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Jaclyn Hill
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Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on ALvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.




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Terri Bennett
Terri Bennett 9 ditë më parë
You accomplished you biggest dream in your entire life..... congrats 🍾
Kira Havird
Kira Havird 13 ditë më parë
I bet that was a HUGE deal when you got the big house you always dreamed of having. I know you worked hard for it girl.
Nidia Vaquera
Nidia Vaquera 13 ditë më parë
OMG she looks so different now
Jemima victor
Jemima victor 2 muaj më parë
2020 :)
Samantha Millerbis
Samantha Millerbis 4 muaj më parë
Well you got your dream baby girl
Tricia Mullins
Tricia Mullins 5 muaj më parë
Your biggest dream came true!!! You are amazing!!
Anna Krantz
Anna Krantz 7 muaj më parë
Who else misses this drama free Jaclyn 😔
Taylor Anderberg
Taylor Anderberg 8 muaj më parë
Just going through & watching the videos I haven’t seen! I teared up when you were talking about your biggest dream! It’s amazing how far you’ve come! Love you!
Angela 9 muaj më parë
Agreed difference in dirty and messy 😂
Kristina Nelson
Kristina Nelson 9 muaj më parë
I hear ya girl! Words that will haunt her now! 😂😉
Liza Spudic
Liza Spudic 9 muaj më parë
I’m that girl too. I never go to bed without brushing my teeth or taking my make up off and doing a whole skin routine.
Diana Huerta
Diana Huerta 9 muaj më parë
Anyone seing this on 2019 ? I used to love this girl !
Tati Rosa
Tati Rosa Vit më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="446">7:26</a> the fact that you accomplished that in such a short amount of time is truly amazing and admirable ❤️
Amber Davis
Amber Davis Vit më parë
whos watching in 2019???
Tenille Mcwatters
Tenille Mcwatters Vit më parë
What.color is on your lips?? Love it
Taylor Goforth
Taylor Goforth Vit më parë
Girl, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="444">7:24</a> is literally you today. You made your dream come true 😍❤️
Karen Lambert
Karen Lambert Vit më parë
Congrats! You now have your dream house!!! Awsome! Dreams do come true 🤗
Liza Marie
Liza Marie Vit më parë
O M GEEE!!!!!🥰 I cannot even put into words just how much I love your videos!! YOU ARE BOMB!
Paige Smith
Paige Smith Vit më parë
Watching this video in 2018 and pausing it right now, right after you talk about your dream of having a huge house with enough rooms for your entire family and a huge Christmas tree. LOOK AT YOU NOW HONEY! Look at you now! I love you so much and I'm so proud of the women you've grown into. I hope your dreams and wishes only continue to grow and succeed. Much Love!
Allie Pate
Allie Pate Vit më parë
I think it’s so amazing that you came this far and now you have that big house that can fit your family and hangout on Christmas and New Years and your nieces and nephews can go swimming in your pool❤️ like you’re truly an inspiration😭
wildflower princess
wildflower princess Vit më parë
Does anyone else feel like she has a weird vibe in this video? Especially in the beginning. Just emotionally repressed maybe?
Brittany Cramer
Brittany Cramer Vit më parë
Watching this video in 2018 and it made me so happy when she talked about her biggest dream and seeing that she accomplished it!
D O Vit më parë
I just started following her. She was beautiful!!!!! What did she do to her face❓❓❓❓
Heather C
Heather C Vit më parë
Well your dream came true and you had an awesome party this week! Way to go for working so hard Jaclyn! I am happy for you!
Sofia Yulan
Sofia Yulan Vit më parë
Loved this❤️❤️❤️
Sara Rueda
Sara Rueda Vit më parë
Do a new tag in this!!!
Sheena DeSantis
Sheena DeSantis Vit më parë
I love this video so much!
Alexandria Scuderi
Alexandria Scuderi Vit më parë
yes baby Jac SLAY!!!
Summer Moon
Summer Moon Vit më parë
She got her wish!!!
Manda Panda
Manda Panda Vit më parë
Your dream came true, big house where your family comes over to swim and have parties!! so happy for you!
