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Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover 

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Chop Suey Drum Cover: alvid.info/video/i3B4mrJ4z5aE27U.html
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8 Tet 2019




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jacksepticeye 9 ditë më parë
So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
Ashlyn Fitzgerald
Ashlyn Fitzgerald 3 ditë më parë
jacksepticeye THATS SO AWESOME JACK!!!!!!
aiden zadorecky
aiden zadorecky 5 ditë më parë
jacksepticeye finnaly
Brandon38659 5 ditë më parë
scout p
scout p 5 ditë më parë
You are a drum god
JBRUV EGG 5 ditë më parë
Thats badass
Noobletzzz 59 minuta më parë
Plz do Genesis - Land of Confusion drum cover
o3ojr gaming
o3ojr gaming Orë më parë
I am not trying to brag but my aunt was in a relationship with Matt. (she unfortunately passed years ago her name was Elizabeth) when he came nearby for a concert I was able to meet him in person
Lyn Arju
Lyn Arju Orë më parë
Is no one going to mention that he was wearing airpods under his headphones??
Mr. Trap
Mr. Trap Orë më parë
Play a song by SLAYER
Emily Frey
Emily Frey Orë më parë
Omllll I love his smile when he plays sooooo much u can see true happiness right there😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
thebestyoda Orë më parë
Is it just me or is his hi hat in the middle? I'm so confused.
Lilly Shøw
Lilly Shøw 2 orë më parë
U should do more of these I loves these u are so talented
A Cow Playz
A Cow Playz 2 orë më parë
Petition for next drum cover to be enter sandman?
Nathanael Sanborn
Nathanael Sanborn 2 orë më parë
I want to see more of this!!!
GAM1NG HUNTRESS 3 orë më parë
Nineyear Old
Nineyear Old 3 orë më parë
Can you do toxicity next?
mongz79 3 orë më parë
I need more avenged sevenfold covers
Sarah McGimpsey
Sarah McGimpsey 3 orë më parë
I never knew jack was so good at drums, probably cause I have only been watching him for about a year 🙂
Odin Kreate vlogs
Odin Kreate vlogs 4 orë më parë
You should try and do Walk by Pantera
Javier VonDyke
Javier VonDyke 5 orë më parë
You should do requiem by avenged sevenfold
Christian Haukåssveen-Moen
Do a cover of heaviest matter in the universe by Gojira
Thomas Kirwan
Thomas Kirwan 6 orë më parë
This man is an absolute MACHINE!
Björn shepard
Björn shepard 7 orë më parë
So coool- been listening to avenged sevenfold a lot recently
SSAWWS 7 orë më parë
Do One by Metallica
Weezel_K Yt
Weezel_K Yt 8 orë më parë
He really should cover x.y.u
Fauzi Oz
Fauzi Oz 8 orë më parë
Hey jack tht was cool
Fcis 8 orë më parë
do a polyphia cover next
Armado 9 orë më parë
next song he covers is Scream Aim Fire tbh
michelle christophine
michelle christophine 9 orë më parë
I was a drum nerd before. Now im obsessed again bc its JACKSEPTICEYE DUDE!
Amy Jeneé
Amy Jeneé 9 orë më parë
I have a question! Does this kit pick up the recording as midi or audio??
Keeta Mits
Keeta Mits 10 orë më parë
Damn bro keep it up
turtlle_tim gaming12
turtlle_tim gaming12 10 orë më parë
You need to do this more
Cody Stelzer
Cody Stelzer 11 orë më parë
cot damnet!!! thst was good
Ella Davidson
Ella Davidson 11 orë më parë
I'm speechless..... O_O
Rept 12 orë më parë
He's back and more Metallic
James Greco
James Greco 13 orë më parë
Who wants to bet $1000 he'll get an offer to play with or be in a band within less than a year?
James Greco
James Greco 13 orë më parë
Or at least do his own legit video of him drumming to something epic AF!
Marshmallow 2018
Marshmallow 2018 13 orë më parë
Jack you should do unsainted by slipknot for a drum cover
JT Covers
JT Covers 13 orë më parë
Play some Gojira next for a real challenge
casey bryant
casey bryant 13 orë më parë
Freaking love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally the first song I heard by this band!💕💕😍
Callsign: Shark Tank
Callsign: Shark Tank 14 orë më parë
I’ve never seen someone smile as much as jack when he plays drums
xx_Emo _Trash666
xx_Emo _Trash666 14 orë më parë
Next do: Hail to the king or Nightmare
Khroma 14 orë më parë
Who else wants to see him Perform 115 from Call of Duty Zombies?
Revelations_band 14 orë më parë
Play Meshuggah Bleed PLEASE!!!!!
Wesley Pitts
Wesley Pitts 14 orë më parë
Not gonna lie this was better than the last one
LinLoveszU 15 orë më parë
Jack omg can you please please please do RIOT BY THREE DAYS GRACE pleaseeeee I’d love to see you do that one
Cosmicnarwhale 15 orë më parë
Anthony L
Anthony L 15 orë më parë
You should do a Metallica- One cover
French Toast Gaming
French Toast Gaming 15 orë më parë
he should play rock band 4 some time
Infidel Everyday
Infidel Everyday 15 orë më parë
I also don’t like the sound of the bass drum, it sounds flat
Infidel Everyday
Infidel Everyday 15 orë më parë
Jack should cover an infant annihilator song ☺️
gamingwith nicholasthenoob
gamingwith nicholasthenoob 15 orë më parë
Where did you learn how to drum jack
Seth Smith
Seth Smith 15 orë më parë
Hell yea man🤘🤘🤘
Nightmare_D_cat 15 orë më parë
Holy crap!!!!!!!! My favorite song. I love you jack!
Cam Dares
Cam Dares 16 orë më parë
Hey Jack, I am impressed! I grew up listening to Avenged Sevenfold and you are my favorite ALvidr, if you could do a Linkin park cover (any song, in the end preferably) would be awesome. Don’t forget to stay the boss you’ve always been!
Jas Was
Jas Was 16 orë më parë
As an emo, I madly appreciate this
Chaotic Cornet43
Chaotic Cornet43 16 orë më parë
I feel bad about always asking when a new cover video was coming out this is amazing
Zack Wells
Zack Wells 17 orë më parë
Doom soundtrack cover!
lz LEGEND zl
lz LEGEND zl 17 orë më parë
Blitz XD
Blitz XD 17 orë më parë
holy moly jack chill
Anti Virus -Sans
Anti Virus -Sans 17 orë më parë
1:17 hitting my couch when i get 2nd on fortnite solo's
snakysnak 17 orë më parë
I've been waiting so long for another drum cover. So good
DragonPriest 01
DragonPriest 01 18 orë më parë
Love you jack been wanting an avanged drum cover
wow A metal head
wow A metal head 18 orë më parë
Can you adopt me
Victoria Fraga
Victoria Fraga 19 orë më parë
My favourite youtuber playing a song of Avenged, woah I'm happy
Faqja Tjeter
Youtube Feud w/Felix
Uno (Remix)
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