together watch mojo
Fran R.
Fran R. 9 orë më parë
Most of your argument is about ledger’s cartoony like character and villain aspects but obviously Phoenix was playing the role before he became a villain. That movie was a master piece
Say my name
Say my name 9 orë më parë
Heath and Joaquin is good I accept that, But no one can ever beat the legend Jared Leto ...he is the reason I love joker so much
Frees Peach
Frees Peach 9 orë më parë
Phoenix's suit isn't purple. It's reddish orange or rust colored.
KMD420 9 orë më parë
Rip to the best joker
Omega Level Entertainment
Omega Level Entertainment 10 orë më parë
Although I enjoyed the video, I don't think the comparison was fair. Phoenix played a character named Arthur for 95% of his movie, while Ledger was Joker from beginning to end.
Tha investor
Tha investor 10 orë më parë
Yall need to change that versus bullshit cuz nobody can't top Heath fuck that. Even Jesus in heaven said goddamn!!!.. now who's the best Batman would have been perfect
Akib Rouf
Akib Rouf 10 orë më parë
How did DC go from ledger's Joker to leto's joker? It's absolutely insane to think how badly David ayer ruined the character Glad they did the joker 2019 Will improve the character's image
Super Erdnuss
Super Erdnuss 11 orë më parë
For me Joaquin and Heath can't be compared. They are two completely different persons ,in two completely different movies. They two did a great job. I love them both
Chris Wilkinson
Chris Wilkinson 11 orë më parë
This blows
Patriono 11 orë më parë
Heath is the best at playing Joker when it comes to personality, Joaquin is the best at playing Joker when it comes to how he really is as a gangster.
Jay Cusick
Jay Cusick 11 orë më parë
I like Phoenix’s more
Marvin Mendoza
Marvin Mendoza 11 orë më parë
Heath won best supporting actor, Phoenix might win best actor... he might.. I think..
Aniket Pandey
Aniket Pandey 12 orë më parë
The comparison is more between Philips and Nolan. The actors do not decide the behavior
Nimra Sajjad
Nimra Sajjad 12 orë më parë
Phoenix was great but for me, ledger is the best of all
Michael Orlow
Michael Orlow 12 orë më parë
Phoenix Joker wasn't just a great addition to DC but also a superb piece of cinema overall. Haven't watched anything of this quality and genre since "Clockwork Orange" and "Natural Born Killers"... In some sense it's even better because it doesn't even have to make murder and violence a central theme to make you really feel for an evil psychopath.
Nabila Sondhi
Nabila Sondhi 12 orë më parë
I like ledger
Jeremy Wang
Jeremy Wang 12 orë më parë
most biased comparisons I’ve ever seen, immediately unsubscribe this channel
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