Heather Michelle
Heather Michelle Vit më parë
Would love to see updated 50 Facts!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Winter Bear
Winter Bear Vit më parë
“I think I have a shopping problem”😂
594Big Momma
594Big Momma Vit më parë
*Classical Jaclyn* ~Lovin the Original!!!!
Opal Goon
Opal Goon Vit më parë
Can we make Julianna Ransic happen tho? I'd love to watch you do her makeup 😢
Kristie Austen
Kristie Austen Vit më parë
Jaclyn at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="444">7:24</a> mins into the video you talked about your biggest dream. Seriously it’s so amazing that you accomplished that 💖 congrats girl!!!
Karla O
Karla O Vit më parë
And you finally have your big house that you’ve always dreamed of ❤️
Yeraldim Ruiz
Yeraldim Ruiz Vit më parë
@jaclynhill You have come so far since you filmed this video!b You now have the house that you have always dreamed of just like you mention here. I know you are going through some hard times and I know I may not know you personally I really empathize with you! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and I know you will get through this! You got this because YOU are one BAD TOUGH ASS BITCH! I LOVE YOU JACLYN! I hope to one day meet you and just give you a hug.
MARIAM MAJED Vit më parë
Rimsha Khalid
Rimsha Khalid Vit më parë
These videos were good back then
Madison Falco Eats
Madison Falco Eats Vit më parë
Fav Jaclyn look😍
Sunshine and Smiles
Sunshine and Smiles Vit më parë
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="460">7:40</a>.. her biggest dream. ❤️
Sarah Robertson
Sarah Robertson Vit më parë
Looks like your dream came true!
Samia Khatun
Samia Khatun Vit më parë
If you're so against drugs then why do you smoke
Stephanie Hawkins
Stephanie Hawkins Vit më parë
This is one of my all time favorite videos of you lol and I literally got so happy and goosebumps when you were talking about your biggest dream was to have a huge house for Christmas with a tall tree and someone to cook so you can all relax and swim in the pool ect ect and you are now living your dream. You are legit goals and I'm so happy for you and I pray for the same thing one day! Congratulations. Your amazeballs 💕😂😍😘
Kimia Vit më parë
The dream she described came true ❤️
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 2 vjet më parë
@SavannahBrymer You should do something like this.
Liana Garcia
Liana Garcia 2 vjet më parë
The last fact about wanting a big house with a pool in the back finally came true for you 5 years later and that made me smile so big re-watching this! Dreams really do come true!!
Kristin VanDeusen
Kristin VanDeusen 2 vjet më parë
Omgosh... love this video. Too funny!
nayshka mariel
nayshka mariel 2 vjet më parë
ooomg youre from illinois living in florida just like me wtf!! yezzz
Alicia T
Alicia T 2 vjet më parë
Can we just take in that you finally got your big house dream and had a party with all your friends and family over?! 5 years difference holy crap! so impressed of the things you've accomplished gorgeous. Keep doing what you love, good vibes and positivity from your neighbours to the north 😘❤🇨🇦
Jenny Olbes
Jenny Olbes 2 vjet më parë
I'm loving your spirit. You are so positive and you have a big heart. Stay sweet and funny! Xo
Erica Stock
Erica Stock 2 vjet më parë
Watching in 2018 and I'm so proud of you accomplishing your house dreams❤️😭😍
HolaSoyFlavia 2 vjet më parë
I love how your dream came true & you actually hosted your family Christmas last year. You put it in the universe & it happened.
Yarii Iglecias
Yarii Iglecias 2 vjet më parë
We need a 2018 version ;)
Sara Lee
Sara Lee 2 vjet më parë
I love that you shared your quirkiness. I was bullied and an still treated awkwardly because I am my own quirky person. Glad to know I wasn't the only one. Love you girl
bizquierdo23 2 vjet më parë
Jaclyn you've made those dreams come true!! 😊
Brynn Leighty
Brynn Leighty 2 vjet më parë
Jacklyn I have patterns to I have been bullied for it bad but I get over it
Sarah Gabrielle Williamson
watching in 2018 and your dream came true, hosting christmas in your house, with a swimming pool and everyone under your roof!
Kyleexobeauty 2 vjet më parë
Watching this in 2018 and the last fact really has me tearing up.. highly doubt you'll ever see this comment Jaclyn but holy shit I am so proud of you. I can't imagine anything about your YT career has been easy but you give people like me with a small following but a big dream, hope. I'm so happy for you and everything you have worked so hard to finally achieve. Don't let anyone discredit you for that. I love you so much!!! Fellow Floridian btw :)
dara petrarca
dara petrarca 2 vjet më parë
Seeing you with a big house now that can fit your whole family and the kids swimming in your back yard
Maureen Challacombe
Maureen Challacombe 2 vjet më parë
I have a girl crush on you. You are s funny and real. I did not go to make up school either you have taught me everything and I do all my friends makeup for special events. I loved this video and learning everything about you. I'm dying for your morphe pallette. I'm saving up for it. Whatever you say is good, I buy. My friends hate when I say, " Jaclyn says this, jacklyn said to buy this, Jaclyn Jaclyn it's like Marsha Marsha marsha!!! I adore you. Bigredchall@ gmail.com
Megan Grant
Megan Grant 2 vjet më parë
It would be super cool if you made a video in 2018 reflecting on these 50 facts!!!
Cn L
Cn L 2 vjet më parë
Girl you accomplished your biggest dream ❤️❤️❤️
Kristin Danielle
Kristin Danielle 2 vjet më parë
You got your dream house babe ❤ congratulations
6Lipstix 2 vjet më parë
Omg I loved this Jaclyn!! You should do more personal videos like this...I would love if you started vlogging! So it looks like you turned your dream into a reality and you got your big house!!
Sara Loves Makeup
Sara Loves Makeup 2 vjet më parë
Your dreams came true ❤️
sarah marie
sarah marie 2 vjet më parë
It’s so crazy that her dream came true ❤️❤️❤️
Makayla Paulone
Makayla Paulone 2 vjet më parë
CydNee Hafen
CydNee Hafen 2 vjet më parë
Jaclyn!! You accomplished your dream!!!! :) I love you!! So proud of you!!!
Mysoon Al-Tayyar
Mysoon Al-Tayyar 2 vjet më parë
2018 & still in love with you girl
Olivia Cremeans
Olivia Cremeans 2 vjet më parë
Literally crying over the fact that your biggest dream came true. Such an inspiration!!!!
Tricia Salin
Tricia Salin 2 vjet më parë
GIRL look at you now!!!
bamitsambie 2 vjet më parë
watching this in january of 2018 & you just spent your first christmas & new years in your new house!! just like you said towards the end of the video. love you!!
Sarah Angel
Sarah Angel 2 vjet më parë
you got your dream house now! ;)
heas0502 2 vjet më parë
Her last fact about her #1 dream is to have her house- girl, CHECK!! It's like you literally saw your future.
Aleya Louderback
Aleya Louderback 2 vjet më parë
Watching this in 2018. You said one of your dreams was to have a huge house that had enough rooms for your whole family to stay in.. makes me so happy now to see that your dream came true!!!! 💕😭💗
Amelia P.
Amelia P. 2 vjet më parë
Watching this at the end of 2017, hearing you talk about your dream of having a big house with a pool and now that you achieved it, so proud of you and ily
Becky Nimmo
Becky Nimmo 2 vjet më parë
Your dream came true!! Your big house with all your family!
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 2 vjet më parë
It's finally happened for you Jaclyn!! So proud to say that I've been here to watch you succeed in so many ways! I've always looked up to you and can't wait to see what the future holds for you! Ily💕
Meredith Madison
Meredith Madison 2 vjet më parë
Love love love!
Zebra Cakess
Zebra Cakess 2 vjet më parë
Who else is watching in 2017!! Me!! 🙋🏽🙋🏽 Jaclyn, congratulations your biggest dream came true ✨✨ hard work definitely pays off! So proud of you
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